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AfD Leader Participates In Televised Debate

This week’s news from Europe is about a recent televised debate between Björn Höcke (AfD) and Mario Voigt (CDU). A key portion of the debate featured the topic of remigration. Some excerpts from the Reuters coverage of this debate:

A television debate between the leader of the German far-right’s most extreme faction and the centre-right’s leader in the same region highlighted the fragility of Germany’s defences against the far-right.

Voigt and the two moderators from Welt television largely attempted to pin Hoecke down on these and other quotes from Hoecke’s past, with Voigt accusing Hoecke of endangering Germany’s prosperity by pushing for it to leave the EU.

“I am a democrat, you are authoritarian,” Voigt told Hoecke in one of many barbs he levelled.

Hoecke sought to dispel suspicions that he is a neo-Nazi, presenting himself as a moderate potential coalition partner for Voigt.

Hoecke attempted to redefine this, stating, to incredulity from his debate partners, that “remigration” was about persuading the 1.5 million Germans who lived abroad to return home.

But the elevation of the AfD’s most controversial figure to a debate partner was also a sign that the mainstream parties’ wall against the far-right – the principle that they will not govern with the party nor treat its emissaries are normal political figures – has limits.


The Christian Democratic Union has a history of supporting immigration into Germany, but the recent pressure and popularity of the AfD seems to have caused them to change their tune. It is always interesting to me that other Western countries end up having very similar developments on a particular issue. In this case we see that the CDU’s immigration rhetoric is now very similar to the American Republican party. Their rhetoric focuses on illegal immigration. They say that legal immigration of people who assimilate is fine, and that all they want to do is curb illegal immigration. They also focus on the economy and claim that immigration of skilled workers is needed to support the German economy.

Hoecke fires back on this topic and mentions that 10 million immigrants have come into Germany in just 10 years, but yet Germany still lacks skilled workers. He says that this shows the failure of the system to appropriately train these newcomers or to select only skilled workers for immigration. He states that the remigration plan is needed to curb rising crime, and to persuade Germans who left to come back. He also states that the social welfare programs for migrants must stop. Of course, no political debate in The West is complete without someone being compared to Hitler or Nazi’s. I believe that this is an unsustainable means of demonizing your political opposition. As the quality of life continues to decline in The West, the effectiveness of this comparison will also continue to decline. When faced with not being able afford basic necessities, being reduced to a minority in your own country, and surrounded by rising crime, I find it difficult to care about being called a “Nazi”.

The CDU position is devoid of any understanding of how human societies operate, as well as their purpose. The purpose of a civilization is not only to generate money. How a society operates is not only dependent on whether it has money. Social cohesion is one of the most important things when it comes to maintaining a civil society. The best way to have high social cohesion is to have people who are similar to each other. Ethnic diversity damages this social cohesion. Even if the newcomers are skilled workers, their presence would still damage the social cohesion of the nation. I hope to see Germany enact this remigration program in the future. I am sure there are issues with the AfD, but the fact that remigration is being discussed openly on national television is a promising development. We already see news agencies like Reuters, saying that elevating Hoecke to a debate partner is a problem.

I hope they are right.

Renewal of FISA In The United States

This week there was a vote on legislation in America that would renew FISA for another 2 years. At first American conservatives postured and stated that they would not renew the legislation. When the term of renewal was reduced from 5 years to 2 years, then multiple Republicans flipped and voted in favor. FISA stands for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, it allows the Federal Government to collect “foreign intelligence” on domestic soil. This act also creates a FISA court that holds non-public sessions which determine whether or not a warrant is approved for the gathering of this intelligence. Since these sessions are not public the only person that can hold the government accountable for abuse of this system is the government itself.

The abuse of this system and others was exposed by Edward Snowden many years ago. The case of Snowden is a long case to discuss and it is fraught with relations between various governments around the world. Regardless of what people think of Snowden, I do not find it difficult to believe that the United States Federal Government abuses its power and uses it to spy on American citizens in an unconstitutional manner. I think the main takeaway from this story, is that Republicans are also involved in the systematic abuse of the rights of American citizens. Data hoarding by government entities is a major concern for personal privacy. Many people have never heard of the multiple NSA data centers. Here is a picture of one such NSA data center in Utah.

These data centers are massive facilities where the government collects many kinds of information. Emails, phone calls, text messages, and other kinds of internet correspondence are all stored by the US Federal Government. Data is pulled out of this behemoth as it is needed by the Federal Government. It is estimated that this facility is capable of storing 1 trillion terabytes of data.

The existence of such structures should send chills down your spine. The dystopian nature of your government storing everything that you have ever sent or received, for the purpose of waiting until it is needed to persecute you. A nightmarish super structure that could only exist in the modern age. This is a serious concern for anyone that values personal privacy, whether on the “left” or “right”.

Multiple Knife Attacks in Australia

Australia has recently had 2 separate stabbings that have resulted in numerous casualties and injuries. The first took place in Bonbi Junction in Sydney. Some excerpts from news coverage:

A man murdered six people by stabbing them with a knife inside Bondi Junction Westfield on Saturday afternoon. The attacker was shot dead by police.

Six people are confirmed dead, plus the attacker. NSW Ambulance said they took eight patients to various hospitals. A nine-month-old baby was among the injured.

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb said he was a 40-year-old who was known to police but not believed to have held terrorist beliefs. He has not been formally identified. Police are confident he acted alone.

Police have promised a “lengthy and precise” investigation. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has discussed the incident with AFP commissioner Reece Kershaw and the director-general of ASIO, Mike Burgess.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Since this coverage the attacker has been identified as Joel Cauchi. Albeit there is something strange that happened with the release of the attackers name. Shortly after this first stabbing there was a second one where a teenager attacked a priest. The first case seems to be a case of mental illness and the second case seems to be a religiously motivated attack against an opposing religion. In both of these instances the Australia state is failing to properly address the underlying issues that result in these attacks. The first incident is the result of proper facilities and procedures to address mental illness. I would also add that I think that private firearm ownership could have given some of the victims a chance of survival. The second incident is the result of immigration of two different foreign groups leading to conflict within Australia, between them.

The second incident also touches on something that has been discussed for quite some time on this side of the political divide, and I noticed that Blair Cottrell mentioned this observation. The observation that multiculturalism necessitates the creation of a police state. Our politicians bring in these disparate groups from all over the world and then when conflict between them/us breaks out, this is used to justify the removal of our rights for an emergency that the ruling classes created themselves. I am glad that this is being described clearly by Blair, and I think this should be talked about more often.

Iran Attacks Israel, Israel Responds

The same two middle eastern tribes are once again at war, and once again The West is being asked to pick a side. This segment will be shorter because Nicholas Jeelvy wrote an essay on the same topic on this site. Some excerpts from the news article on the recent escalation:

Iran launched a retaliatory attack against Israel on Saturday that risks sparking a regional conflictinvolvingU.S. military forces. The operation, which Israeli officials said included more than 300 missiles and drones,marked the first time that Iran has launched a direct military attack on the Jewish state. 

Israeli military officials said the attack began with more than 100 Iranian drones heading toward Israel. It will take hours before the drones arrive, and Israeli officials said they hope to intercept them.

Iranian state television said that “in response to crimes by the Zionist Regime,” Iran had launched “missiles and drones on specific locations in the occupied lands.”

The attack came weeks after a suspected Israeli strike on an Iranian consular building in Syria’s capital, Damascus, killed two generals and five officers in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC. Israel did not take responsibility for that strike, but Tehran vowed revenge.

Three U.S. officials said Washington is prepared to help defend Israel with warships in the region, including the USS Carney, a destroyer that has been involved in knocking out missiles and drones in the Red Sea fired by Iranian-backed Houthi forces from Yemen.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said at a prayer ceremony celebrating the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan on Wednesday that Israel “must be punished, and it will be punished.” Since the building destroyed was a consular building, he said, it amounted to an attack on Iranian soil.

NBC News

Today Israel has reportedly responded to Iran’s attack. My opinion on this conflict is fairly simple. Jews and Arabs are both a foreign people to me, and as such I have no interest in supporting either one of them. I also do not think that Western governments should involves themselves in these conflicts because it could result in being dragged into a larger conflict that results in the lives of White people being lost. I do not support Iran mainly because they have been aiding the Russian “denazification” program currently underway in Ukraine by providing Russia with drones and other resources. I do not support Israel because Israel runs operations that bribe/blackmail Western politicians (à la Epstein), they also provide cover for Jewish fugitives from justice that engage in espionage and/or even pedophilia. I think both of these countries’ goals are in opposition to my own interests. Unfortunately the grip that Israel has over Western foreign policy and it seems we may be dragged into this escalating conflict.

Jaremy Smith Is Apprehended In New Mexico

This week’s black criminal is a man by the name of Jaremy Smith who killed a police officer that was trying to help him with a flat tire. He is a suspect in a murder case in South Carolina and he drove all the way to New Mexico with the stolen vehicle of his alleged victim. When Officer Justin Hare arrived to help Smith, Smith shot and killed him. Another day and another cold blooded murder from a vicious non-White on an unsuspecting victim. Luckily officers were able to find Jaremy Smith, he was then shot and apprehended by police. This will be added to the annual FBI statistics and I have no doubt that the “13/50” meme will continue to be true. If you want to see the police bodycam footage of his apprehension, you can find it here:

I recommend watching police bodycam videos because it gives you an insight into how police actually operate.

This concludes this week’s Weekly Dose. As always I encourage commenting, I read all of the comments.

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