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Michael Moore Declares White Christians are the Enemy of Jews

On a recent broadcast of an MSNBC segment, filmmaker Michael Moore declares that White Christians are the “real enemy of Jews instead of Palestinians” during a discussion about the Israel-Palestine war. Of course immediately upon seeing this clip I had to go to wikipedia and see if Michael Moore is Jewish. Surprisingly he is not Jewish, however he is well known for his leftist political activism. He even made an entire movie about the 2016 Presidential Election and the presidency of Donald Trump. It is somewhat puzzling to me that in this man’s mind it is somehow possible to convince Jews to stop attacking Arabs that live in territory that the Jews want to conquer by dangling White people in front of them as some sort of bait.

This can lead to a few conclusions and one of them is that as someone who is successful in Hollywood, he knows that doing this will possibly work because Jews don’t like White people already. I have no doubt that at least 1 White person watching this live thought about his statements enough to draw that conclusion, all one has to do is think “wait a second, would Jews really be willing to attack us instead? Why does this man believe this is a reasonable statement to say on national television?” These kinds of thoughts will lead someone down the rabbit hole and possibly into our sphere. It always boggles my mind to try to understand how people like Michael Moore think, and how they seemingly lack self-awareness of how these brazen statements look to others. It really shows that Michael Moore lives in some kind of social bubble that tolerates this kind of speech.

Mexican Cartel Members Using Drones

drones on the weekly dose

It is reported that 4 Mexican soldiers were killed and more were injured in a trap set by cartel members. This ambush included the use of drones, which have been becoming increasingly popular since the war in Ukraine. I suspect that as the cost of the technology used in them continues to decrease drones will become even more common. Mexican cartels have lots of relatively advanced weaponry because of their proximity to the United States and the large amount of money that these groups make from drug sales in the United States.

An example of their influence and power in Mexican society is that they have even built roads and hospitals which they can use to further whatever agenda they have. This is why some citizens of Mexico have a romanticized view of these brutal criminal gangs. One of the things I like to make people aware of is the existence of “Narco Saints” in Latin America. Narco-Saints are seen as folk heroes by some Latin Americans, and are even venerated with religious looking busts. Cartels also make lots of money in human trafficking, whether thats trafficking migrants into the USA for a fee or sex trafficking. There are huge agencies in the Southern US States that focus entirely on combating human trafficking, and Mexico ranks 5th in the world for Human Trafficking according to the National Security Commissioner Renato Sales Heredia. Given these facts it is no surprise that Mexican Cartels have been able to obtain the aforementioned drones.

Indian Gang Rape Leads to Global Controversy

This week a video posted by a Spanish blogger went viral and it caused outrage. She is seen saying that her father was beaten and that she had been gang raped by 7 Indian men. India is in the top 10 countries in the world for the most rapes. According to statistics a woman is raped every 20 minutes in India. I personally do not understand why someone would want to visit India, especially when you are an attractive woman from Europe. This incident reminds me of another one that happened recently in which a Japanese woman was sexually assaulted during a festival. It seems that Western women aren’t the only ones that are crazy enough to go to a place where they are very vulnerable.

For more details I linked a 4 minute video about the incident below.

France Adds Abortion Rights to the Constitution

french feminists on the weekly dose

A vote recently took place in France’s parliament to add the “right” to get an abortion to the French constitution. This will make it much harder to overturn and entrench the availability of abortions in France for the time being. I personally am not entirely opposed to abortion, but I am against the unrestricted availability of it to everyone at any time. My stance tends to piss both people on the “left” and “right” off. It pisses off on the “left” because I don’t think access should be unlimited and I think that eugenics should be the primary consideration of clinics that do the procedure. It also pisses off the “right” because the “right” is very religious and by many abortion is seen as immoral. I guess I just can’t win on this one. It is probably best that I keep my writing on this topic relatively short.

What I will comment on is the concept of “rights” in the first place. I like many people on the “right”, had Libertarian beginnings to my thoughts on politics. Libertarianism seems to be the easiest ideology for young and naive White men to fall into. I must admit that I still do have some sympathy for a few Libertarian arguments as well such as the right for citizens to own firearms. That being said one of the realizations I had regarding “rights” is that they are not tangible in any real sense. “Rights” exist as abstract concepts in the mind of those who wish to protect them, and therefore you get lots of ideas on what constitutes a “right”. On top of this, “rights” are only guaranteed by the ability to punish those who violate other people’s “rights”. They also cannot exist without a collectively held understanding of which “rights” are worth protecting. Part of my ideological progression was seeing that foreigners do not share this same understanding with me, and that if more of them enter my country it means that what I consider a “right” will cease to exist. Without men to protect and uphold our “rights”, they become merely some words on a sheet of paper.

Italy Impounds “Humanitarian” Vessel

humanitarian ship on the weekly dose

This week a “humanitarian” ship that is known for scooping up migrants out of the Mediterranean Sea and bringing them to Europe was impounded by Italian authorities. The gist of the report is as follows:

A German charity vessel was on Tuesday impounded by Italian authorities after it ran into a dispute with the Libyan coast guard over the rescue of as many as 100 migrants in international waters.

Italy often temporarily blocks the operations of charity-operated rescue vessels on the basis of a migration decree introduced last year by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s rightist government.

The Humanity 1, operated by the SOS Humanity organisation, was blocked for 20 days in the southern port of Crotone, where it had docked on Monday bringing ashore 77 migrants it had picked up during the weekend.


According to the article it seems that after being held for 20 days it’s operations were allowed to continue as usual. What is surprising to me about this incident is that these “humanitarians” were threatened by the Libyan coast guard. Apparently the Libyan authorities are trying to stop these attempts of Africans to make it to Europe, because various EU member states are pledging to give money and equipment to the Tunisian and Libyan government if they stop these crossings. Not even their own people want to let them come to Europe, only totally delusional and self-hating Whites would be insane enough to risk a deadly confrontation with African military personnel just to bring foreigners into their own lands.

Rapper Acquitted of Double Murder Accused of Shooting his Pregnant Girlfriend

violent blacks on the weekly dose

In conclusion we have our black criminal of the week. The man below is Billy B. Adams and he is a rapper from Tampa, Florida that is accused of his second double homicide. Mere days after he was acquitted on double homicide charges from an incident that took place in a rap studio, here he is again charged with the killing of a pregnant woman which is assumed to have been his girlfriend of some kind. He is charged with the death of the woman, and the death of the unborn child. Here are some more details according to this news report:

“We see from the evidence that Adams is talking over the jailhouse calls,” Rickman said. “I tell my clients all the time, don’t talk on the jail phone, because prosecutors listen to it and they do. We know from this particular case, that something he said in jailhouse calls has relevance in someway, shape, or form in this case.”

The new documents also show possible evidence of gang activity.

In January, Adams was acquitted of two murder charges after he claimed self-defense and the jury believed him. Three days later, Prosecutor said he devised a ruse to lure his pregnant girlfriend, Alana Sims, to a celebration party and gunned her down in cold blood.

After his arrest, Adams wanted a speedy trial over his attorney’s objections writing to the court, “I do not consent to the waiver of my speedy trial right.” However, days later he changed his mind.

Fox 13 News

In America defendants have the right to request a speedy trial according to the Sixth Amendment. However when someone does this, they are severely limiting their attorney’s ability to prepare a good defense. I can imagine Billy B. Adams is the kind of person who thinks that his trial being faster would make it more likely that he is set free. Adams is probably thinking: “sheeeit i be needin a speedy trial n sheit das my rite, they tryna keep me in here sheeit.” Unfortunately it seems that his attorney was able to convince him that it was not a good idea and that’s too bad. Would’ve saved taxpayers some of their hard earned money.

This concludes this weeks Weekly Dose, as always feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or corrections below!

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