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Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapses

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore Maryland collapsed after being struck by a cargo ship piloted by an all Indian crew. The ship was ran by a company named Synergy Marine Group which boasts of placing diversity as a top priority. An excerpt from the article:

A major bridge collapsed in Baltimore on Tuesday morning after it was hit by a container ship, sending several vehicles plunging into the water below, prompting an intense search for survivors and throwing the future of a key shipping port into question.

An unknown number of workers were on the bridge at the time of the crash, and emergency responders said they were looking for at least seven people who were missing. Two people were rescued from the water after the ship hit a pillar supporting part of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which carries Interstate 695 over the Patapsco River, southeast of the Baltimore metropolitan area.

NBC News

The video above shows the incident and it appears that the lights on the ship can be seen turning off and back on. This seems to indicate that the ship was having some kind of power issue. The same ship was previously involved in a previous incident in 2016 in Belgium, it is reported that the ship was damaged at that time but it is unclear if those damages have anything to do with this incident. Maybe if Synergy Marine Group put less effort into excluding White people from employment, and more into proper ship inspections/repairs then this could have been avoided.

Terrorist Attack In Moscow

This week Crocus City Hall in Moscow was the target of a terrorist attack. This is the largest mass shooting in Moscow’s history. An excerpt from the article:

It was Friday evening in Moscow when gunmen burst into Crocus City Hall, an entertainment complex on the outskirts of Russia’s capital, where a rock concert by the group Picnic was about to take place. Video showed at least four people opening fire in the building’s foyer before entering the hall itself and continuing to shoot.

Russian authorities said the attackers then set fire to the hall using flammable liquid. Despite helicopters dropping water over the building, it took 10 hours to extinguish the flames.

CBS News

The death total is at least 143 people and the injured count has reached over 360. It appears that a lot of the casualties were caused by a fire that was started and the fire caused the roof to collapse on top of people. A Muslim terrorist group named ISIS-K has claimed responsibility for the attack. There are tons of different theories out there as usual. From it being orchestrated by the CIA, to it being a simple matter of radical Islam resulting in violence. I personally tend to lean more toward the latter option. The US Embassy in Russia put out a warning before the attack. It doesn’t make much sense to me to warn your enemy of the attack that you are orchestrating.

ISIS-K does have shady origins and they are alleged to be linked to many organizations throughout their history. There is lots of documentation of earlier supplying of Syrian rebels with weapons by the United States. It is said that these weapons then ended up in the hands of ISIS fighters. This is something that was uncovered nearly a decade ago and the United States has bombed ISIS since that time. Whatever the case may be, this is a prime example of the issue of Muslim immigration into Russia. There has been videos/images of the shooters who were caught being badly beaten. I don’t particularly care about their “human rights”. These people to me seem to be far less than human. I do think that brutal torture isn’t likely to make the information gathered from them any more or less accurate.

Migrant Crossings Into The UK At All Time High

Since Rishi Sunak has become Prime Minister in the United Kingdom, it is reported that migrant crossings are at an all time high. An excerpt from the article:

More than 4,600 asylum seekers have arrived in Britain on small boats so far in 2024, a record total for the first three months of the year and giving Prime Minister Rishi Sunak a fresh political headache.

Provisional data from the Home Office, or interior ministry, showed on Wednesday that 4,644 people had been detected arriving across the Channel on small boats such as inflatable dinghies up to March 26 this year.

That compares with 3,770 for the same period last year and 4,162 for 2022, the previous record high.

Sunak is hoping his flagship scheme to deport those arriving in Britain without permission to Rwanda will deter people from making the dangerous cross-Channel crossings. Legislation which aims to get that plan up and running after a series of legal setbacks is due back in parliament next month.


Now I am sure that many have heard about how the Tory party in the UK stabs its constituents in the back over and over again. The majority of Tory voters want a decrease in immigration and tighter border security but the conservative government always manages to fail in delivering on their promises. I think it is important to think about how with an Indian Prime Minister immigration has gotten even worse then previous conservative governments. Perhaps the son of immigrants has less of a real desire to actually curb immigration. We see in the image that Reuters provided that it seems that the Border Patrol themselves are letting the migrants into the UK.

I always despise how the media and the government discusses this issue with an exasperated tone. They talk as if there’s just no other way that this issue can be handled. I wouldn’t mind if they just shot at the boats. I guarantee that attempts to cross the channel would drastically decrease almost immediately if this was done. Besides that, they could at the very least arrest them immediately the second they get to shore and detain them in police custody to be very quickly deported. That would also deter crossings. The Tory’s seem to betray their population the same way that Republicans do in the US. If the system does not allow a political solution to the biggest issues bothering voters, then what will inevitably happen is an increasing distrust in government and political instability.

Canada Has Their Highest Population Growth In 66 Years

A similar issue to the one above is taking place in Canada. It is reported that Canada is having its large population growth in 66 years. An excerpt from the article:

Canada’s population touched a record high of 40.77 million in 2023, largely driven by temporary immigration, Statistics Canada said on Wednesday. The country added 1.27 million people in 2023, up 3.2% from the previous year – marking the highest growth since 1957.

“In 2023, the vast majority (97.6%) of Canada’s population growth came from international migration (both permanent and temporary immigration) and the remaining portion (2.4%) came from natural increase,” Statscan said in a statement.

“This was the second straight year that temporary immigration drove population growth and the third year in a row with a net increase of NPRs (non-permanent residents),” it said.


As the article stated, this massive population growth is not “natural”. The birthrates of White Canadians are nowhere near high enough to cause this much population growth. This population growth is by design. The only way that these people are able to enter Canada is because they are granted temporary residence by the Canadian government. Another thing to keep in mind is that Canada, like the USA, has birthright citizenship. This means that anyone who is born in Canada is immediately a Canadian citizen. They will be able to do anything citizens can do and that includes voting.

The picture I chose is not from the article but it illustrates the issue perfectly. The image is of a Hindu god that was put up in Brampton. Of course anyone objecting to the statue is derided as a racist/bigot/other anti-White slur. To get an idea of how many people are coming in. Toronto is the largest city in Canada with a population of 2.73 million. So in 1 year nearly half the population of the entire city of Toronto is entering the country.

This is completely unsustainable for many reasons. It is changing permanently changing Canadian culture, it is causing housing to be more unaffordable, and it is straining government resources. Canada also faces the similar problem of politicians of conservative parties not addressing this major issue. The RCMP recently published a report stating that they are afraid Canadians will revolt. The reasons for revolting are all linked to this mass immigration in some way.

Black Man Kills NYC Cop, He Had Shiv Up His Butt

This instance of black crime comes out of New York City. Some key excerpts from the news article:

The first of two suspects has been charged and held without bail in the killing of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller during a traffic stop in Queens.

Both suspects arrested in his murder have lengthy criminal records.

Lindy Jones, 41, was driving the vehicle at the time of the deadly shooting and Guy Rivera, 34, is the suspected gunman who pulled the trigger, police say.

Investigators now believe the suspects were casing a T-Mobile store on Mott Avenue on Monday evening when Diller and another officer asked the suspects to move their illegally parked car from a bus stop.

Officials say they refused to roll down their windows. Diller ordered the passenger, Rivera, to show his hands. But instead, Rivera allegedly pulled the trigger of a gun and shot Diller below his vest.

Records show Rivera has been arrested by the NYPD 21 times — nine of them felonies.


Before I really conceptualized racial differences, it would surprise me to hear about cases where a black man escalates a very basic police interaction into a deadly confrontation. Given that the police were only there to tell them to move their car out of a bus stop, they could have just left. There is one similar case that sticks out to me to this day. It is an instance where a black man who had been revived from a drug overdose ends up killing a firefighter in a gunfight. These really highlight to me the general difference in impulsiveness that blacks have when compared to Whites.

Another thing that this highlights is how accustomed to crime that the particularly felonious blacks are. It is reported that after Rivera was captured, they discovered a makeshift knife hidden in his rectum. Presumably because he knew he was likely to be arrested that day prior to the incident. Can you imagine the kind of absolute thuggery that one has to be accustomed to, to keep a shiv stashed up their bum just in case they get put into jail.

New York City has had a District Attorney that is notoriously lenient on criminals since 2022. He is also the first black District Attorney to ever be appointed to that position. It seems that having a black District Attorney involves him being lenient on his coethnics.

This concludes this weeks Weekly Dose. Comment your thoughts, suggestions, or corrections. Until next time!

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