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Why Russians Can’t Fight Back Against Minorities

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Written originally for the Russian Volunteer Corps. Translated from Russian by Linda Elfonsi.

Editor’s comment: This article was originally published in Russian by the Russian Volunteer Corps, a military and political formation fighting alongside Ukrainians with the ultimate goal of overthrowing Vladimir Putin’s regime and establishing a Russian nationalist state. The reason we considered it important enough to translate and reprint is not only because it is informative about the state of race and national relations in Russia, but also because it describes a dangerous dynamic wherein white people take on the manners and behaviours of their nonwhite replacers, such as for example young Russians starting to behave like Chechens or young Americans becoming wiggers.

During the period of the Chechen war the fear of Caucasians soaked through the Russian man, entered into his bones and then it turned into something like a reflexive genetic memory. Television was spinning reports 24/7 about Budennovsk, Beslan, Nord-ost and 18 year old Russian soldiers with their heads cut off. The bearded faces of the soldiers left an impression of  primal fear, all the trembling videotapes with guttural sounding voices of islamists chilled Russia’s blood and in the end turned into a collective trigger for Russians. That’s why it’s always interesting to observe the clashes between Caucasians and ethnicities genetically related to Russians who are free of similar historical events and also from television programming. In summer of 2021 Ukrainians bravely drove the Caucasian “lezginka” dance from Kiev and all this bravery was because they aren’t conditioned to be scared of Caucasians as Russians are. But the popularized phrase from Russian government was “even Chechens are scared of them” (actually a meme which could be born only in the Russian environment where Chechens became the top of the food chain in the 90’s). This is just one of the reasons, these events from the recent past. The current fear and helplessness of Russians in the face of the national minorities has a more depressing and sad background. And it needs to be addressed, no matter how badly demotivating it feels- if we don’t recognize the sickness, we can’t get the right medication for it. Today’s sorry situation came about because of the huge amount of Muslim immigrants from Central Asia and the amazing power of ethnic diasporas, and that’s why Russian men intuitively or consciously came to the conclusion that resistance is absolutely useless. 

In Moscow’s Vykhino district, 14 year old Amir Tairov beat up a Russian girl, Sophia. The cruel attack was captured by cameras: the cultural enricher first strikes the girl’s head, then throws her on the dirty snow but she breaks free. After several minutes of fighting and frantic self-defense, Amir comes to the conclusion that the 14 year old school girl is too much of a serious opponent. While other classmates tried to do something between holding Sophia and trying to separate them, Amir kicks the girl with his legs. In Telegram channels there is information from Sophia’s mom where she mentions that conflicts with this guy Amir are pretty common, but the administration of the school just turns a blind eye to the problem. On the Russian Facebook analogue Vkontakte, we find a Moscow Department of Education newsletter about this incident the essence of which boils down to – “the videotape is not fully published”, “that’s why this incident between these pupils was settled by the school administration”, “the boy apologized”.

This is how these kinds of incidents end. Either the ethnic aggressor comes out as an absolute winner or the administration shrugs that “shit happens”, and then he goes on to attack another seventh-grader. Now we will analyze a similar story- this one will be more revealing. 

We believe that many of you have heard about the recent fight at the Chelyabinsk school № 5 between Russians and Central Asians. Here’s what one of the subscribers sent to the editors of the « PPC Chelyabinsk  “Immigrant-students headed by Feruz constantly extorted money from other schoolchildren, took away their phones and beat them up. Feruz “holds” a region of “Fiesta” (the shopping mall center). These immigrants were holding school No.5 and its nearby streets in fear. It was obvious that sooner or later the anger of these invaders from the east would reach Nikita because he did not endure the torment for long and responded by fighting back. Of course immigrants didn’t like that and called him to a 1vs1 fight, and as usual, they planned a 3vs1 ambush. Nikita understood that this kind of situation can arise and called on his friends- who managed to punish the immigrants for their savagery. “Samosud! 1”- you’ll say! “Yes, maybe it is like that but how can we manage this in another way if authorities do absolutely nothing about it?” 

So, let’s think this through. First, the Russian guy Nikita didn’t cuck out and fought back against these immigrants. Second, the Russian guy knew the culture of these migrants and he understood their sense of honour is based on creative mathematics, in particular the authentic  phrase “you come alone and we’ll come alone 2”, which is a lie, of course. That’s why Nikita gathered a group of friends and he was right: Feruz’s guys came in a crowd. Third, Russians won the day against the internationals and brought order to their land. And when representatives of the titular nation pass all three checks successfully, as honour, self-respect and the banal truths of physical survival dictate, the Russian state intervenes. The same state for which so-called Russian nationalist are now fighting for, believing in a fantasy of “rebirth” for Putin’s system. 

Especially noteworthy was the behaviour of one of our so-called nationalists Mikhail Nic, more known as “Mavashi”. Instead of solidarity and support for Russian guys who were able to fight back against foreign degenerates on their own, without shilling any accessories or fashionable merchandise, he instead denounced them as “skinheads” and “hooligans” under the authority of coordinators- you know who (Kremlin). Looks like Russian nationalism now has the right to express itself only in two cases: if it’s directed against our neighbouring states or if it’s about outdoor sports bars. Mikhail released an 11 minute video talking about how bad the Russian guys are, how “it’s not how we ought to behave”. Instead our behaviour should be mooing like cattle, without complaint, calls for raising awareness of course, push-ups and crunches! Another traitor who plays patriot, leads away from protests and self-organization and into passive politics, encourages the most passionate Russians to surrender and dissuades others from repeating this example of real Russian self-organization and protest. Only the blind can’t see this. 

The police and liberal journalists immediately catch up on this “inter-racial factor”, whereas in Sophie’s case this was ignored. This is because in the Russian system there are no punishments, condemnations or accusations or “interracial factors”, when: 1. an immigrant or Caucasian attacks a helpless victim; immigrant or Caucasian emerges from a fight as a winner. But for Russians there’s an immediate search warrant where they find some guns/rifles/a set of swastikas/Yarosh’s3 business card/a photo with a German grandfather from Argentina. For Russians it’s an automatic 7 years in prison, even as caring people donate to their legal defence fund, although we all understand perfectly well that a donation for legal aid is only a symbolic act of solidarity and is unlikely to have any practical benefit. A lawyer in the Russian legal system is useless, especially there is a victimised Russian on one side and on the other side is some criminal element supported by the forces of the diaspora. 

This complete hopelessness leads Russians to fear openly challenging these multinational diaspora members and migrants – acquiring amazing skills such as turning their heads 180 degrees whenever fellow Slavic citizens are subjected to an act of cultural enrichment in ther field of vision. Every day Slavic children in all kinds of different educational institutions all over Russia are subjected to bullying, beatings and extortions from their multinational peers. The same happens more or less (for now less but that’s only for now) in every European country which has the imprudence to let the oppressed ones into their lands. At home, Russian children will often be brought up in the most patient way, in same-sex “mother-grandmother” families, saturated with propaganda that “all people are brothers” and “their forefathers also fought with us in the Great Patriotic War,” which justifies and sanctifies everything about Russian life, and most importantly – deprived of the ability of more archaic cultures to flock together along ethnic lines, children are left with a simple choice. Either they become a downtrodden victim, regularly suffering humiliation from the cultural enrichers, and entry into adult life as a morally destroyed person, or join the stronger side, imitating the accent, habits and hobbies of the “brotherly peoples”, becoming indistinguishable from them. Together with them, they mock their compatriots, revelling in the illusion of strength and security. They turn into semi-uzbeks without clan and tribe. They lose themselves forever in the faceless herd of hookah-smokers, rap-listeners, kebab-eaters and MMA lovers. They point their fingers upward and say “Salam” when they meet, now making those same guttural sounds unironically- because this is no longer some kind of parody accent, but your normal articulation, absorbed into the vocal cords as you become Caucasian.

Sometimes, literally once in a million instances, there comes along someone who does not want to choose between the aforementioned two methods of moral and physical suicide, someone like Nikita from Chelyabinsk. Every time when you want to fight back against someone from the “oppressed minority” you have to be ready for two scenes. The first scene is when the intruders gather in a huge crowd and begin to persecute you. You can continue to fight back, beating them in dozens, even hundreds, but sooner or later they will win simply due to numbers. They will gather diaspora members, “fighter” clubs, ethnic organized crime groups, crowds of their jackal hangers-on from among the Slavic crooks. This all will end up in death or injuries, or an apology on your knees before the “oppressed” and subsequent financial compensation for their multinational efforts. Second scene – a temporary Russian victory, but only a temporary one. Because even if you, like a superhero, defeated a group of multinational schoolchildren, wrestling clubs, and even the ethnic organised crime group itself, you will be facing the Russian state in the final round. This government, this law enforcement system with its formal and non-formal laws is the continuation of Gulag. If you are a Russian possessing national identity, not wanting to become multinational and pay the tribute, then in Russia you have lost by the very fact of your existence. 

Giving advice along the lines of “express solidarity and help your fellow Russians” is pointless, because there is a high degree of probability that people reading these lines are already part of the ideology and movement where such ideas are basic and understandable.There is also no reason to recommend arming yourself – readers, again, understand both the need for Russian civilian armed resistance and the impossibility of implementing this in a country where there is no legal way to own weapons, and the fact that police make it their top priority to spy on Russians due to the fact that they are not particularly interested in watching non-Russians.

A lot can change, oddly enough, from an actual commencement of anti-Russian pogroms – in comparison with which even the modelling of the notorious Bulba will seem too soft. Creeping, episodic attacks on Russians teach the titular nation nothing – even the reactions to the stories of Nikita and Sophia are replete with postscripts that “the point, in general, is not about the ethnicity of those involved.” Russians still don’t understand that the problem is about the ethnicity and only about the ethnicity. And if in each region of Russia the “oppressed”, having listened to the conditional “liberators” from the European Parliament enough, take up knives at the same time, the Russian instinct for self-preservation will probably activate. For now, it lies dormant, giving way to yet more pie-in-the-sky fantasies about “multinational brotherhood”

Either Russians learn to fight for their survival, or it will be a death sentence for the entire nation.

Originally published by Russian Volunteer Corps.

1 The word Samosud describes a concept which could be very difficult to understand for a Western audience. Although it’s exact translation would be “private judgement”, it is better translated as vigilantism. However, a problem arises because the concept of vigilantism is considered by Westerners to be neutral or positive, certainly positive in those situations where the government no longer protects the population and cracks down on criminals. In Eastern cultures, samosud is not only morally and legally condemned, it also lacks the grandeur of vigilantism. The man who suffers or observes an injustice in situations where the government doesn’t respond is expected not to carry out this justice himself, but rather submit himself to government (in)action and resign himself to his sad fate, otherwise he runs the risk of being morally and religiously condemned for his samosud.

The humour of the phrase hinges on Russian plural forms of the adjective. In its original: ты приходи один, и мы одни придем (ti prihodi odin, i myi odni pridem)

3 Refers to Dmytro Yarosh, a former leader of Ukrainian nationalist party Right Sector and commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army. 

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