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Building For “Asylum Seekers” Is Peacefully Protested In Ireland

It is reported that a building that was meant to house “asylum seekers”, has been set ablaze by locals in Newtownmountkennedy, Ireland. Some quotes from The Journal:

SIX PEOPLE WERE arrested for public disorder offences at a site in Newtownmountkennedy, Co Wicklow, earmarked for asylum seekers.

Gardaí “came under attack” on Thursday by people gathered at the site, where three garda patrol cars were damaged and a fire was was started at one point.

The statement said that gardaí were subject to both physical and verbal abuse at the site throughout the day, which escalated to rocks and missiles being thrown this evening.

“Assistance was provided by members of An Garda Síochána Public Order Unit and approximately 50 members of An Garda Síochána remain at the scene this evening,” it said.

It is understood that at around 8:30pm an urgent assistance call was issued by gardaí, requesting that all units nearby come to provide help.

Windows of squad cars were broken and tyres were slashed.

A garda spokesperson said they are not aware of any injuries over the course of the public order incident.

The Journal

No one was injured and it seems that mostly public property (such as police vehicles) were damaged. These people paid for these vehicles in the first place with their taxes. All in all this seems like a mostly peaceful protest of the unprecedented mass immigration that is occurring into Ireland. I am pleasantly surprised that the word “racism” or “racist” isn’t used in this news article at all. After digging a bit I discovered that this is not the first time this county has faced the sudden influx of many foreign military aged males. That video is from 1 year ago, and the government is still trying it’s best to completely disregard the wishes of the native Irish.

European Australian Movement Wins Legal Battle

Leaders of the European Australian Movement avoid more jail time for what Thomas says was a case of self-defense. Here are some choice quotes from Noticer News:

Two of Australia’s most prominent nationalists have won a court battle with Victorian prosecutors who attempted to have them jailed again for their roles in a clash with a group of hikers almost three years ago.

Thomas Sewell, 31, and Jacob Hersant, 25, the leaders of right-wing activist groups the European Australian Movement and the National Socialist Network, walked out of Victoria’s Court of Appeal on Tuesday with a group of supporters after three justices dismissed claims their sentencing judge was too lenient.

Outside court Mr Sewell described the outcome as a “victory for White Australia”.

“These people ran us over with their car in this carpark and then there was a violent disorder, which I think any Australian with red blood still left in their veins and any honour would find very reasonable,” he said.

“The County Court decided that the evidence that the media was withholding, and that the police and ASIO were withholding from us, was injurious to the public’s perception of the state and was in the interests of the defence to have, and they still wouldn’t give it to us.

“So we were being absolutely ambushed in the Cathedral Ranges, and absolutely ambushed by the media and the police in the courts. But the courts have been fair on us, they’ve been fair on White Australians, and we’ve had a great victory.”

The only injury suffered by the victims was a minor cut to an index finger, although the court heard that all six claimed to be in “mortal terror” and one urinated on himself in fear.

“We are peaceful people, it’s only when these Communists, and these police officers, and these journalists, they all set up these entrapment schemes and force you to defend yourself, that you are basically painted [as violent],” he said, adding that the details in the police brief did not match the reality of the situation.

Noticer News

There are a lot more details included in the article I quoted from and linked, I encourage you to read it and to also watch this video.

This video is reportedly the unedited press conference given by Thomas Sewell after the appeal was thrown out. I have no doubt in his claim that this was indeed an entrapment scheme designed to portray EAM/NSN as a violent organization. Clips that you see of Sewell’s statements to the press will undoubtedly be selectively edited and will completely ignore his side of the story. Journalists and Antifa use this same tactic here in the United States, most notably with the Charlottesville incident.

Gas Station Chain Sued for Discrimination

Due to it being a relatively slow news week, I had to throw in this story of a discrimination lawsuit against… a gas station. Here are some quotes from the article:

A Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain was hit with a lawsuit by the Biden administration at the same time the president stopped by one of their locations on the campaign trail.

Sheetz is being accused of racial discrimination by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). THE EEOC claims that the company’s hiring practices discriminated against minority applicants, as reported by the Associated Press.

Specifically, the EEOC argues that Sheetz’s criminal background checks were discriminatory because of how its system weeded out applicants who were believed to have failed the checks. The EEOC said that this disproportionately impacted Native American, Black and multiracial jobseekers.

Though the lawsuit does not allege that the discrimination was purposeful, it nonetheless claims that Sheetz violated the law. For example, 14.5% of Black applicants had allegedly been denied employment due to a failed background check, while fewer than 8% of white applicants were denied employment for the same reason, as reported by The Associated Press.

“Even when such necessity is proven, the practice remains unlawful if there is an alternative practice available that is comparably effective in achieving the employer’s goals but causes less discriminatory effect,” Lawrence added.

In a statement on Thursday, Sheetz said that it “does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.”

Fox Business

So there you have it. You MUST hire a certain amount of criminals to cook up some delicious gas station hot dogs because gosh dangit this is America! If a black criminal can’t get a job cooking up some hot dogs, what have we come to. Hilariously, Sheetz will be forced to hire some criminals because they are black. I have worked at quite a few places in my life, and I cannot remember a single place that did not do some kind of background check.

The understanding was that if you had a crime in your history that was somewhat related to the job you are applying for, it will be difficult to get the job. So if you have a conviction for retail theft, you probably won’t get the job of Loss Prevention. This is a practical and reasonable hiring practice but once again for the sake of equality we must discontinue an entirely reasonable procedure. I am curious as to why Sheetz was singled out for this when as far as I am aware, many companies all over the United States will refuse employment to those with a criminal history. Perhaps some big wig at Sheetz didn’t pay the bribe for this year or something like that. Who knows.

What’s next? That you cannot fire someone for being late to work because it is mostly non-Whites that are late? I would not be surprised.

Appeals Court Overturns Harvey Weinstein’s Conviction

Jewish film producer Harvey Weinstein gets another chance in court after his conviction was overturned on appeal. Seeing this news story reminds me of when Nick Fuentes lauded Harvey Weinstein as a victim of women, mainly because Fuentes is a woman hating incel. I suppose it was sarcastic or some kind of joke. Excuse me for not finding it funny that Nationalists should support a Jewish film producer that allegedly abused his position of influence to entice young White women into performing sexual favors for him. Anyways here are some choice quotes from Reuters:

Harvey Weinstein’s 2020 conviction for sexual assault and rape was overturned by New York’s highest court, reopening the landmark case that fueled the #MeToo movement and highlighting the challenges of holding powerful men accountable.

The office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg signaled it planned to retry Weinstein.

In a bitterly divided 4-3 ruling, the state Court of Appeals said the trial judge made a critical mistake by letting women testify that Weinstein assaulted them, even though their accusations were not part of the charges he faced.

The appeals court said the trial judge compounded the error by ruling that if Weinstein took the witness stand, prosecutors could question him on a wide range of “loathsome” conduct, including bullying and fits of anger toward associates.

It said the ruling had an impact on Weinstein’s decision not to testify in his own defense, undermining a fact-finding process that turned on the parties’ credibility.

“The remedy for these egregious errors is a new trial,” Judge Jenny Rivera wrote for the majority.

Jurors in Manhattan convicted him in February 2020 of sexually assaulting former production assistant Miriam Haley in 2006, and raping aspiring actress Jessica Mann in 2013.

At a press conference, Weinstein’s lawyer Arthur Aidala called the decision “a great day for America.”

Any retrial would be overseen by a different judge. Weinstein’s trial judge, James Burke, was not reappointed to the bench after his term expired at the end of 2022.

Cosby’s 2018 conviction was overturned three years later by Pennsylvania’s highest court. The majority said a 2005 agreement by prosecutors not to charge Cosby with drugging and assaulting a woman meant he should not have been charged a decade later.


I find Harvey Weinstein to be a pretty despicable character even if we brush the accusations aside for a moment. He produced anti-White propaganda such as the movie Django Unchained and he worked on lots of political projects with Michael Moore. Also just look at his face. Physiognomy is hardly ever inaccurate and as a result the allegations against Weinstein are hardly surprising.

It seems that the prosecutor in his case was a complete fool for allowing women to testify that weren’t a part of the case. Whether that was orchestrated purposefully or just incompetence, who knows. Occam’s Razor suggests the later. He has spent the last 4 years in jail and he is currently still in police custody until the conclusion of his retrial.

Two People Are Shot In A Waffle House

Ah.. Waffle House. I have found myself inside of a waffle house on more than one occasion, hungover or with some friends after a night of mischief. These days Waffle House seems to be garnering a reputation for being the last place that you should be after midnight. This incident calls to mind a viral video of a waffle house employee blocking a chair that was thrown at her by some black person. There were lots of great memes about the employee being an Aryan goddess that crushed the banana throwing pavement apes in a stunning display of bravery.

Well it seems that these days bullets are being thrown instead of chairs. Here are some quotes from the article:

Two days after a shooting at the Waffle House on Wards Road in Lynchburg, warrants obtained by ABC13 reveal the timeline of events that went down that morning.

Early Sunday morning around 3 a.m. the Lynchburg Police Department said they responded to the Waffle House in reference to a large fight. The aftermath of the incident resulted in two people being injured by gunfire wounds: a 74-year-old woman and a 30-year-old man.

Two people were arrested later that day in reference to the shooting, but it was not until Tuesday morning that ABC13 was able to obtain warrants detailing what went down in those early-morning moments.

“Detectives spoke with various witnesses on scene that stated a black male was sitting in the chair waiting for his food order when a large group of males entered the restaurant. This group of males began speaking with him and surrounding him,” LPD said. “Witnesses say that a fight broke our amongst the individuals. A short time later shots were fired from outside the business sending bullets through the business striking the two victims.”

ABC 13 News

Another case of a black person feeling slighted in some way and then unloading indiscriminately at an occupied building. So far it is unclear if the 30 year old black man that was hit was involved in any way, he states that he was not involved. Needless to say that it’s probably best to avoid waffle house at 4am.

This concludes this week’s Weekly Dose. As always share your thoughts below, I read all of the comments.

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Another case of a black person feeling slighted in some way and then unloading indiscriminately at an occupied building.

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