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Entitled Blacks Seek Reparations And Are Denied

The media flocked around this case providing moral support for the two 109 year old black women that wanted reparations for being survivors of the “Tulsa Race Massacre”. Surprisingly enough a judge denied the initial case as well as the appeal. Here are some quotes from the news story:

Oklahoma’s highest court on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit by the last two known living survivors of the Tulsa race massacre in 1921 seeking reparations for the violence and destruction that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Black people.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court upheld, opens new tab a judge’s decision last year to dismiss the case, saying the state’s public nuisance law could not be relied upon to address the lingering consequences of “unjust, violent, and tragic moments of our history.”

Lawyers for Lessie Benningfield Randle, 109, and Viola Fletcher, 110, argued the city of Tulsa and others through the massacre created a public nuisance of racial disparities, economic inequalities and trauma that needed to be abated.

But Justice Dustin Rowe wrote that while the “plaintiffs’ grievances are legitimate, they do not fall within the scope of our state’s public nuisance statute,” which was limited to problems involving criminal or property-based conflicts.

“The continuing blight alleged within the Greenwood community born out of the massacre implicates generational-societal inequities that can only be resolved by policymakers–not the courts,” wrote Rowe, an appointee of Republican Governor Kevin Stitt.


The argument presented by the legal team that represented the black women alleged that current day racial disparities were due to this discrimination that was facilitated by the City of Tulsa at that time. They argued that this disparity that was caused by the city was a public nuisance. I would say that these 2 women are the actual public nuisance.

These are black people trying to get paid for things that happened over 100 years ago, which would cause people who had nothing to do with the incident to pay up. There will continue to be attempts by blacks to fleece taxpayers over long past racial grievances, at least for now it seems there is still some sanity within the court system.

EU Election Results Cause A Mix Of Reactions

The EU election results caused mixed reactions. On our side of politics there was some excitement at a shift that has seemed to start within younger generations. Within the establishment there was disappointment at the burgeoning support of the “far-right” and also an assurance that the “center” is continuing to hold. The media is sounding the alarm about the “rise of the far right” and what it means for the economy, as well as things like “climate change policy”.

I am not all that familiar with the political parties that won more seats but I’ll just choose to be somewhat whitepilled at this development. I have spoken to a Flemish person who discussed the elections with me and he stated that the biggest worry is that by the next election Europe will have changed demographically to the point that further gains may be difficult.

I said to him well if that is the case then at least remember this. The establishment is who is responsible for any unrest that may occur in Europe. When peaceful change is made impossible, violent change is assured. If that happens or what it will look like remains to be seen.

Anti-Whites Behead Statue of King George V in Australia

A statue of King George V was vandalized by anti-Whites in Australia. Here are some poignant quotes from an article that discusses the incident:

Radical leftists have desecrated a statue of King George V in Melbourne, but no arrests have been made despite video of the incident being posted on social media.

Anti-Australian activist group Whistleblowers, Activists & Communities Alliance (WACA) shared a video of the statue in Kings Domain being beheaded, splashed with red paint and graffitied with the slogan “the colony will fall” by masked extremists in the early hours of the King’s Birthday holiday on Monday.

That same slogan was painted on a statue of Captain Cook in St Kilda on Australia Day, near another Captain Cook statue which was destroyed in Fitzroy Gardens in February, and on the Canberra Vietnam War Memorial in March.

Victoria Police are yet to arrest or charge anyone over any of the attacks, even though left-wing activists have brazenly posted videos on social media in the aftermath of each incident.

On Monday WACA wrote “We’ve been sent a birthday greeting for his majesty. Happy birthday mofo!” along with pro-Palestine slogans, and later shared an image of a media article about the incident saying of the “colony will fall” slogan: “Yes it will”. The same account regularly celebrates left-wing activist vandalism.

Noticer News

The pro-palestine statements highlight the ideology of the vast majority of these anti-Whites and support statements that I have made about the Israel-Palestine war in previous news articles. Anti-Whites will always seize any opportunity to erase symbols of White civilization, the mention of “colonialism” is just an excuse. Anti-Whites engage in this behavior even in places that don’t have any history of colonialism. The authorities are supposedly unable to catch the vandals, I suspect that it is really lack of will.

Tranny Swimmer Loses Legal Case To Reverse Ban From Female Sports

A man pretending to be a woman was denied the ability to participate in women’s sports after an international body dismissed his claims of discrimination. The governing body named World Aquatics is who made this decision and here are some quotes from the news story:

World Aquatics (WA) voted in 2022 to stop transgender women from competing in women’s elite races if they have gone through any part of the process of male puberty.

Thomas, 25, who became the first transgender athlete to win the highest US national college title in March 2022, was attempting to overturn that ban at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas), arguing the rules were discriminatory.

In a 24-page verdict, Cas said Thomas was “simply not entitled to engage with eligibility to compete in WA competitions” as someone who was no longer a member of US Swimming, “let alone compete in a WA competition”, and therefore was “not sufficiently affected” by the rules to be able to challenge them.

WA praised the ruling and said it is a “major step forward in our efforts to protect women’s sport”.

“World Aquatics is dedicated to fostering an environment that promotes fairness, respect, and equal opportunities for athletes of all genders and we reaffirm this pledge,” a statement said.

“Our policies and practices are continuously evaluated to ensure they align with these core values, which led to the introduction of our open category.

“We remain committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to uphold the principles of inclusivity in aquatic sports and remain confident that our gender inclusion policy represents a fair approach.”


A slippery ruling. It seems their justification is that his discrimination case had no merit because he is not affected by the verdict. Of course they couldn’t state the obvious that men should not participate in women’s sports. They had to use some sort of technicality while reaffirming their pledge to promote equal opportunity.

Well, at least this mentally ill man will be kept out of the pool one way or another.

Black Woman Giggles In Court After Alleged Murder of a 3 Year Old

A black female psychopath that has allegedly stabbed a 3 year old child to death has been seen giggling in court. This case reminds me of Richard Lynn’s book: Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality. After knowing that information these cases hardly surprise me. When you see psychopathic blacks commit horrific crimes over and over, you begin to get desensitized to it to some degree. I am also reminded of the murder of Canon Hinnant. To think that in the past we didn’t live this way, these people that have a propensity for senseless violence were kept separate from us. It makes me homesick for a time that I never lived in.

This concludes this week’s Weekly dose. As always comment below and have a good week.

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