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December 6th of 2023, the top 4 runners-up for the 2024 Presidential Race had a debate. Hyper-political people on the right clipped about 9 seconds of Vivek Ramaswamy mentioning that The Great Replacement is real. This caused some excitement among right-wingers. Here is the full debate for those insane enough to sit through the nearly 2 hours of debate, wherein a large portion consisted of a contest between which of the 4 is the most pro-Israel.

The clip in question spread around by those on the “far-right” is at 1:01:27-1:01:36. It is interesting to see this being brought up on the stage of a presidential debate, and I don’t want to rain on everyone’s parade. I want to provide a criticism of Ramaswamy’s approach which he makes crystal clear later on in the debate. At 1:09:40-1:10:45 we see Ramaswamy say:

“This is a symptom of a deeper cancer in American life. Identity politics, this new religion that says your race, your gender, and your sexuality are your identity. It is anti-American ..  It is anti-meritocratic, and it is dividing this country to a breaking point. .. I’ve spoken about this to the left in my book, and it is even worse when the Republican party tries to play the same game.”

Clearly his conception of The Great Replacement is framed within this hatred of identity politics. It is also notable that according to him, when Republicans engage in identity politics it is worse then when Democrats engage in identity politics. At this point in American politics it is widely known that the Republican party consists of mostly White Americans, and the Democrat party consists of mostly minorities and anti-Whites. Close to 90% of blacks vote democrat, and they engage in nothing but identity politics that directly conflicts with the interests of the White majority of this country. Ramaswamy is saying that blacks engaging in their BLM marches, is not as bad as when Whites engage in similar discourse.

I think that the true cancer in American society, is this idea that the purpose of America is to foster and create people that have no identity. This is a retelling of the same “melting pot” story that White Americans are bombarded with in schools, media, and politics. This story causes White Americans to be aimless and be non-competitive in a country that is becoming increasingly divided along ethnic lines, essentially disarming us as we are faced with groups that have a clear identity and won’t let it go.

It seems to me that Vivek’s “redpill” is actually a poisoned pill, and this speaks to the relationship that the GOP has with White Americans. The relationship between White Americans and the GOP is one of constant attempts to de-radicalize and disarm their most loyal voters. What’s also concerning is that Vivek is seen as the most “radical” of the 4 that are on this stage. If the most “radical” contender for President is one that just repeats the same tired stories that disarm us, I have a hard time getting excited about it.

Another thing these types always do, is they never explain why The Great Replacement is bad. They never have concrete solutions to reversing this trend either. As usual, Ramaswamy’s gripe is with illegal immigration and not legal immigration. Probably because his family benefited directly from America’s lax immigration policy.

Whenever I see something like this take place in American politics, it reminds of one of the basic first steps that this country needs to take. The removal of the Civil Rights Act. The Civil Rights Act is something that would be appalling to the people who founded this country, as it strips freedom of association from people. It is very easy to make a libertarian-esque argument against the Civil Rights Act, that would likely be more palatable to the average person. Republicans constantly rage against these new anti-discrimination laws, ones that forbid a cake maker from refusing to bake a cake for gay weddings, or from preventing a man from entering a woman’s bathroom.

The foundation of all of these detestable things was put down long ago by the Civil Rights Act, and these are just logical extensions of the same legislation. The likelihood that any mainstream Republican politician would ever dare to speak the truth about this is nearly 0%, in my estimation. In fact it seems their purpose is to constantly reinforce this foundation but to whine about the color of the drapes within the house that is built upon it. Until something as basic as this is understood, we are stuck in a state of going 1 step forward, and then 2 steps back.

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