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Our nations are zombies. They move on in the shape of what they once were but the reality is that they are no longer a living thing. Zombie nations are dead and decaying. They might resemble a nation state but make no mistake; they are rotting from the inside out. The first half of this article is going to be pretty negative and for that; I apologise. But if you stick with me, I provide solutions and what I think is a very hopeful vision of the future.

To get well, you cannot just reduce the symptoms, you must get to the root of the illness. When it comes to zombies and the lore surrounding them, we all understand that once the virus has gotten into your loved ones, they are no longer human. They are no longer your beloved family member or friend. They are a ravenous creature that is already dead, simply in the shell of the person you once knew. Naturally, you kill the zombie for your own protection. You end its ability to do harm with a sort of brutal lobotomy. 

I believe this is the case for our nations. The zombie nation state must be lobotomized if we wish to survive. It is no longer something we can love, cherish or care for. It is now a carnivorous beast set on destroying us, and it will infect us and kill us if we try to hold on to it, or if we try to heal it, or preserve it somehow. 

Nations are vessels intended to preserve a race. There are a few things needed for something to qualify as a nation. It needs a group of people with a shared genealogy, shared language, shared land, and shared ideology. None of the nations in Europe or the nations created by the European diaspora fit that definition anymore.

Europe is a great example of this due to the fact that all the nations operate as economic designations now. The shared currency and the European Union ties these nations together which forfeits the ability of the peoples in Europe to govern themselves. I want to be clear that I am all for European unity when it comes to defending against external threats; but I am against the current EU. It is a corrupted entity set on destroying the genetics that makes Europe great. On top of this, the actual nation states of Europe only serve the global banking cartel that is run by Jews. I could rant on and on, explaining the Bank of International Settlements and how that is the central bank of central banks; but the point is that the governments of Europe don’t answer to the people. The leadership of Europe answers to this debt banking system and enslaves us all to it. 

Each nation in Europe can award foreigners citizenship. This is a crime in itself. Citizenship should be by blood. I’m half Swiss genetically, and I should have had to prove that to earn my passport here. I live in Switzerland, I speak German, and I share the values and ideology of the Swiss. With my genetics, and the fact that I married Swiss should be the only acceptable kind of immigration; I should be the standard. That is the only amount of admixture that a nation should permit. Also, my other genetic half comes from England in Anglo-Saxon form which is already a close cousin to Swiss German genetics. 

I have met Indians, Yugoslavians, Turks and blacks with Swiss Passports. That means that Switzerland is no longer concerned with the preservation of the peoples that created the nation. We all know that France, Germany, and England are even worse of than Switzerland. 

Further to my point; the idealogical differences between the Swiss within the nation of Switzerland are wild. No one agrees on anything anymore. This is a breakdown that cannot be repaired with “re-education”. People believe absurd things with religious fervour, like the idea that solar and wind energy is better than nuclear. Or, thanks to the last referendum; that we must now surrender our physical autonomy to the state if a “medical crisis” occurs again. So, forced injections can be mandated by the state now. I personally fought against the covid nonsense at the risk of my livelihood. This was the perfect example to me that the majority will always be stupid sheep and cannot be saved directly. Power must be seized and then you can protect them from themselves. Until then, they will continue to trade freedom for safety. 

Now let’s turn to the so called “Super Powers” that are competing for dominance over the economic system. In reality; they are no different than the red team / blue team dichotomy we see today in politics. It is all a theatre show. The truth is that the global economic system is breaking down and it will collapse, eventually. 

Russia is a dying nation. It has some of the worst fertility rates, highest rate of male suicide, and is embroiled in a war that chews through its men. Many of those men are not even genetically Russian so it is a shell of what it once was. Not to mention the genetic diversity that already exists within the massive borders of Russia. This causes a fractured identity were anyone can be “Russian”. A large country like that is doomed to fail without a cohesive genetic and ideological glue to hold it together. 

America is full of internal issues, mass immigration, the fiat money system will collapse eventually and the Israeli manipulation will get it into further unsustainable conflict. No one can agree on anything there. I have friends and distant family in the US; they tell me many cannot speak to each other anymore within family units. The ideological divide is so wide that conflict seems inevitable. The founding stock are beaten, shot, and raped, meanwhile they are blamed for the problems in the nation and for racism. 

Once a nation fails to preserve the genetics that established it; it is useless and not worthy of attention or care. I know this goes against the romanticism of nationalists who wish to preserve their heritage, but fighting to maintain these zombie nations will be the death of us. 

Bloodlines must be prioritised over everything else. Nations come and go. Italy no longer calls itself Rome. And on the other hand Constantinople is now Istanbul and most of the genetics there have been replaced. This is the fate of Empires. They expand until they collapse. So it is imperative that we focus on preserving our race and sub groups; Germanics, Slavics, and Mediterraneans. Each region and linguistic group needs it’s own foothold to establish race based enclaves. 

Land isn’t stolen, it is either won or lost. We’ve lost a lot of land. We’ve lost a shared ideology. We need to think about consolidation first and foremost and the defense those locations. 

We haven’t lost genetics and language. It is these things we must now use as tools to rebuild. I think that most nationalists can agree that genetics are the most important component for any nation. Even language adapts and changes with time. But maintaining bloodlines is essential for a nation to be cohesive. 

This is the reason why militaries require the same haircut and try to make men look as similar as possible. In stressful situations, you work much better together if you see yourself in the other man. Visual differences become more pronounced once stress is applied and humans, and like all animals, we want to be with are own. 

This map is a very likely outcome if any calamity occurs to our system. The number of threats to the current hegemony are numerous. We can’t tell which straw will be the one that breaks the camel’s back.  

Historically, the end of Empire is the dawn of localism until one group becomes strong enough to take more and more land. I would highly recommend that everyone read, The Fate of Empires by Sir John Glubb. It outlines the life cycle of empires and on average, they last for 250 years. America was founded in 1776, which means that in 2026 the cycle will be complete, if we are to believe Sir John Glubb. 

This “superpower” is on it’s way out within our lifetime. And this also goes for the majority of nations. The golden age of decadence in the west is ending. We don’t have the people to prop them up, and more importantly, we don’t have the quality genetics required to maintain these large systems.

The next age will be the one of the barbarian if history rhymes at all. City states and localism are the most logical steps. The counter argument is something along the lines of, “if Europe was a bunch of city states and fiefdoms then Russia or China could just walk in.” All other cohesive “nations” are in dire situations themselves. I believe the breakdown will be a global phenomenon. Lack of consumer demand from western nations will cause China to collapse. Russia will follow suit.

If all these fiefdoms operate in the best interests of the native peoples who inhabit them; then the future of the world looks really bright for our race. We could encourage trade between these regions, and create a Military organisation to defend the whole of Europe much better that the unworkable monstrosity that is NATO. Europeans need to act accordingly. Plan ahead and build local systems that are self sufficient on a regional level. This is much easer to accomplish than trying to regain nations.

Eventually, we will reclaim it all but that is a multi-generational task. We cannot accomplish this from one day to another just like you cannot lose pounds/kgs of fat from one day to another. It took time for us to get into this mess and it will take time to get us out. 

In the long run; things will be good for barbarous Europeans. The next season ahead after the “Super Powers” and their economic system run out of steam will be unstable. We must be preparing now to rise to that occasion. 

We have a lot of work in front of us. Let’s go after it, step by step. Grit your teeth and start sweating. 

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I’ve let my guys know that we should celebrate the fact that we’ll soon be united by blood alone. For example, the English will soon have more in common genetically with a Pole than their average neighbor. No more brother wars is just the beginning.

Thanks for the book recommendation. Looks pretty hard to find; zero copies available for sale on or amaZION. I did find several copies for available for library loan at

A small critique of the language used; The conflation of the terms ‘nation’ and ‘nation-state’. A nation is a people as you pointed out. The nation-state is ostensibly the vessel that was created to nurture and protect the nation.

For example, White South Africans are actually two nations (The Afrikaners and the South African English) that lost control of their shared nation-state.

Actual (White) Americans are a nation living under the boot of a hostile nation-state that they originally created, but lost control of. Thus it no longer functions to protect and nurture the (White) American nation. Just like your article details.

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