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The Murderous Record of Yuri Andropov

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Originally published in The Thunderbolt, September 1983, Issue 292.
The Andropov File” (from your local bookstore, publisher McGraw Hill, $16.95, 277 pages by Martin Ebon) is the first biography of Yuri Andropov. The book carries new information. Interesting enough is that the “London Times” says Andropov is half Jewish and the London Jewish Chronicle says he is one-fourth Jewish and all agree Andropov’s wife is a full-blooded Jewess.

Briefly, Andropov was born on June 15, 1914 in the railway town of Nagutskaya in southeastern Russia. He came from a poor family. Ebon says his rise is a “Marxist version of a Horatio Alger story.” Andropov became secretary of the Communist Youth League at the University of Petrozavodsk. Stalin’s 1930’s purges wiped out so many top-level leaders that a vacuum existed and Andropov moved up the ladder to organizer of the Communist Party in the Karelian area seized from Finland.

On Nov. 30, 1939 Andropov was on hand when the new puppet leader Otto Kuusinen was “appointed” premier of “The People’s Government in Finland.” Here Andropov helped put down guerrilla skirmishes carried on by Finns and Germans behind Soviet lines. This guerrilla fighting experience has emboldened Andropov in his murderous invasion of Afghanistan. Andropov joined the foreign ministry in 1953 and was involved in trouble-shooting in Poland and Czechoslovakia. He was Soviet Ambassador to Hungary in 1954. This is where the famous “smile” was given to Hungarian Premier Imre Nagy, assuring his personal safety during the Soviet invasion, to put down the Hungarian workers’ uprising. Nagy was taken by the KGB to Russia and shot along with other Hungarian leaders.

Ebon says Andropov can “sweet talk” people and changed the image of the KGB when he was named chairman in 1967 – many were surprised! Andropov brought in the policy of “cheery brutality.” The statue of the first head of the Soviet secret police, Felix Dzerzhinsky, stands in front of the KGB headquarters. Ebon says Andropov holds Dzerzhinsky as his personal hero and lavishly praised this mass killer. Andropov says that while Beria’s killings were of personal enemies, Dzerzhinsky’s slaughter “were in the public interest.” Ebon says Andropov is “sophisticated, skilled, experienced and crafty.”

Andropov wants to manipulate public opinion and is a master of spreading rumor and creating public unrest. Yuri Andropov keeps that steely smile on his face as he gives the orders to kill – be it the Pope, a poor Russian dissident – or congressman Larry McDonald. “The Andropov File” is the first biography on this dangerous Soviet leader – as bits and pieces of news come to light on the background of this evil man – you will hear about it first in The Thunderbolt.

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Yuri Andropov (1914 – 1984) was head of the KGB from 1967 – 1982 and head of the Soviet Union from 1982 and serving until his death in 1984.

According to his former subordinate Securitate general Ion Mihai Pacepa:

In the West, if Andropov is remembered at all, it is for his brutal suppression of political dissidence at home and for his role in planning the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia. By contrast, the leaders of the former Warsaw Pact intelligence community, when I was one of them, looked up to Andropov as the man who substituted the KGB for the Communist party in governing the Soviet Union, and who was the godfather of Russia’s new era of deception operations aimed at improving the badly damaged image of Soviet rulers in the West.

No Peter the Great. Vladimir Putin is in the Andropov mold, by Ion Mihai Pacepa, National Review, 20 September 2004.

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