The 8th commandment as seen by white people.

Thou Shalt Not Lie – Mistaking European Morality for Jewish Morality

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For all my bluster about being better read in the Old Testament and the Bible than most normal Christians, recently I realized that until now I had failed to see one of the Ten Commandments as anything other than an interpretation. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy brother or thy neighbor is one of the Ten Commandments. And I had always shortened it to thou shalt not lie.

Only the last few days did I wonder why that is. I wondered because I had looked at the other commandments, at the ninth commandment, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, the fifth commandment, Thou shalt not kill, and the first commandment, Thou shalt have no other gods before me. And it occurred to me that these commandments should be understood in their proper historical and civilizational context. 

Let’s take the first commandment. Some people interpret it as meaning that there are other gods, and they could be minor, they could be major. From the perspective of the Old Testament and the Bible in general, it’s sometimes a little unclear if there are other gods to the side of Yahweh, or if there are gods that are just below him and evil, or if they’re distractions from the worship of the One God.

A lot of atheists will say, well, there’s other gods, you know. And I think it’s a stupid argument. I think the atheists in general have punched themselves out of the argument, because they just take not only the lowest hanging fruit, but they do it without any sort of moral anchor. They’ll say, well, we just get our morals from… from what? Some of them even say from science. People have genuinely said that. 

There are some who’ll say we get our morals from argumentation. We assume that they and their Indian pals, and their Negro pals, and their Chinese pals, and their Brazilian mixed mulatto pals, all of them got together and debated morality, and you came to some sort of morality. They come to this idea that, killing is wrong, that lying is wrong, that perjuring yourself is wrong? They all came together and had this consensus about morality. 

However, if for instance, if we go to African countries, and we look at how the countries are run, do we assume that it’s run that way because Africans have never had the debate about morality and ethics. They just never had it. What we got to do, then is we got to make them have it. 

We got to take the debate to them so that they can understand morality, because they just obviously haven’t had the debate. This may sound controversial, but Africa’s got some problems, to say the least. And India, ah India. The toilet of the world has another set of problems, including perverted daddy syndrome, and the Islamic world. Apparently, you can put Allah in the Arab, but you cannot take the goat rapist out of the Arab. And the Chinese, my God the Chinese… you cannot take this hyper-disgusting individualism that would run over another person’s baby in order not to get in trouble out of the Chinese.

Or can you? Because, you know, maybe the Chinese just haven’t had the debate about it. Sure, they had philosophers. Sure, they’ve had religion.

They just haven’t had the debate about running over the babies of their neighbors. They haven’t had the debate that morality can stem from anything other than 24-7 complete CCTV surveillance. If someone’s watching you, then you can be moral.

Maybe they would be amenable to, Yahweh, a god that knows your thoughts. He knows your deeds and secrets. He knows everything about you, hairs on your head.

Or is it, atheists, that morality is relative? I should say to the Christian as well. Is morality relative? I think it is. It’s relative to the people in whom it is embedded, through whom it has been extruded and expressed into the world.

The Africans have had the debate in their own ooga-booga way. And their ooga-booga debate has come up with the idea that basically anything goes. Eating humans is perfectly okay. Voodoo magic comports with anything. The two-story houses are of the devil, and so are wheels. And on and on, including all the savagery of the dark African. Same goes for the Chinese. Same goes for the Indian. And for the European, there’s a different morality.

There are weaknesses in that morality. And you might, as a Christian, say that our morality came from the Bible. You might say that. But what you’re doing by saying that isn’t just saying that the European never had the debate before that. What you’re saying that they had no higher self. They had no understanding of good and evil, wrong and right.

And yet the European of, let’s say, 2,000 years ago, 3,000 years ago, were they the same then as the African is today? Gnawing on his neighbor’s bones, eating dirt. And again, these could be Christian Africans. They could be pagan Africans. They could be any sort of African at all. Did the European before Christianity resemble the African? Did the European before Christianity resemble the Chinese? I don’t mean physically. Obviously, they didn’t. But was their morality, as we see it in whatever texts are left, in whatever folktales are left? Read European folklore. It’s incredible what’s written there. Read books that are purported to be hoaxes, such as the Oera Linda.

Read Homer. Read Plato. Read the debates that they were having in Greece and Rome.

Read the things they were arguing about in other parts of the European world, or the pre-European world, or in the cousin civilizations to the European world. What were they arguing about in Sumer? Were they saying, kill anyone, steal anything, rape anyone? What were the Assyrians saying? What did they say about lies? That’s a good question. What did they say about lying? What did Tacitus talk about when he talked about the Germans and lying? What did the Romans say about lying? What did the Greeks say about lying? What did the ancient Celts, what did their druids say about lying? We know barely anything about the Celts, sadly. And finally, what’s the Bible say about lying? And I don’t mean, does it look down on it. I mean what does it say about lying? There’s no place in the Ten Commandments that says: thou shalt not lie.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I have always looked at the Ten Commandments and shortened “thou shalt not bear false witness against a neighbor or the brother”, and seen it as simply thou shalt not lie. But it’s not.

It’s completely different. You’re not going to say that Tom stole something if he didn’t steal something. Yes, that is a lie, but it’s a specific lie.

And what’s the lie that condemned in Acts 5:1, which concerns the lies of Ananias and his wife. What was the lie that they are supposed to have said that condemned them to death? The characters we’re discussing are of course, Jews. Was it any old lie? No, it was a lie about how much money they gave the church.

If we know anything about Jews, it’s that they love money. Some will even say that their God is money. Before even the Hebrew became a Jew guess what was built onto the same temple mount as the temple itself? The International Bank of Jerusalem. The bank and the temple share the same mount. The bank and the temple were one. One was a purported temple to an ethereal metaphysical creator, and another was a temple to a physical material creator.

Because everything that the Jews create is through money. Everything that they destroy is using their money. They fund the wars. They finance revolutions. They finance degeneracy and ugliness of all sorts. Using their money, they get behind guilt narratives.

Using their money, they control Hollywood, and thereby control your mind. And they lie to you through all of their actions. When they’re conquering Canaan, and later on, in the book of Judges, when they went to a city, they were commanded to offer peace. And if the city gave them peace, they would go in, and then they would destroy it. They would lie to the city. And when they were not offered peace, then they would destroy the city.

The outcome was the same, no matter what the people in the city offered to the Hebrews. Lying is omnipresent in the Bible, but it is only apparently a sin when you lie about another Jew, another Hebrew, in such a way that it harms that person. You may lie, but you may not do that, and you may not lie about how much money you give the church, or God will strike you dead. 

When I say that European morality is higher than Jewish morality, it becomes more apparent the more I go back and read the Bible and try to shed my European glasses. I thought this entire time that the 8th commandment was Thou shalt not lie, which is a very broad and very strict definition.

A lie is untruth being told, but untruth is told all the time in the Bible, and not punished by God, and is not considered a sin. It’s crazy once you take off your Sunday school glasses, and you look at the morality of the Bible through a lens that’s given you through the morality of your own people.

You will see in very clear, very black and white terms. You will see that the morality that’s presented as ultimate and reflective of God is morality that our people, and our cousin people to us, surpassed thousands of years before Christianity, and thousands of years after Christianity.

And it is only a sick, degenerate, and disgusting people that need to have the Ten Commandments as well as this other 613 commandments to follow in some sort of strict interpretational structure that they can get in and out of all the time. Don’t work on the Sunday or Sabbath, right? But you can get someone to work for you. What does that mean? It means there’s some people that are basically allowed to not keep the Sabbath holy.

It is all relative, even in the Bible. But the people that look at the Ten Commandments, and they look at it strictly are people who have higher morality who are trying to figure out how this strict set of rules makes any sense. They are putting their interpretational structure on it, their higher morality on it, and they’re seeing things that don’t exist there.

They are idealizing something that is so far below them, and below the morality of their people and all of their people, that they can’t see it. It’s so far below them. They have to put on their glasses, their European morality glasses, to look far below them to see the Ten Commandments and the the law of the Bible.

They see it, and they focus on it, and by focusing on this narrow set of commandments and these disgusting other laws that are there, they can’t see the higher morality surrounding them, buoying them up, built from the bodies and the blood and the sweat of all of their ancestors until that moment. The reason why Christians are some of the best people in the world is basically because they are European. 

Yes, there’s plenty of good Japanese Christians. But the Japanese in general are good people. A Christian is just kind of a Japanese that goes to church, and is just a little bit more polite. That’s it. They’re just a little bit more of a granny. Even the grannies are more granny-ish. But Christians who are European, who are Christians, what they’ve done is they’ve basically preserved European morality in general, but they’ve preserved it through a Judaic religious system.

Those Europeans that have abandoned Christianity, especially the atheists, are floundering. In abandoning what they think is Christianity, they’ve abandoned their European higher morality, and now they’ve abandoned their blood. Their blood is saying, this is good, thou shalt not lie. Lying is bad. Not just perjuring yourself, but lying, which is broader. Lying is bad.

Do not lie. But because they’ve cast off Christianity, they’ve cast off all of the interpretational structure using European morality. They’ve cast that off, thinking that it is Christianity. They’re therefore left with this darkness. The problem, reaction, solution. Their reaction is darkness, and a disgusting atheistic nihilism.

We’ve got nothing. And through that, and because Christianity basically carved off our ethnicity, it divided us from our brothers, and made us think that anyone, anyone is a Jew, anyone’s a Greek, doesn’t matter. Nothing matters anymore, except for your salvation, your individual salvation.

That person who’s saved through the rules of Christianity, or Judeo-Christianity, that person is your brother. Because you’ve carved all of that off, and now you’ve thrown away this thing that you think is Christian morality, but it’s not, you’ve got nothing. You’re a wandering spirit looking for a body.

You will have anything done to you, and it won’t matter and you will let anything be done to your brothers and sisters, because it won’t matter. Christianity paved the way for that, but once you threw that away, you kept that morality.

Where you don’t matter, your brothers don’t matter, your parents don’t matter, your family, your kin, your nation doesn’t matter. Nothing matters except for what? It becomes a pleasure principle, basically. Because you have nothing, your body, your own blood, your race, your ethnicity, you’ve cast off because you hate it, or you’ve been taught to hate it.

And all that’s left is base, animalistic pleasures, without blood connection. But you will not be fulfilled. And there will be a law that comes back.

What’s going to come and replace that is either going to be some disgusting thing like Islam, because it’s going to present a strong moral force, apparently, for a lower caste of people, or a European moral law where we chase off the invaders, and we do what needs to be done in order to preserve our kind. It’s either that or our kind will be mixed into a lower caste of people and our morality will be dissolved into the teeming masses of Arabs. Probably after that, yeah, the non-Arab ethnicities will go home, they’ll be forced out. But Europeans and Arabs will be forcibly mixed and that will be the end of higher European morality. Because we’ve been lied to about everything.

The people that say thou shalt not bear false witness, hid thou shalt not lie, the higher morality of within the lower principle. They hid the condemnation of the lie behind the condemnation of perury. They have lied to us from day one. Because we are higher and more honest than the Hebrews and their god we are more trusting. Sadly, we became weaker for it. 

This post is a transcript of Snorkel Blot’s video of the same name. Original available here.

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