The Weekly Dose: 05/10/2024

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Rapper Macklemore Releases Pro-Palestine Song

We start off this week’s Weekly Dose with a new pro-Palestine rap song from Macklemore. The general theme and framing of the song is that Israel is the result of White Supremacy. Here are some of the lyrics:

Actors in badges protecting property
And a system that was designed by white supremacy

You can pay off Meta, you can’t pay off me
Politicians who serve by any means
AIPAC, CUFI, and all the companies

Who gets the right to defend and who gets the right of resistance
Has always been about dollars and the color of your pigment

Organizin’, unlearnin’ and finally cuttin’ ties with
A state that’s gotta rely on an apartheid system

History been repeating for the last seventy-five
The Nakba never ended, the colonizer lied

Excerpts from Hind’s Hall

Macklemore is an American rapper with 10 million subscribers on Youtube and 2.1 million followers on Twitter. I am using this popular piece of new media to provide an illustrative example of the framing that the vast majority of pro-Palestine people have. The framing ultimately revolves around the same anti-White narratives that are pervasive throughout the world. Macklemore criticizes the “apartheid system” of Israel. This sentence does not resonate with me at all because I do not view apartheid as inherently evil. Apartheid existed in South Africa and once it was removed the entire country has gone into a downward spiral.

He calls out the Israeli political lobby that is AIPAC, but within a completely anti-White framework. This framework cannot produce any fruit that White people would benefit from because that is antithetical to its design and purpose. We see many people on the “far-right” carrying water for this racially alien cause and I see very little benefit that my people can gain from this. Personally I also find both groups to be extremely annoying. They live in our countries and expect us to pick a side. Meanwhile they both constantly spread anti-White narratives about my people and my history. Either side winning this conflict cannot come soon enough and I hope that it is as destructive as possible for both sides. I’d get to see and hear less of them whining.

Australian Volunteer for Russia Threatens Thomas Sewell

An Australian man who volunteers for Russia has participated in a video threatening Thomas Sewell with denazification, according to Ukraine Front they were paid to do so. Denazification is a term often used by the Russian government to describe its actions of integrating smaller states into the Russian Federation. This integration replaces whatever the previous identity was with the “Russian” identity. Putin has made it clear that this identity is not one based on race and those espousing such beliefs will be persecuted in Russia.

This concept of “denazification” is largely related to Russia’s conflict with Germany in WWII, as well as actions during the allied occupation after the war. Thomas Sewell is the man who runs the National Socialist Network in Australia. NSN has demonstrated in support of Ukrainians overthrowing the soviet government and as a result this draws the ire of the neo-bolshevik leadership in Russia. This should further illustrate the issues of supporting Russia in any capacity. Supporting Russia is supporting a regime that actively wants to “denazify” any White person who wants their own state. In the West “nazi’s” are ridiculed, ostracized, and in extreme cases jailed. In Russia they are entirely crushed.

In many ways when it comes to race, Russia is just as civic nationalist as the West but with the iron fist of authoritarianism.

Xi Jingping Visits Serbia

This week Xi Jingping visited Serbia. A few Eastern European countries have been building ever closer ties with the Communist Government of China. Here are some excerpts from this week’s news story:

China and Serbia on Wednesday agreed to follow a “shared future” as President Xi Jinping visited the Balkan country as part of his bid to forge stronger relations with allies at the edge of the European Union.

Xi is on his first European tour in five years, and the trip was seen as an effort to strengthen ties with eastern European countries that are pro-Russia and large recipients of Chinese investment. He will fly to Hungary later in the day.

“We are writing history today,” Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told a large crowd that had gathered in front of the Serbian presidential palace to welcome Xi, applauding and chanting “China, China”. …

Both leaders boast of an ironclad partnership. Along with Hungary, Serbia is Europe’s firmest supporter of China’s huge Belt and Road infrastructure project across parts of Asia and Europe.

China owns mines and factories across Serbia and has lent billions for roads, bridges and new facilities, becoming Serbia’s key partner in much-needed infrastructure development.


It seems that China is slowly worming it’s way into Europe via countries that favor the BRICS coalition. Any country should be weary of Chinese support and development. China is not in the business of giving away things without gaining something in return. Just like every other world power.

Arkansas Replaces Statues In US Capitol With Black Woman

Every single U.S. State is entitled to have 2 statues that represent that state in the U.S. Capitol. Arkansas has recently replaced statues of James P. Clarke and Uriah Rose with Johnny Cash and Daisy Bates.

The previous too people were controversial because one of them was “racist” and the other was a supporter of the Confederate States of America which makes them also a racist, of course. The previous statues had stood in the U.S. Capitol for over 100 years. Daisy Bates is a “civil rights icon” and now I’ve had the displeasure of learning that she existed. I believe that I can presume that most of the readers who see this will know who Johnny Cash is.

One of the reasons given to replace the statues was that the previous two figures were too “obscure”. Admittedly I had never heard of the previous two people, but I will say that I also had never heard of Daisy Bates. Johnny Cash has an interesting history behind some of his political efforts. Apparently he had claimed Native American ancestry and he even wrote songs advocating for Native Americans. However when his daughter was DNA tested, no markers of Native American ancestry were found. What a farce.

It seems that the Arkansas government made sure that both statues were of people who had some kind of anti-White activism. That was to make sure that it wasn’t “controversial” and that the statues stood for the “values of Arkansas”.

As you can imagine, I am against the change.

Belgian Teen Is Beaten By Black Drug Dealers

This week’s black crime took place in Belgium. A 16 year old teenager was assaulted by 4 black men, it is reported that this teen refused to pay them “protection money”. Here are some quotes that I translated from the news story:

A sixteen-year-old student suffered strong blows from some young people at the station in the East-Flemish Geraardsbergen on Thursday after school, after school, after refusing to pay 100 euros to a youth gang in exchange for protection.

“Sunday night they threatened my son on Snapchat,” says F.B., father of the sixteen-year-old boy. “He had to stand Monday at 8 am with 100 euros at the station in Geraardsbergen. We did our civic duty and called the police immediately. I was told that the police were understaffed. They suggested, the situation had to get out of hand, to call back.”

On Monday, F.B. goes with his sixteen-year-old son to the station. “We were not alone, I had a few friends with me, so we would be safe,” the father continues his story. “A boy came to my son to ask if he wanted to work for him, sell drugs. My son refused, to which the boy replied that if my son paid 100 euros, he would be safe. “Security is a cent pour cent,” he said.

Also in Zottegem a fight broke out on Thursday, with members of the same gang. “I live in Geraardsbergen for 33 years, it is the first time I have had something like this,” says F.B. “I was a long time in Brussels, and there I felt safer than in my own city.”

“My son’s nose is crushed, his eye chest is swollen, there is blood under his eye’s chest, and doctors can’t say if he won’t be able to get brain damage. I am sorry that we have to take matters into our own hands, I do not understand where we are going as a society. I hope the dish does its job,” Dad F.B. concludes.

Gazet van Antwerpen (translation done by Google Translate)

Most of these segments have been about American blacks but this time I wanted to showcase bad black behavior taking place elsewhere. This is to make it clear that around blacks you must never relax, even if your country never had plantations with slaves working the fields. Egalitarians and other anti-Whites use slavery as an excuse for black behavior. They say that slavery held back black education which resulted in them remaining uncivilized and unintelligent. However we see that bad black behavior happens all over the world, even in places that never had slavery as an institution.

This concludes this week’s Weekly Dose. As always feel free to comment below, I read them all.

According to Title 17, Chapter 1, Statute 107 of U.S. Code, allowance is given to use copyrighted materials for purposes such as criticism, reporting, education, research, or scholarship. Any copyrighted materials present in this article are not owned by Radical Dose and credit is given to it’s owner. The purpose of the use of these materials is for news reporting and criticism, therefore this work is transformative. The following is a link to the statute that was cited:

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