The Weekly Dose: 05/24/2024

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ICC Issues Arrest Warrants For The PM Of Israel

An ICC (International Criminal Court) prosecutor has issued an application for an arrest warrant against the Prime Minister of Israel (Benjamin Netanyahu) for alleged war crimes, as well as the leaders of HAMAS. You can find the statement of one of the prosecutors here:

This warrant has ramped up the pressure on other nations to either condemn or support a side in this conflict. Each nation’s leadership now has a choice to state that they will arrest Benjamin Netanyahu if he enters their territory. Spain, Norway, and Ireland have recently announced that they will recognize the Palestinian state. It seems that people of European descent are getting dragged into a conflict where neither side represents their best interests, once again.

This application has come after the death of the Iranian President and the Iranian Foreign Minister in a helicopter crash. Initial reports suggest that the crash was a result of inclement weather. I decided to include their deaths in this segment simply because they are not all that interesting to me.

Another recent development is an extremely philosemitic bill (H.R. 8445) that has been proposed in congress. This bill would provide American citizens who serve in the IDF with certain benefits. I oppose this legislation, of course.

I have commented on this conflict before and my opinion remains the same as it was. Therefore I tried keep this segment short and fit multiple stories into one segment.

Slovakian Assassination Attempt

The Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico was shot by Juraj Cintula on the 15th of May. I am not too familiar with Slovakian politics but I can at least read the wikipedia page of the person who was shot. He had apparently ran on ending aid to Ukraine, opposing the European Union’s stance on immigration, as well as developing closer ties with Russia. He has political affiliations with the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia and is the current leader of Direction – Social Democracy. Which is a “left-wing nationalist policital party.

He had recently engaged in plans/proposals to restrict media broadcasting in Slovakia and centralizing the news media. He has also eliminated a special prosecutor role that investigates government corruption.

My general uninformed opinion of this assassination attempt is that it is a great example of the differences between Eastern European and Western European politics. Generally speaking in The West the nationalist parties are typically considered “right-wing” and are “anti-communist” to some degree. Whereas in Eastern Europe is seems that there are powerful leftist parties that also have nationalist beliefs.

This is likely a result of history and the way politics had developed after World War II in Eastern Europe. Czechoslovakia was a part of the USSR from 1948-1989. It is unclear what motivated Juraj Cintula as of writing this segment other than the general idea that it was politically motivated. Reports from Slovakia seem to indicate that the suspect acted alone and was not a member of any particular political group.

Finland Proposes New Asylum Law Which Causes Controversy

Finland has decided to propose a new asylum law which allows entry only to women, children, and the disabled. This is causing issues with so-called “international obligations” that Finland has with the EU. The PM of Finland has stated that these obligations jeopardize the national security of Finland, as well as the security of the EU. He states in the video that he must put the security of Finland and the EU first. That sounds reasonable to me.

This is not the first time that Finland has accused Russia of weaponizing “asylum seekers” and I have covered the closure of Finland’s border. It seems now that Finland has had to do more than just officially close the border. The Finnish Government is having to create legislation that specifically enforces the refusal of “asylum seekers” from Russia. Russia is of course denying using these foreigners as weapons to destabilize Finland and the broader EU. Clearly the Russian government is not stopping the attempted border crossings and they are forcing Finland to do so.

British PM Calls For An Election

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Rishi Sunak has announced an election to take place in the summer. This comes after rising dissatisfaction from the British public. I have covered some of Rishi Sunak’s failings before and at that time I highlighted his failure in being able to stop immigration into the UK. In fact during his incumbency as PM there have been record numbers of migrant crossings that he failed to stop.

This has happened despite his promise to pass laws that curtail immigration. Not only is his performance genuinely lackluster, but it is disgraceful for any White nation to be led by an Indian man. During his announcement of an election he seems to blame COVID and the Russia-Ukraine war for his failings. In truth I do think that his failing is not entirely his fault, at the very least his immigration policies were blocked by parliament. However his proposed policy wasn’t an end to immigration but rather a reduction.

I did not see him condemn the behavior of his colleagues strongly enough. If anything his incumbency highlights the impotence of non-White led, color blind, mainstream conservatism. I cannot really say that I am excited to see him replaced because it seems that the Labour politician that follows him may be just as bad. The mainstream conservative party (The Tories) are expected to lose based on recent polling. That sums up my thoughts on this announcement.

Young Man Is Harassed And Shot At, He Just Wanted A Slice Of Pizza

For this week’s black crime we have a young man who was assaulted after he purchased a slice of pizza in a place called Dinkytown. A group of “youths”(blacks) attacked this man for seemingly no reason. They were recording their assault and encouraging each other to get more aggressive. As they assaulted the young man, he managed to grab a tire iron from his car to defend himself.

That is when they pulled their guns out and began shooting at him. Reportedly it was 11 shots that were fired at him. It seems that the only thing that saved this man’s life was blacks being very incompetent with firearms. He is fortunate that their hand-eye coordination is terrible.

In the above interview he states that he tried to talk sense into them. He had the false assumption that he could make these savages think rationally. If they could think rationally they would not be attacking some random person with a slice of pizza. In reality the only thing these savages respond to is showing a superior ability to dispense violence. Had he pulled out a MAC-10 when they approached him, they would have ran off like hyenas that are bested by a lion.

This concludes this week’s weekly dose. As always feel free to comment below, I do enjoy reading the comments.

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