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When to Wear Military Clothes

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Reading through D. H. Cezar’s For a New Barbarian Fashion, I found myself agreeing with much of what he said about the absolute centrality of aesthetics to political causes. I’ve been speaking for a long time that no form of white identity politics can succeed if its advocates succumb to negrified and low-class fashion. Furthermore, I believe that multiethnic states must necessarily have lowest-common-denominator brownified and negrified cultures (and fashions) in order to function. Anything else would be exclusionary and racist. However, I disagreed with his proposal that the fashion we need to replace the global negrowear is paramilitary/survivalistic. That being said, I do own two pairs of army trousers and a Caterpillar outerwear shirt. In this piece, I’ll illustrate my vision of where military clothes should fit in the fashionable man’s wardrobe.

Recently, I was asked by a friend to help move some stuff from another person’s house. When I met the other person, I noticed that he was wearing athletic leisurewear. Now, personally, I despise athletic leisurewear and consider anyone who’d wear a tracksuit in public irredeemably lower class. Even if you are doing outdoor sports, I think there’re enough options out there to avoid this dreaded hallmark of negro dress. Because I have no filter, I asked the man why was he wearing negro clothes. He replied that it was because he didn’t want to lift boxes in nice clothes. At the time, I was wearing my army trousers, so I told him that this is why we have army trousers. I too dislike performing physical labour in my Pierre Cardin fancy pants, so that’s why I put on my 511 Tactical army trousers.

At that moment, I realised what the place of army trousers and army clothes in general is. Even though I hadn’t thought about it much, I’d instinctively worn my army trousers whenever I needed to perform physical labour, whenever I went hiking with friends or whenever physical exertion and reasonable risk of getting the pants dirty was in the cards. For example, here I am wearing army trousers on a hike/ camping/display of based flags trip.

nix in military clothes

Army clothes are comfortable and roomy. They’re made out of resistant and strong materials which makes them durable. Unlike athletic leisurewear, they also convey a European aesthetic. While they’re not classy like tailored clothes, they give the wearer the appearance of ruggedness and strength. I’ve seen many construction workers and other manual labourers in Warsaw and Budapest wearing military style trousers instead of trainers or tracksuit bottoms and this made me appreciate these cities even more. The middle and upper classes are always fashion-conscious, but when the working class makes an effort to look good, you know you’re dealing with a healthy culture.

Of course, another advantage of army clothes is that they fit well in urban and everyday contexts as well, unlike athletic leisurewear. Here’s a picture of me in my army trousers relaxing in Zagreb’s Zrinjevac park. As you can see, they work quite well with the polo shirt and vintage Banana Republic jacket.

Military Clothes in the city

Unlike athletic leisurewear, there’s zero risk of a man being mistaken for a wigger when wearing military clothes. White societies have always depended on the citizen-soldier for their upkeep and all white men were historically expected to become soldiers if necessary. Militaristic clothing is therefore a lot more naturally white than other “relaxed” styles.

Of course, in my personal dress, I will still pursue elegance and style. This means that I won’t be wearing military clothes all the time, rather sticking with tailored trousers and blazers. However, my wardrobe will always have space for military clothes as there’s simply no other alternative for active wear, whether it’s helping friends move furniture or hiking up mountains to build campfires and wave fashy flags.

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I like the flags. Can you fly the Confederate flag there?

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