The Weekly Dose: 05/03/2024

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Local Residents Win The Right To Form Their Own City

This story comes to us from Louisiana and apparently a wealthy and mostly White region has won the right to incorporate their own city. Here are some quotes from the news story:

Wealthy white Baton Rouge residents have won a decade-long court battle to split from poorer neighborhoods and form their own city with plans for better schools and less crime. 

The Louisiana Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the new City of St George could move forward with incorporation, splitting off from the rest of Baton Rouge. 

Supporters of the new city say that the existing city-parish government is poorly run, with high crime rates and bad schools. 

Opponents say the movement is ‘racist’ and will create a ‘white enclave’ as it separates a wealthy area of the city from the majority Black city and school district. …

A lengthy court battle followed, with Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome and Mayor Pro Tem Lamont Cole suing St. George organizers soon after the election.

They argued that St George would siphon over $48 million in annual tax revenue from the city-parish government with serious knock-on effects for local services and staff. 

a leader of the St George project, told the paper: ‘This is the culmination of citizens exercising their constitutional rights.

The Daily Mail

This story is a welcome surprise to me and it is also something that I have expected will occur. This conflict is inevitable mainly because of the contradiction of the Civil Rights Act with the general Libertarian sentiments of your average conservative American. This average conservative American wants less government intervention, lower taxes, their constitutional rights to remain intact, people to gain success from meritocracy, and the list goes on. The Civil Rights Act itself logically contradicts this general American conservative attitude because it makes exercising freedom of association (as well as disassociation) a civil offense. Near the beginning of my political “awakening” of sorts I was steeped in Libertarian political beliefs. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the Civil Rights Act is completely incompatible with Libertarian philosophy. I began to understand that the Civil Rights Act was really about giving non-Whites access to White people and therefore it stripped away the right of White Americans to disassociate from non-Whites.

Right now the entire new city of St. George is faced with this same contradiction. Many who support the initiative to separate probably don’t even realize that this is why their decision to separate is controversial and why racial terms are being used to describe it. I expect more areas around the US to eventually try something similar and to desperately try to prove that their reasons are not racial. I also expect civil suits to be drawn up and to eventually be escalated to the United States Supreme Court. Regardless of which way the Supreme Court decides, I expect that eventually their ability to legally pursue areas that supposedly violate the CRA will decline. It will decline because of lack of political will, competency, and instability. Here at the Weekly Dose I will monitor this situation as it develops and be here to inform you about how it is going.

UK Protest Against Migrants Being Transported For Deportation

Crazed egalitarians flooded the streets and stopped a police vehicle that was set to bring “asylum seekers” to a place where their deportation can be carried out. Here are some quotes from the news article:

Police have arrested 45 people today as a coach bound for the Bibby Stockholm barge left with no migrants on board after a mob blocked its path and attacked officers.

Gen Z protesters answered calls to descend on Peckham, south-east London, this morning as beanie-hat wearing activists arrived on Lime bikes and dumped them in front of the coach and deflated the tyres. 

Scotland Yard confirmed this afternoon they had arrested people for offences including obstruction of the highway, and one for a racially aggravated public order offence.

The Met Police’s Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ade Adelekansaid a number of officers had been assaulted during the protest. 

‘It saddens me greatly to say that a number of officers have been assaulted in the course of their duty following an incident in Peckham today where they sought to uphold the law,’ he said.

‘The coach’s tyres were also reportedly deflated to prevent it from leaving.

The protest began shortly after 8am this morning when activists formed a human chain before letting down its tyres and hurling Lime bikes under its path to prevent it leaving.

Activists are also planning to block coaches leaving from three other hotels in London where asylum seekers are being held.

Defending the police response, Home Secretary James Cleverly said: ‘Housing migrants in hotels costs the British taxpayer millions of pounds every day.

‘We will not allow this small group of students, posing for social media, to deter us from doing what is right for the British public.’

The Daily Mail

This incident makes me think primarily one thing. It is that the propaganda targeting the youth which portrays these egalitarians as politically disenfranchised has been successful. The White protestors are propagandized and the non-White protestors are simply looking out for their own ethnic interests (even though they use the same egalitarian rhetoric as the White protestors). The propagandized portion perceives a White Supremacist and anti-immigrant state led by conservatives that are really just bigots. That perception cannot be further from the truth. If you read the previous Weekly Dose in which I discuss how under the current conservative government record immigration numbers have been achieved, then you know how absurd this perception is.

The egalitarian lunatics have plans to attempt to halt more attempts to deport these “asylum seekers” which will undoubtedly be met with a more prepared police response. This will fuel their false perception. The government will succeed in deporting a few thousand “asylum seekers”, while continuing to import many hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants under skilled worker visas and other government programs. It seems to be playing out in such a way that this charade is orchestrated. I am fairly certain that the media coverage is orchestrated to some degree.

Canada’s Opposition Leader Seen Near The Symbol of Diagolon

Canada’s opposition leader has been getting hammered from the media and from his colleagues. Their wishes are to get him to denounce a so-called “extremist White nationalist organization” known as Diagolon. If you aren’t familiar with Diagolon, it is mostly an online community that started as a meme. The meme is that mid-west US States, Southern US States, and various Canadian states will join together forming a diagonal line across the North American continent. This is presumably because these regions have a few things in common. Here are some choice quotes from a related article:

The Conservative leader is facing questions after stopping to cheer on an anti-carbon tax convoy camp near the border between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, where he bluntly accused the prime minister of lying about “everything.”

In response, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Pierre Poilievre of welcoming “the support of conspiracy theorists and extremists.”

In videos posted to social media, the Opposition leader is seen thanking and encouraging protesters who have camped out in what some participants have described as a convoy-style “hold the line protest” since the carbon tax increase on April 1 — a nod to the 2022 convoy protest in downtown Ottawa. …

In another video from his visit, Poilievre, who has been beating Trudeau’s Liberals in the polls since last summer, is seen leaving a RV with a drawing of the black and white Diagolon flag on the door.

According to RCMP documents tabled at the Emergencies Act inquiry last year, the national police force believes Diagolon is a militia-like network whose supporters subscribe to an “accelerationist” ideology — the idea that a civil war or the collapse of western governments is inevitable and ought to be sped up.

The group’s founder disputes that characterization and argues it’s a fictitious meme.


It is always quite funny to see memes from Telegram/4chan/etc end up getting covered on national news as evidence of some looming and ominous genocidal plot. I have a few opinions regarding this situation.

The first is that Poilievre seems to be a run-of-the-mill conservative politician. As we all know their job is to placate the average White person on various issues that have to do with anything besides race. Poilievre’s platform is seemingly based on lowering taxes and all of the other usual conservative rhetoric that we have come to expect from mainstream conservative politicians. All in all his politics are not very compelling to me. They do not seriously counter egalitarian ideology and as a result they will likely not amount to any serious change. I can’t blame the average Canadian for getting behind him because Trudeau is one of the most despicable people on the entire planet and the economy is really quite bad in Canada. I can’t blame people for being desperate.

The second opinion I have related to Diagolon itself. I would agree with the “group’s founder” that it is really just an internet meme. It is similar to Kekistan and the Kekistani flag. The formation of this diagonally shaped country that splits the continent into 3 geographically connected pieces is a logistical nightmare. I don’t think anyone seriously considers this as a possibility. If anything Diagolon is more about a bond that White Canadians and White Americans share with each other. I have always felt a bit closer to Canadians and I think that this meme shows that general attitude.

Pro-Israel Protestor Shouts Genocidal Statement, Gets Others Arrested

Students at Northeastern University in Boston were arrested after a pro-palestine protest took place. It is reported that a pro-Israel agitator instigated the police crackdown by shouting something genocidal toward Jews. Here are some choice quotations from the article:

Northeastern University had around 100 peaceful protesters arrested on Saturday at its Boston campus’ pro-Palestine encampment, claiming that there had been reports of protesters using antisemitic slurs; but according to witnesses, the protester who spewed hate speech was a pro-Israel counter protester.

On Saturday morning, Northeastern Vice President for Communications Renata Nyul released a statement, announcing that the protest on Centennial Common would be cleared by campus police and local law enforcement. In the statement, she explained that the reason they were clearing the encampment was because of the presence of hate speech at the site.

“What began as a student demonstration two days ago, was infiltrated by professional organizers with no affiliation to Northeastern. Last night, the use of virulent antisemitic slurs, including ‘Kill the Jews,’ crossed the line,” she said. “We cannot tolerate this kind of hate on our campus.”

[This video is cited as evidence:]

The next morning, dozens of NUPD and Boston police arrested around 100 demonstrators, but not the one whose hate speech got everything shut down. After they loaded the arrested students into vans, students linked arms to prevent the vehicles from leaving campus for hours, according to The Huntington News.

The Daily Beast

This whole thing is amusing to observe mainly because the leftist protestors are so dedicated to preserving the homeland of some Arabs, but they would not extend the same sympathy to Nationalists in Europe doing something similar. This brings to mind a comment I made on a previous weekly dose, which states that in my view these protests ultimately stem from an anti-White perception of what is happening between Israel-Gaza. The Israeli’s are seen as White and the Arabs are seen as the oppressed non-Whites. Another thing that I find myself amused by is that the left got to experience what frequently happens to right wing protests. Where suddenly some seemingly unconnected person unfurls a brand new NSDAP flag and starts encouraging criminal or unsightly behavior. These leftists got to experience a bit of what the right wing experiences every single day.

Kanye West Announces That He’d Have A Threesome With Obama’s Wife

This week’s black crime story is technically not a crime. Unfortunately the 1st Amendment covers the statement Kanye West made. As you can see Kanye West states that if he could pick any woman in the world for him and his wife to have a threesome with, it would be Michelle Obama. He seems to indicate that it has more to do with her status being the wife of a former POTUS than physical attraction. Blacks love talking about sex. Big butts, twerking, grinding on each other, saying MUH DICK instead of engaging in any kind of intellectual discussion, and so on. This is another example of this and it’s not a crime however I did find myself considering if it should be.

I am also reminded of how you see lots of Black men with overweight White women. It seems that in that case, status is also a major factor rather than physical attraction. I suppose blacks like symbols of status a lot. Look at their big rims, gold chains, and overpriced clothing brands. Banging a former black presidents’ black wife would be the ultimate gold chain around your neck. All the other blacks would say: “aaaahh sheeeeit he done did it to em aaaahhh sheeeeit” as they shout and dance around. This dancing would likely be done to a song that talks about how some rapper “effed anotha brothas b_tch”. That’s enough of a discussion on black shenanigans for this week.

This concludes this week’s Weekly Dose. As always I encourage commenting, I do read them all.

According to Title 17, Chapter 1, Statute 107 of U.S. Code, allowance is given to use copyrighted materials for purposes such as criticism, reporting, education, research, or scholarship. Any copyrighted materials present in this article are not owned by Radical Dose and credit is given to it’s owner. The purpose of the use of these materials is for news reporting and criticism, therefore this work is transformative. The following is a link to the statute that was cited:

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“This week’s black crime story” instead of saying that, call the segment Monkey Business. Also do a segment called Jews in the News.

The Civil Rights Act was designed to take money from Whites and give it to blacks. And also make it easier for the blacks to get access to White women.

Lyndon Johnson never sent his kids to a black school. Obama put his kids in an all White private school when he came to Washington DC.

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