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Jeelvy’s Keto Cookbook | Part 5 – Thirty Minute Trout

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Welcome, carbon-eschewing gourmands, to this fifth and final part of Jeelvy’s Keto Cookbook. Here we will look at the fifth simple and easy to make dish that sustained me during my time on the keto diet – the thirty minute trout. While normally I consider fish to be a vegetable, with careful adjustment of the amounts, we’ll find ourselves dining on a delightful, keto compliant meal. Easy to prepare and quick too.

Finding ingredients

To prepare the thirty minute trout, you’ll need the following ingredients

  • fresh trout, cleaned
  • parsley
  • garlic
  • olive oil

Finding fresh trout is easier said than done. Personally, I have a trusted fishmonger where I get all of my trout and other freshwater fish. Since I live 240km from the nearest sea, I don’t trust any seafood that doesn’t cost its weight in gold, so most of the time I eat freshwater fish. Some of you might have more the good fortune to live near a fish market. In a pinch, supermarket trout will do, but I try not to use those. The more adventurous among you can make like a retired boomer, pick up the fishing pole and try your luck at the local pond, lake or river.

Freshness of the fish is more than half the recipe here and no amount of chef skill will make up for rancid fish. Make sure to ask the fishmonger to clean the trout for you. You can do it yourself, however, I always have the man do it for me. Great men of world-historic significance have better things to do than handle fish guts.


Dice the parsley, crush the garlic and mix them together evenly. Then, place them inside the trout’s belly through the slit where the fishmonger removed the guts. Place the trout in a baking pan and cover it with olive oil. Pour enough water into the pan to cover the bottom, but not so much that it covers the greens in the trout. Place at 180 degrees in an oven and bake for 30 minutes. Now, I know that I called it a thirty minute trout, but in reality, your mileage may vary. The trout is done when the flesh is white. If the greens have blackened, it means you’ve baked it for too long.

Nutritional Profile

It’s fish, so the meat is less calorie rich than that of terrestrial animals. For this reason, I sometimes prepare two trout for just myself. However, I do make the effort to eat fish at least once a week, as it is a source of Omega 3 acids. When not on the keto diet, I usually supplant this meal with bread, but since we’re making it with keto in mind, make sure that you get an amount which sates you. However, a boon of its light nature is that this dish is unlikely to cause a heavy sensation in your stomach.

Taste Profile

Trout is the vanilla of fish and so our thirty minute trout tastes like the vanilla of fish. The parsley and garlic add a much needed variety to the taste. Trout is also generally a dry fish, which is why we generously apply the olive oil.

Now, a piece of advice when eating the trout, or any fish really – use your hands. As a wise old fisherman once told me, “when handling women and fish, use your hand.” He refused to explain his reasoning, or elaborate, but he had a wrinkled face and enough self-confidence to supply a medium-sized city, so I’ve lived my life by that dictum ever since. On a more practical note, eating the trout with your hands will allow you to better get rid of the bones and skin. In fact, if we’ve baked the trout properly, it’ll take no more than a light touch to make the flesh fall from the bones. The best way is to lay the trout on its side, peel the skin away, eat the top half of the fish, and then remove the whole skeleton in one go. Just lift it by the head and tail. Make sure to share the bones and skin with any feline friends you may encounter.

So, there you have it, Nick Jeelvy’s famous thirty minute trout, a fish to round out the Keto Cookbook. By now you’ll be reasonably slimmed down, so next week, we’ll begin a more decadent and self-indulgent culinary journey together. But for now, enjoy your newly loose trousers and we’ll see you next time.

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