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Shooter at Christian Megachurch

Welcome to The Weekly Dose. This week begins with an event that happened in Texas on the 11th of February, where a shooter identified as Genesse Ivonne Moreno that was thought to be trans opened fire at a church killing a 57 year old man and the shooters 7 year old biological daughter. At first it was thought that the shooter was transgender but later reporting on comments by the Houston Police Department has shown that to be false. It is also reported that Moreno had pro-Palestine statements written on the rifle she used.

Concerns are rising among conservatives and Christians since this is not the first church shooting that seems to be motivated by ideology and these attacks seem to be increasing in frequency. Last year there was a shooting at a school ran by a Christian church, the shooter was confirmed to be transgender, which probably contributed to the false assumption of this more recent shooter being transgender. The pro-Palestine statements on the shooters rifle are an interesting detail because Joel Osteen owns the church that the shooting took place in. Joel Osteen is a very wealthy and famous televangelist that has personally interviewed the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and has made it clear that he is in favor of the Jewish state of Israel. This appears to be one of the biggest motivations for the shooting.

Mayorkas Impeached as Secretary of Homeland Security

Alejandro Mayorkas is now the first cabinet official to be impeached since 1870 after Republicans narrowly passed the articles of impeachment in the house by a 214-213 vote. Unfortunately the articles will likely die in the Senate because it has a Democrat majority. Republicans are angry with Mayorkas for not enforcing immigration laws strictly enough, and Republican politicians secured this vote ahead of the 2024 election to score points with their constituents. The more interesting details regarding this situation are Mayorkas’ Jewish heritage and his association with the HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society). Let that sink in, a board member of a Jewish NGO that aids in admitting foreigners to the USA is also the Secretary of Homeland Security. The fact that this is even allowed in the first place is absurd, this is clearly a “fox guarding the hen house” situation. The website of HIAS upon inspection shows that their motto is “Welcome the stranger. Protect the refugee.”. The concept of welcoming the stranger is a big one in Jewish scripture, and it is mentioned many times. There does appear to be an exception to this scripture, because when it’s a stranger asking to be admitted to Israel then suddenly they aren’t so welcoming.

Australia to Make Doxxing Illegal

Keeping with the previous story, this one also has to do with Jews. In Australia pro-Palestine activists have published a list with the personal information of hundreds of Jews. This has caused an immediate response from the Australian government, despite doxxing being used in Australia for years against protestors of other kinds, with even the Prime Minister recently threatening to “expose” members of the National Socialist Network. How the state will justify making the doxxing of Jews illegal but not the doxxing of pro-White activists remains a mystery for now. If they do actually give only the Jews protection from doxxing, it will just make it even more obvious that our governments prioritize the interests of Jews above White Australians. Blair Cottrell wrote the following about this proposed legislation:

Just a few weeks ago NSW Premier Chris Minns publicly declared his intention to expose the identities of nationalist activists in Australia.

In his own words, he meant specifically to have them harassed and ostracised by family and work colleagues as ‘massive racists’.

But now all of a sudden, after the personal information of hundreds of Jews in Australia was allegedly published online, the federal government is preparing to criminalise the process of identity exposure for the purposes of harassment known as ‘doxxing’.

It speaks for itself the influence the Jewish lobby must have over Australian law, to be able to immediately criminalise something as soon as it happens to them, despite it previously being so constant for everybody else and yet nothing was ever done.

Blair Cottrell

We will see how this develops and I’ll likely edit this article with an update in the future when more is known about the state of this proposed legislation.

Chinese Migrants and Spies

In Canada news about the potential exposure of a Chinese spy is making headlines. A report published by the Bank of Canada lists a Chinese central bank researcher as an author, the author has connections with a Chinese university that is alleged to have facilitated cyber-espionage. The Bank of Canada has addressed this concern and has stated:

“Researchers at the Bank of Canada routinely work with other researchers and academics at other institutions around the globe as part of their work. The Bank has no connection with the co-author of the paper you refer to or their affiliated institution,”

-Bank of Canada Spokesperson

The reason suspicions are high is because there have been quite a few instances of Chinese spies being caught recently. Some examples are a report stating that several IRS employees have a connection to the People’s Bank of China, Homeland Security agents being indicted, a court decision to bar a Chinese student from entry, and an alleged Chinese spy being charged with economic espionage on Hydro-Québec. To add to this concern is the recent evidence that Chinese migrants are one of the fastest growing groups entering the United States via the Southern Border(see video below). It seems Western government’s are struggling to maintain their desire to prioritize “inclusion and diversity” while also maintaining the operational security of various institutions and domestic businesses.

Estonian Prime Minister Wanted By Russia

Recently the Russian news agency TASS has posted an article citing government officials that state that the Prime Minister of Estonia is wanted for destruction of Soviet monuments. People on the “far-right” who support Russia often claim that Russia has no plans to take other European nations or even all of Ukraine, but why declare several Baltic ministers and even a Prime Minister wanted if there is no intention to eventually be able to prosecute them? The protection of Soviet monuments and even construction of new ones is nothing new in Russia. It is my opinion that the current Russian government is still very much entrenched in Soviet ideology, and these actions speak to that. I hope to see all Soviet statues destroyed one day as iconoclasm is an important part of a society making a change away from previous values/beliefs. The USSR’s beliefs and values deserve total destruction.

The Case of C-Murder

Can you guess what this black celebrity did? Yes. It was murder. The story of C-Murder ruining his career is quite hilarious to me for several reasons. One is that it shows stupidity in calling yourself a murderer while you are on trial for murder and involved in gang activity. Second is the support by other blacks in wanting to free someone who is guilty of the crimes that were alleged against them. Being a murderer must be pretty common in the black community if they don’t see it as an issue or maybe his music is just THAT good, somehow I doubt the latter.

The story starts with C-Murder signing to Master P’s label named No Limit Records. His music was gaining popularity and he even has enjoyed collaborations with the extremely famous black pot head Snoop Dogg. Then in 2002 a fight broke out in front of a Louisiana Nightclub that escalated into a shooting, it is alleged that C-Murder pulled out a gun and shot 16 year old Steven Thomas. There were a couple witnesses that testified against C-Murder as well as other evidence that is difficult to find details on. C-Murder is one of these black criminals that the media and other celebrities target for favorable coverage. Using things like calling the process “racist” and also heavily emphasizing aspects of the case that lead one to believe he may be innocent.

Admittedly there are some details to this case that are surprising, the first being that the jury convicted him in a vote of 10-2. These days in order to be convicted all 12 jurors must unanimously agree on a persons guilt. Some other interesting facts are that both of the witnesses have rescinded their statements to police on that day, and no murder weapon was ever found in this case. The media is of course repeating these facts ad nauseam. On top of this massive celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Kim Kardashian have created and supported a movement to #FreeCoreyMiller. I personally believe that he is guilty and that it’s likely that the witnesses were paid off or threatened to recant their statements. This trial reminds meof the OJ Simpson trial, it turns out that blacks backing up an obviously guilty murderer is something that has happened more than once.

Imagine a prosecutor in the court room looking at the Jury and saying: “The defendant Corey Miller… Also known as C-MURDER.”. Said with emphasis on the word MURDER. What an absurd situation that only a black man could end up in. This skit by Key and Peele highlights the hilarity of this situation pretty well. Even if Key and Peele have despicable politics, I must admit that I laugh at this skit.

We are now 5/5! This wraps up this week’s dose of world news. As always if there are any suggestions or corrections feel free to reach out to me directly or comment below.

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