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White People Don’t Overwhelm Their Palates

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If you’re kicking around on the internet, you’ve probably seen blacks claim that “wypipo don season they food.” This claim is often echoed by other nonwhites, and even by self-hating whites themselves. Apparently, the swarthy masses of the world are united in their pronouncements that food prepared by whites is bland. Then again, the internet is full of videos of black people absolutely smothering meat and vegetables in spices, to the point that chicken no longer tastes like chicken. I’ve had the misfortune of eating such super-spiced foods and I’ve found that all it does is overwhelm my palate. In fact, that’s something we’ll keep seeing as we move forward. It isn’t so much that wypipo don’ season they food, as white people don’t overwhelm their palates.

To start off, let’s state some obvious facts. The palate, like every other sensory organ, can be overwhelmed by excess stimulus. If I stare directly into the sun, I will be temporarily blinded. If I spend the night next to the speakers at a heavy metal concert, I will be temporarily deafened. When I eat a dish which has too much chilli, too much pepper, too much anything, the strong and excessive taste will push drown everything else out and I’ll just taste the spice, and even then just that semi-acidic, semi-salty spike at the tip of the tongue.

Likewise, like any other sense, taste is stronger and more discerning in higher IQ individuals. This can be observed at a more general level here. To spare you wading through the jargon, the study concludes that higher IQ individuals are more sensitive to sensory stimulus than normal, i. e. the higher your IQ, the less stimulus you’ll need to elicit a response. Hence the predilection of higher IQ people to prefer more subtle stimuli, from visual, to auditory to indeed, gustatory and olfactory. These differences exist both within races, and also between races.

The result is often that the higher IQ person will perceive nuance in the stimulus that simply do not exist to the lower IQ person. As mentioned before, this can happen within race as well. A 94 IQ white truck driver probably cannot perceive the difference between a commercial lager beer and a lager microbrew, but a 114 IQ white hipster probably will. However, 94 is 9 IQ points above the average African-American. So, the average black needs even more stimulus in order to feel something than the 94 IQ truck driver, let alone compared to the average white person, with an IQ of 100.

This dependence on high amounts of stimulus doesn’t just involve the obsession with seasoning seen in nonwhite cuisines. It also explains the gaudy ways in which nonwhites dress and decorate, their grating “music” and their offensive odours. Indian curry and bollywood screeching, Arab gut-scorchers with every spice on the planet forced into them, stinking Mexican tacos and revolting Mexican reggaeton, all artefacts of cultures that need a lot more stimulus in order to feel anything.

In fact, I believe a reasonable case might be made that the Chinese consistently misrepresent their IQ on the basis that their food overwhelms the European palate as much as black chicken, that they dress like a Jackson Pollock painting that a unicorn shat on and their music sounds like whales raping each other. Only people with Indian/Arab level IQs could handle that amount of sensory overload. Among the nonwhite nations, only the Japanese have succeeded in producing art and cultural artefacts that are enthusiastically enjoyed by high IQ Europeans. This to me indicates that Japanese IQ figures are likely non-bullshit.

On a final note, one of the earliest pieces I wrote for Radical Dose concerned the propensity of unscrupulous coffee vendors to conceal inferior coffee blends by smothering them in milk and sugar. The same principle applies here. By smothering a dish in “spices”, an unscrupulous cook can often conceal the poor quality of ingredients used to make it. Stale bread, rancid meat, old vegetables, doesn’t matter as long as you pour on the curry and MSG. But in white people cuisine, where the seasoning is usually salt (and garlic, for all you loveable Mediterraneans), you’re far less likely to get away with selling substandard fare to your customers.

On my trip to Poland, I was amazed at both the simplicity of the meals and the richness of their taste. This is because Polish cuisine seems to revolve around preparing dishes with a small number of high quality ingredients. The signature dish is kotlet schabowy, a lightly breaded pork schnitzel with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut on the side. It is very simple, very hearty and amazingly delicious. The three simple ingredients, pork, sauerkraut and potatoes form an intricate tapestry of earthy tastes and are probably behind the famed Polish optimism which flies in the face of all odds (and logic).

As always, I must warn against that perpetual bugaboo which is the negrification of white people. As the average IQ of white people falls due to dysgenic pressures, expect to see a lot of our own kind also embrace “hot and spicy” foods, from Chinese hot pot to dishwasher-cleaned nigger chicken. These will likely be low IQ white people who can handle the sensory overload that comes with nonwhite cuisine. However, this should not be an excuse. Even a low IQ white man has the duty of maintaining the dignity of his race and should not fall into the trap of behaving and eating like a nonwhite. We are white people, and white people don’t overwhelm their palates.

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negros revert to cannibalism when they don’t have government cheese and food stamp hand outs from White men. just like monkeys.

Interesting, but doubtful. I have noticed a pattern where intelligent Whites seem more likely to enjoy spicy foods, whereas less intelligent Whites have more simple tastes. Even most dissidents seem to like intense flavors. The palate changes throughout life anyway, so the idea that it is connected to anything deeper is questionable.

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