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OJ Simpson Dies

Crack open a cold one because the perfect reason for a celebration has arrived. On April 10th it was announced that O.J. Simpson has died from cancer. This man single-handedly made the Ford Bronco an iconic vehicle. He was a former football player who was accused of murdering his ex-wife and her “friend” Ron Goldman. The famous murder trial lasted nearly 9 months and serves as a perfect example of how blacks will support each other no matter what, and it is also a perfect example of a woman who burned the coal paying the ultimate toll. When he was acquitted of the murder it shook the entire nation, and opinions of the trial seemed to split along racial lines. White Americans sub-consciously realized that this was a sign of an increasingly incompetent judicial system, and black Americans celebrated the fact that one of their brothas got away with murdering a White woman.

The insanity of the situation didn’t end at the trial. OJ dodged a prison sentence but he was found liable for the death of Ron Goldman in civil court and was ordered to pay the family of Ron Goldman millions of dollars. OJ Simpson brazenly wrote a book titled “If I Did It”, in which a portion of the book describes how he would have killed them if he was guilty. There has been a documentary titled “O.J.: Made In America” about the trial that goes into detail on key aspects of the story. Of note is the very Jewish “Dream Team” of lawyers that O.J. hired for his defense, which included lawyers like Alan Dershowitz. I suggest you watch this video which shows reactions to the verdict.

Youtuber Is Kidnapped In Haiti

In a stunning display of stupidity a Youtuber from Atlanta announced a trip to Haiti. Despite the warnings from his fans and the obvious risks because of the ongoing civil unrest, he decided to go through with his plan. He stated on Twitter “If I die, thanks for watching what I’ve put out.”. It was then discovered that he had been kidnapped by a criminal gang in Haiti and held for ransom. Here are some choice excerpts from the article:

In a video posted on social media on Saturday morning, shortly before Adisson Pierre Maalouf’s release, he and Mr. Roubens are seen sitting on a sofa and exchanging hugs with Joseph Wilson, a gang leader known in Haitian Creole as Lanmò Sanjou, or Death Can Come Any Day.

In the video, Mr. Wilson said that the two men had been well treated, despite being held against their will. He could not be reached for comment.

Mr. Wilson is wanted in the United States in connection with the kidnapping of 16 Christian missionaries and their children, who were held for ransom in 2021. He was indicted in 2022 on 16 counts of hostage taking, and the U.S. government has offered a $1 million reward for information leading to his arrest.

Mr. Roubens, the guide, said in an interview that he and Mr. Maalouf were held at gunpoint by armed men and forced to record videos with Mr. Wilson, pretending “to act friendly with him.”

“That was the only way to get out of that situation,” he added.

Mr. Roubens, an experienced fixer for YouTube personalities and foreign journalists seeking to report on Haiti’s criminal groups, said he was traumatized and vowed to stay away from the gangs in the future. “I will not go to the red zone any longer, I am done with it,” he said, adding that he regretted putting his family through “the pain they had to go through during the time I was away.”

NY Times

Holy cow what an idiot. There isn’t much else to say on this one. Hopefully I don’t need to tell my highly intelligent readers to not go to Haiti.

Shooting At Eid al-Fitr Event

A shooting between rival gangs of teenagers in Philadelphia results in 3 injuries. The shootout occurred during a Eid al-Fitr event, which is a celebration of the end of Ramadan. Some excerpts from the article:

Multiple people were injured as dozens of shots were fired during an Eid al-Fitr event in West Philadelphia Wednesday afternoon where around 1,000 attendees gathered to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

According to police, at around 2:26 p.m. three people were shot during an end of Ramadan event near the 4700 block of Wyalusing Avenue. One of the wounded was shot by a police officer.

An officer assigned to the area engaged a 15-year-old who Philadelphia Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel says was armed with a gun. Sources say the 15-year-old was armed with an assault rifle. The officer shot the teen once in his left arm and once in his left leg when police say he did not drop the gun.

Officials later identified one of the suspects as 21-year-old Kahbir Oglesby-Hicks of Kingsessing. He has been charged with VUFA-No License, PIC, VUFA-On Streets, PIC, and Evading Arrest.

Police say they do not believe the suspects were connected to the peaceful celebration as two groups were firing at each other in the park right before police arrived to the scene.

Fox News

According to reports the shooters were not connected to the celebration. So it seems that the arabs got a taste of diversity by having their celebration interrupted by a gang shootout. Welcome to America! I came across this story on telegram and one of the most annoying things I saw was a bunch of arabs assuming that this was some kind of targeted attack against them. With comments like: “They keep crying about anti semitism being on the uprise but Islamophobia is what’s really on the uprise.” and “But the Jews are the ones who don’t feel safe they say. How many Muslims have been targeted in the US since Oct?”. I find these comments particularly annoying and it honestly tempts me to support Israel because these arabs are insufferable. Moaning and whining about being attacked when they shouldn’t even be in any Western countries, and of course they lack the ability to do basic research about what happened before getting enraged.

Swedish Nationalist Seduces Somali Journalist

A Swedish “far-right” journalist has seduced a Somali woman and obtained details about members of far-left organizations in Sweden. Here are some choice quotes from the man’s full story, translated from Swedish into English.

For two years, I have followed Bilan Osman, who is an employee of the posting site Expo, the propaganda site ETC and the Islamic study association Ibn Rushd.

I have, to say the least, “taken one for the team” and thus gained a unique insight into an otherwise shady, but tax-financed, business.

I first met Bilan Osman in a Twitter space in the fall of 2022. One thing led to another and I got a call from Osman who wanted to meet me and my friend. We met at the Grand Hotel and as we walked in she tried to grab my head and then leaned forward for a kiss.

During the meeting I learned that Osman had been contacted by several agitated individuals on the left. Including the convicted left-wing extremist Henrik Johansson. They warned her that I could not be trusted. That an active leftist started leaking this kind of gossip and sensitive information about family relationships at the first meeting got me thinking. What else could Osman leak to me if I just made her fall for me?

I have been forced to go through a series of things that I am not proud of and that i do not want to detail in this review. She wanted me to come home with her, but I said I had a lot of things to do.

A series of startling information has emerged about both the left-wing and Islamist circles, as well as information revealing traitors within the pro-Sweden movement. I will be releasing a lot of extra material behind a paywall.

I shudder to think about the details that he doesn’t want to talk about. Ew! Imagine the smell! It seems this Osman lady was a rebel in the streets, but not in the sheets. It always amuses me when non-White women engaging in anti-White rhetoric desire a White man. An example of this from America is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s current boyfriend. AOC constantly engages in anti-White rhetoric while sleeping next to a White man every night. The media constantly lies about White women supposedly lusting for the BBC, but the non-White lust for BWC is very real.

Texas National Guardsmen Arrested for Smuggling Illegal Immigrants

This weeks black criminal is a national guardsmen who was allegedly caught smuggling an illegal immigrant into the country. Some excerpts from The Texas Tribune:

A Texas National Guard member was arrested and charged with human smuggling near the U.S.-Mexico border after he allegedly turned around at a Border Patrol checkpoint, then led state troopers on a high-speed chase that ended when police deployed road spikes, according to authorities and Kinney County court records.

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers arrested Savion Amari Donovan Johnson, 26, Sunday afternoon on Highway 90 in Kinney County after they pursued him at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour for 15 miles, according to arrest affidavits. He stopped mid-chase to drop off a young Hispanic man before speeding past cars on the wrong side of the highway, the affidavits said.

Johnson was charged with a pair of felonies — human smuggling and evading arrest in a vehicle — as well as unlawfully carrying a weapon, a misdemeanor, after police discovered a 9-millimeter pistol in the vehicle.

“If the allegations are true, the accused is a traitor and criminal,” said Andrew Mahaleris, spokesperson for Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who serves as the Guard’s commander in chief. “We have zero tolerance for Texans who violate laws that directly contradict the mission we are seeking to achieve. The accused’s illegal smuggling may subject him to a mandatory minimum prison sentence of at least 10 years. He deserves more.”

The Texas Tribune

Another case where a fox is guarding the hen house. We should not trust non-Whites with the job of protecting our countries. I do get schadenfreude seeing this black traitor to Texas ripped out of his vehicle by Law Enforcement Officers.

This concludes this week’s Weekly Dose. As always comment below your thoughts, I read all the comments!

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I have been forced to go through a series of things that I am not proud of and that i do not want to detail in this review.

Whew! I don’t want to know. 🙂

RIP OJ you are the original didn’t do nothing

It appears the people in the Philly shooting were just local Black Muslims, not Middle Easterners.

Where’s Louis Farrakhan when you need him?

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