ragdolls are women that go for fat men

3 Types of Women That Go for Fat Men

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Last time, we went into all the ways that fat men can get laid by playing certain roles. However, what we neglected to mention was that there’s a definitely a type of women who go for fat men. Yeah, you read that right. Bitches have it in for the jelly belly, apparently. Chadwick has therefore contacted his fat friends to ask about these type of women and they’ve reported some truly disturbing details, even by the meagre standards of female behavior.

To clarify, we’re not talking here about ugly-ass women settling for fat dudes, or women gold-digging rich fat men, or similar such exceptions to the rule. No, we’re talking about good looking girls that actively seek out fatsoes to bone them.

1. Feeders

feeders are women that go for fat men
“What do you mean, you’re full?”

These women are sexually aroused when they feed, or force-feed a man so that he increases in weight. Since normal-size men will usually decline food after they’re full, feeders will seek out men who regularly overeat. Such men, as it happens, are usually fat. Feeders, therefore, seek out fat men to feed and make even fatter, as part of their twisted sexual perversion. I imagine sexual relations commence at some point, but the way I understand it, all the feeders really need is the feeling of control from forcing a man to overeat.

An important detail to understand is that all women are feeders to a certain degree. Women love to cook for men and to feed men and Chadwick can confirm from personal experience that women get a little wet when a man is clearly enjoying a meal they prepared. The difference is, most women don’t find it attractive when a man overeats and they wouldn’t even think about force-feeding a man until he bursts.

So, if you’re fat and desperate, seek out your local feeder community. Just remember that hanging around these women isn’t going to help you lose weight.

2. Ragdolls

Size does matter.

This second type is usually a petite, slender woman and she goes for fat men for one simple reason: she wants to be tossed around like a rag doll, crushed under the enormous bulk of a giant man or otherwise manhandled. These freaky, skinny bints get off when you’re rough with them in very specific ways which relate to the enormous size differential between you. This truly strange fetish as well as their general smallness is why we call them ragdolls.

They like it when a man uses his size to dominate them sexually. Pick them up and throw them on the bed. Get on top and crush them with your weight. Careful not to actually crush them, Shamoo. Pick them up with one arm, put ’em on your shoulder and order them to say “polly want a cracker” in a croaky voice. These women get off on being feeling small relative to the man. So, make them feel physically small, which thank god, they are.

While the sources for this piece are for the most part Chadwick’s fat friends, Chadwick himself has some experience with ragdolls. This is because ragdolls don’t just go for fat men, but for big men in general. However, since what matters to them is just size, fat guys have equal chances as buff guys. Ragdolls tend to be sex freaks in general too, but otherwise mentally stable, so if you find yourself a ragdoll, you might want to hold on to her. Very tightly. Don’t worry, she’s into it.

3. Fat Fetishists

fat fetishits are women that go for fat men
Roll with it.

“But Professor Chadwick, aren’t all these women fat fetishists?” Yeah, sure, but for feeders and ragdolls, you know why they go for fat men. In this category, we’ll list all the women who are attracted to fat men as such. A feeder wants to feed a man. A ragdoll likes to be tossed around by a man. The fatness is incidental to what they want. But for the fat fetishists, the fat is what they want. Truly a remarkable fetish. I’ve heard of guys who like to harpoon fat whales, so I guess a distaff counterpart had to exist.

Just as guys who like to fuck fat women are weird, Chadwick’s fat friends report that women who want fat men are weird. Expect them to be freaky in bed but otherwise also mentally and emotionally unstable. Of course, you can find exceptions, but as a general rule, these women aren’t all that with it. As for why, here Chadwick’s wisdom eludes him. Best not to think about it, really.

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