The Weekly Dose: 05/31/2024

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The Founder of Patriot Front Appears on PBD Podcast

On Friday of this week the founder of Patriot Front Thomas Rousseau appeared on the PBD Podcast. I have never watched the PBD Podcast until now and I am thankful that that was the case. Immediately upon hitting play I began to form my first impressions of Patrick Bet-David.

He appears to be an Iranian man that has made a living off of spreading bullshit in a firm and confident deep radio voice. Within the first 10 minutes the word “fed” is said MANY times. PBD shows quotes from Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Elon Musk, and the rest of the motley crew of mainstream conservatardism. These quotes are generally antagonistic to Patriot Front and PBD begins grilling Rousseau right away. PBD asks Rousseau what he thinks about these people and what they have said about Patriot Front.

Thomas Rousseau responds by being very charitable to all of these people. PBD cites these people as authoritative commentators on the “right” and he implies that it is an indictment of Patriot Front that these people don’t like Patriot Front. This is why I think that it is important to be specific about foundational differences in ones worldview. I personally consider myself to not be on the same “side” as Joe Rogan/Alex Jones/Donald Trump/Elon Musk/etc.

To me these people are not “right wing” and the reason is because they are egalitarians. They may not believe that all people are literally equal but they do believe that it is moral to treat people equally regardless of their various characteristics. All of these people would never endorse the removal of the Civil Rights Act. For this reason alone I can confidently say that these people are not on my “side” and they are not “right wing” to me. I would have preferred that Rousseau made this distinction when asked about these people.

The next thing that comes up is Thomas Rousseau’s belief that non-Whites are not “American”. That “American” is a nation comprised of people who can trace their ancestry to Europe. I agree with this belief, I would agree that blacks are not “American” for the same reasons that Rousseau lists. PBD seems flabbergasted when this belief is explained to him and he asks Rousseau if Rousseau considers him to be an American. Rousseau responds that PBD is legally an American citizen and states that he would “classify him as a good citizen”. I disagree with this entirely. PBD is not a “good citizen” of America. He continually engages in undermining authentic American identity and he feels entitled to live in this country. He also engages in undermining the racial consciousness of White Americans.

One of the things that is discussed is the United States’ foreign policy, especially as it relates to Israel. His thoughts on Israel are agreeable.

Overall I agree with most of what Rousseau said, my criticism is intended to be constructive and it is based on my honest opinions. I think that Rousseau was far too charitable to PBD and the others that PBD mentioned. I wanted Rousseau to distinguish himself more from these people and I do not think that it is “bad optics” to explain ones opposition to egalitarianism. He touches on this with discussing why blacks are not American, however I would have preferred a much more firm and explicit explanation of this ideological principle.

Update: More thoughts are coming to my mind on this issue and as they do I will add to this segment. I wanted to touch on the discussion that happened near the end. Rousseau won’t say that he is White first. Instead what he does is try to explain that America First should entail being White first because of history and so on. I want my readers to realize that you should have absolutely no issues with being “White first”.

This is ultimately a semantic argument about what the true definition of “American” is. The reality is that the many millions of non-Whites that have invaded our country do not care about our semantic argumentation that excludes them from being considered an “American”. What they care about is living here and taking what is our birthright as White Americans from us.

They feel entitled to our birthright and they ridicule/vilify any White man that doesn’t agree with them. My argumentation is quite different. If the geographical territory that is called “America” ceased to exist tomorrow I would still place the interests of my race first. I do not need to justify my ethnocentrism with the use of historical documents or other forms of semantic argumentation. The Founding Fathers of America inherently understood this, when they came here the American nation did not exist to begin with. Did they justify their ethnocentrism and conquest through word games?

Anti-Immigrant Song Sparks Controversy In Germany

I suggest clicking the gear icon, settings the subtitles to your language, and then enabling Closed Captions by hitting the CC icon. The auto-generated translation is good enough to get the gist.

Over the past week videos of Germans singing “Auslander Raus” to the song L’Amour Toujours by Gigi D’Agostino have gone viral. The translation of “Auslander Raus” to English is “foreigners out”.

This has caused outrage and anti-Whites immediately compared this to National Socialist Germany. I guess if EDM was popular in the 1930’s maybe we’d have videos of Adolf Hitler breaking it down to electronic beeps and boops. Perhaps the song Erika by Herms Niel would actually be an EDM song. That actually sounds like it might not sound bad on paper. Naturally this sent me down a rabbit hole of looking up Erika remixes and I’ll save you the trouble. All of the remixes of Erika aren’t that great.

The Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz made a statement that this is “disgusting”. The DJ who created the song was asked about this and he stated: “my song is about a wonderful, great, and intense feeling that unites people, it’s love”. Since these videos have gone viral various events/festivals have announced that they are banning the song from being played. Some of the people who are in the videos have been doxxed, fired, and may even face prosecution from Law Enforcement.

The rise in popularity of this song among Germans is a good sign and a much needed whitepill.

Haitian Gang Kills A Politicians Daughter

A Haitian gang has murdered the daughter of a US politician from Missouri and her husband. Natalie and Davy Lloyd were full time Christian missionaries in Haiti. This story causes some thoughts to come to mind that are controversial, especially on this side of politics. I typically refrain from commenting on religious beliefs so I will keep this short.

I often think that Christianity can lead to an egalitarian worldview because all human souls are equal to God, God judges ones sins the same regardless of their race. It can be challenging to make compelling moral arguments that justify ethnocentric discrimination from within a Christian worldview. Personally I am not religious and I object to missionary work. I think that White nations need to help themselves before they consider helping others, especially in the current situation that we are in. There are so many homeless/starving/troubled White people in the United States that need help in areas that are nowhere near as dangerous as Haiti.

In conclusion I implore my readers to not engage in missionary work to non-Whites. White people have given so much to the rest of the world and we hardly ever get any thanks. Instead what we get is vilification.

Donald Trump Was Convicted Of 34 Felony Charges

Donald Trump has been convicted of 34 criminal charges. Throughout the entire trial I have had various people in my personal life ask me what I think about this. In truth I have not done any research on the court case and I am not interested in doing so. I have a vague understanding that the charges are primarily financial in nature. A lot of the charges involve improperly filing paperwork relating to an enterprise with the intent to defraud. My belief is that almost all of the politicians are criminals in one way or another. However many of them never have charges brought against them and the media hardly covers it if they do.

I have yet to find one mainstream politician that I do not despise. As a racially conscious White man I feel entirely politically disenfranchised and my interest in mainstream politics has reached an all-time low, admittedly I am a bit “blackpilled”. However I suppose I can engage in some speculation for the purposes of your entertainment.

In the United States being convicted of a felony does not disqualify you from running for president because there is no explicit limitation in the United States Constitution that forbids this. The Constitution states:

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

ArtII.S1.C5.1 Qualifications for the Presidency, United States Constitution

Given this it is very likely that Trump will continue to run his presidential campaign. It is unclear how this will effect the amount of votes that he receives. On one hand Republicans like to think of themselves as the party of “law and order”, at the same time many Republicans do not like/trust the current leftist government of New York and the leftist news media that is reporting on this case.

I have grown to dislike Trump. After his announcement of “The Platinum Plan” for blacks, pardoning black criminals, his failure to make a lasting impact on immigration and more, I have a hard time taking his presidency seriously. I no longer “trust the plan”.

Boston Mayor Attempts To Decriminalize Theft

The Mayor of Boston Michelle Wu has discussed decriminalizing various crimes. She has also endorsed a list of crimes that this decriminalization would cover.
The list below is obtained from the Daily Mail:

Egalitarian politicians in other jurisdictions have endorsed lowering the penalties for crimes like theft and the result always appears to be a lot of new videos of blacks stealing. This kind of policy is inspired by egalitarian ideology, the belief is that disparities between groups of people must be caused by their environment and that it is not due to their nature. I have discussed this phenomenon before on a previous Weekly Dose in relation to a black politicians outrage over stores closing in her community. This is the application of the same ideology but over a much more broad range of scenarios.

A Negro Kills A Couple Over a Basketball Hoop

This week’s black criminal is alleged to have murdered 2 people over a basketball hoop. A black man named Norman Scott aged 63 is the suspect in this impulsive and horrendous crime. The suspect himself explained that he shot the couple over a dispute about property boundaries. I suppose the basketball hoop was too close to his property and he thought that the only way to handle this was murder. Here are some quotes from the relevant article:

A witness who lives nearby told investigators they heard gunshots while inside their home. They came outside and saw both of the victims on the ground bleeding. The witness said while attempting to render aid, they saw a man, identified as Norman Scott, 63, walking outside the home.

The witness said they asked Scott if he heard anything, and he replied, “Don’t worry, I shot them both,” according to the affidavit.
Scott went on to explain that just before the shooting he was arguing with his neighbors about a basketball hoop and property boundaries. He claimed during the argument that both victims attacked him so he shot them.

Detectives said Scott’s residence was equipped with eight exterior surveillance cameras pointed toward where the shooting took place.

The affidavit said two of the surveillance cameras recorded the shooting, which showed Taylor Jones removing debris out of the yard and escorting his children’s bicycle back in front of his home.

Video then showed Scott exiting the front door of his home holding a ladder and appearing to motion toward Taylor Jones. Investigators said based on the camera view Scott appeared to be asking him to come and speak to him.

As they were conversing, “at no point during this encounter” was Taylor Jones recorded being aggressive or threatening, detectives said.

Detectives said they found the weapon used in the shooting inside Scott’s home on a table.

Channel 5 WPTV

Despite the claim of self defense detectives have determined that the attack from Scott was unprovoked. There isn’t a week that goes by where there isn’t an example of why segregation existed.

This concludes this week’s Weekly Dose. As always I encourage comments below, I read all of them.

According to Title 17, Chapter 1, Statute 107 of U.S. Code, allowance is given to use copyrighted materials for purposes such as criticism, reporting, education, research, or scholarship. Any copyrighted materials present in this article are not owned by Radical Dose and credit is given to it’s owner. The purpose of the use of these materials is for news reporting and criticism, therefore this work is transformative. The following is a link to the statute that was cited:

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