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“Troll” Calls Member of Parliament a Paedo Nonce, Gets Arrested

On the fourth of April it is reported that a man named Paul Fogg was released on a 1 year suspended sentence following him calling a Labour MP a “paedophile nonce”. Here are a few choice quotes from the article:

Paul Fogg became enraged after reading in a local newspaper article that Clive Lewis, MP for Norwich South, was in support of trans women breastfeeding babies, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard on Wednesday.

Fogg, 40, of Marine Parade in Great Yarmouth, made a string of Facebook posts – described by the judge as “abhorrent” – and left the MP a telephone message, calling him a “dirty paedophile” because of his public support for a trans woman who had been pilloried online after appearing on TV in July last year.

In response, the one-time Labour leadership candidate wrote: “100 per cent proud to support this. That the best you’ve got? Bring it…”, triggering another wave of abuse, the court heard.


All cases involving statements made about Clive Lewis should be dismissed immediately because he specifically asked for more “abuse”. That seems like entrapment to me. Trannies possess the power to summon law enforcement to accost people who make mean comments online but yet they are still “oppressed”. I must also comment on how his expression to the press after being released is awesome. If this somehow makes it to you, keep on smiling.

Murder Season in China

This video is a great look into how living under totalitarianism causes soullessness and psychotic rage. It also blends this with pointing out the technological dystopia of Chinese authorities deleting videos of events with many casualties from China’s social media platforms. Here in The West if there is a tragedy involving many deaths all political sides attempt to make hay from it and most of the time it is not completely removed from social media. I can think of only a few examples where a video was banned in some countries in The West, one of them being the mass shooting of Muslims in New Zealand. That video was made illegal to possess in New Zealand. Word of mouth is often underestimated by people in the modern world and suppression of videos using technology does not completely remove the impact that these videos have on society. To some degree the removal of such videos increases paranoia and distrust of government.

With the nature of the internet, the files themselves are never completely deleted. What government action does is cause a nationwide Streisand effect in which once a person hears that the government banned a particular video, they are then more interested in viewing it than they otherwise would have been. Another thing this video reminds me of is how foolish some people are on the “far-Right” who seem to be more fond of China than their own countries. They say that China is better than The West because at least it is racially homogeneous and it isn’t “liberal”. The truth of the matter is that White people do not desire to be ruled in the way some non-Whites do. After all “liberalism” was created by White people. I understand that many aspects of “liberalism” are undesirable, but it should not lead one to believe that the complete opposite is better. I have seen comments about how a social credit system that is “based” would be desirable for us in The West, and I very recently saw lots of support from the “far-right” for legislation that requires uploading government issued identification to view pornography. I agree that pornography has a deleterious effect on those that view it and especially on children. What I disagree with is the encroachment of more dystopian government systems that use technology to monitor us.

What the current government does is take an emotionally charged situation, then they use it to increase their data collection and surveillance system over us. A similar situation was when Apple discussed potentially scanning all of the photos on all of their devices continually, the reason given was to catch those with CSAM. At first glance one might think that this is good, after all the stated goal is to catch those viewing and/or participating in CSAM. Those “people” are indeed despicable “people” who should be shoved into a meat grinder, however the solution to this problem is not to subject all of us to more surveillance that could be used for other purposes in the future. Today the technology may be used to do something you agree with, tomorrow that may not be the case. White people are not suited to becoming bug people that live in a transparent ant farm that is overseen by some bureaucrat, no matter what the stated reason is.

Massachusetts Hospitals to Stop Filing Neglect Reports for Babies Born With Drug Addictions

A group of hospitals have decided to change their procedures for reporting child neglect when it involves babies having drugs present in their system. Here are some choice quotes from the article:

A large hospital group with labor rooms in Massachusetts and New Hampshire will no longer immediately report to state welfare agencies when a baby is born with drugs in its system.

Mass General Brigham announced Tuesday it is revamping its policies regarding pregnant people with substance abuse disorders, a condition which the hospital said disproportionately affects Black people and does not alone signal child abuse or neglect.

Mass General Brigham said babies born with “substance exposure” alone will no longer be immediately reported to state welfare agencies unless there are other concerns the baby is abused or neglected.

The hospital said studies show that Black pregnant people are more likely to be drug tested and reported to welfare agencies than white pregnant people.

“Our new perinatal testing and reporting policy is the latest step in our efforts to address longstanding inequities in substance use disorder care and to provide compassionate, evidence-based support to families, while addressing substance use disorder as a treatable health condition,” Wakeman said.


This marks another instance in which reasonable procedures are removed because a racial disparity is observed. In the egalitarian worldview, any disparity is assumed to be caused by some nefarious influence such as “racism”. This worldview then causes people to re-define what “neglect” means. Someone who doesn’t subscribe to the ideology sees this situation and should immediately conclude: “Yes smoking crack while you are pregnant is child abuse/neglect, regardless of what supposedly caused someone to smoke crack.”

Another example of a reasonable procedure being removed is the removal of classes for intellectually gifted students. The stated reason is the same because the ideology is the same. A disparity was observed and in the egalitarian worldview this must mean something nefarious is afoot. In reality the only thing this does is unnecessarily slow exceptional people down in reaching their full potential.

Ideologies change the meaning of words, the perception of events, and more. The egalitarian ideology continues to change society for the worse.

Ukrainians Use Modified Cessna Plane to Bomb a Drone Factory

It has been reported that a Cessna-style plane was packed with explosives and controlled remotely in a kamikaze attack on a Russian drone factory. Here are some notable quotes from the article:

In a sharp escalation of its drone campaign targeting strategic industries deep inside Russia, Ukraine seems to have fitted Cessna-style light planes with remote controls, packed them with explosives and flown at least one of them more than 600 miles to strike a Russian factory in Yelabuga, 550 miles east of Moscow.

Ukrainian engineers have developed at least 16 different types of long-range—and presumably satellite-controlled and GPS-guided—strike drone. This year, Ukrainian forces have sortied scores of the drones on one-way missions hundreds of miles into Russia to strike oil refineries and, now, drone-factories.

Back in 2019, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory worked with Virginia-based DZYNE Technologies to modify a Cessna 206 into a drone.

The remote-controlled Cessna “offers the benefits of unmanned operations without the complexity and up-front cost associated with the development of new unmanned vehicles,” said Alok Das, an AFRL scientist.

And where Ukraine’s drone industry is highly decentralized and thus difficult to suppress with air strikes, Russia’s own drone industry is the opposite. It’s centralized. Damningly, one state-sponsored company produces almost all of Russia’s explosive first-person-view drones.


In a previous Weekly Dose I discussed the increasing use of drones in modern combat. This story shows how with the use of drones, combat can be made a lot cheaper. Ukraine has had to pinch pennies this entire war since Russia is a much larger country, in a war where your enemy has a numerical advantage you must use resources efficiently. Now that the United States is failing to pass aid packages we will likely see cost effective tactics like this used more often. Regardless of what one thinks about this war, this shows the determination and ingenuity of Ukrainians. I also find the statements on a centralized vs decentralized war industry interesting. Although I don’t think that I am as knowledgeable as I would like to be on that subject to comment on that statements validity.

P-Diddy’s Mansion is Raided by Police

(Everything in this segment is alleged by either other celebrities, police, or news media)
This week’s black criminal is not only a celebrity, but a homosexual black celebrity. On Monday the 25th of March, the rapper Sean Combs (also known as P-Diddy) had his house raided by federal law enforcement as part of a sex-trafficking investigation. P-Diddy has been receiving a lot of coverage lately and the surge seemed to start with Katt Williams insinuating that he is a fruity nigga on Club Shay Shay. This has been rumored for quite some time in Hollywood, but Katt Williams brought these rumors to a much larger audience. Another infamous clip involving P-Diddy is the one where he describes “wrestling” with the 13 year old Usher, and yet another clip involves rapper 50 Cent also calling out P-Diddy. P-Diddy even was a mentor of young Justin Bieber and this clip of Justin Bieber resurfaced after the raid on his mansion. As you can see, most of the recent comments on this video are people speculating on whether Justin Bieber was diddled by Diddy.

Many of these shows covering the event will talk about the allegations. However they will never dive deeper into the topic of Hollywood/The music industry enabling these rich predators to use their wealth and fame to ruin young stars. We see that it is an open secret among themselves and has been for a very long time. Katt Williams and everyone else should have come to the public with this knowledge much sooner. I cannot respect people who remained silent on exploitation only until after they have made millions off of co-existing quietly in the same industry. As of writing this post, Sean Combs has not been charged with any crime by law enforcement. He also was not present at his house when it was raided by police. P-Diddy is said to be worth 1 billion dollars according to Forbes, and that total is being threatened by at least 5 lawsuits alleging rape, sex trafficking, and more. The Weekly Dose will monitor this situation and be ready to report on his demise or escape from justice.

This concludes this week’s Weekly Dose. As always feel free to comment below.

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