poison of servants

The Poison of Servants

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Originally written in Italian. Translated by G. M. Weld.

Since October of last year, we’ve all been subjected to propaganda coming from Israel, accompanying its meat grinder in Gaza. It is essentially based on these points.

  1. The massacres and barbarity of October 7 by Hamas have no justification, and any excess committed in reaction cannot be questioned, except as a minor slip. It matters little whether they are civilians, women, elderly, children, systematically and inhumanely murdered, starved, thirsty, hunted, and left without care. Nothing compares to what happened on October 7. And those who try to explain October 7 by referring to 76 years of oppression have no right to do so because nothing is comparable to October 7.
  2. Israel defends Jews who are victims of discrimination and anti-Semitism. Anyone who criticizes Israeli behavior is anti-Semitic. That the Arabs there are more Semitic than the Jews is just a minor detail. To justify anything, if things go really bad, there is always a final bonus to play that others do not have, and it is called the Holocaust.
  3. Israel is virtuous but suffers the hatred of the wicked, from the UN to the EU, from the Arab countries even to the USA, and must rely on itself and win despite being “encircled”. And for this reason, it acts “outraged” when it is condemned by public opinion and institutions from almost the entire world.

It is not my intention to address what is happening in Gaza here, nor to get lost in the foolish bipolarity that pushes one to root for either Hamas or the IDF. There is no excuse for religious fundamentalists, who were, after all, initially set up by Tel Aviv itself. People who not only instrumentalized the Palestinian cause with abstract and internationalist fanaticism, but also did not hesitate to send their own population to the slaughter, hiding behind civilians, just like the partigiani of Via Rasella. Together, Hamas and Tel Aviv, with the complicity of almost all Arab and Middle Eastern governments, have crushed and are annihilating Palestine.

What I want to remark is that everything the Israelis say to cover up their imperialist massacre is identical and comparable to the schemes of some other powers, namely the Russian and American government.

The US government always act to avenge something against a “rogue state” or an “enemy in the shadows”. From the sinking of the Maine and the Lusitania, through Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers, there has always been an October 7 thanks to which “nothing will be the same as before” and from now on everything will be justified.

The Napalm, A-bombs, Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, about a million prisoner soldiers who died in prison camps and so on up to Guantanamo, are all understandable and acceptable “excesses” due to the latest “October 7”.

The same goes for the Kremlin. The tens of millions of people they systematically eliminated from 1917 onwards mean nothing because everything starts in 1941 with the “aggression” of the Axis, which threatened such a “peaceful” people who had recently invaded half of Poland and were heroically stopped by the Finns when they invaded their sovereign state.

We will not dwell here on the background of Operation Barbarossa, which shows how the Germans reacted to a betrayal of the agreements already in place, aimed at paralyzing their war machine. This was the third Russian betrayal of Europeans in a century and a half, followed by the most recent one in 2022.

Just as then, so today with the Ukrainian issue. Years and years of oppression have been erased; the genocide of the Holodomor (7.5 million Ukrainians!); the incursions of Russian soldiers without insignia to create “uprisings”; claiming the entire number of war victims in Donbass, including the nearly six thousand loyalists out of the thirteen thousand total as civilians who had to be protected. A local “October 7” has been proclaimed, with the “Odesa massacre”, denying the conclusions of two international commissions and the evidence of who actually attacked, forgetting how the fire started, and forgetting the fact that the person responsible for the failure to intervene by the security forces fled precisely to the Russians. Using even false surviving witnesses (a classic of the KGB), they have turned imperialism in Ukraine into a holy cause. And that May 2, 2014, distorted, disrupted, flipped, and narrated with a forked tongue, has become the origin date of everything. Everything that preceded just does not exist: just like October 7. What do tens of millions of deaths matter compared to the Odesa narrative?

Every reaction to Russian voracity is constantly branded by Moscow as an infamy, as a conspiracy of evildoers who want to destroy poor Russia, which is continuously portrayed as being threatened in its territorial integrity. Where is this territorial integrity threatened? In other people’s territories occupied by force! What makes them so different from Tel Aviv? Or Washington?

One might be tempted to say that it is like this for every time, that it is part of the logic of every imperialism, and it is therefore not surprising. But it is not true. If we think about the Second World War, this style of behavior was Russian and American. It was neither German nor Japanese. It was certainly not Italian, and not French or English either. Nor is there any trace of this during the Spanish or British empires, nor in the Portuguese, Dutch, French, Belgian or Italian colonial empires.

They never cared about appearing severe but fair, it was enough for them to be strict. “Right or wrong, it’s my country”. They have never postured to appear presentable in the hypocritical and vulgar gatherings of the unbalanced plebs. This was because because, after all, these empires maintained a warrior and noble heritage. Moscow, Washington and Tel Aviv do not.

I serve, you serve, we serve- so chants even here the hypocrisy of the rulers- and alas! if the first lord be only the first servant!” (Thus Spoke Zarathustra).

In my “New World Order between imperialism and Empire“, published in 2002 by Barbarossa, I also advanced the thesis that post-Roman modernity included its own regression of castes, and that the age of Globalism, established at Yalta, is the age of Pariahs. Thus we live in the era of post-servility, even beyond the servant-dominated world envisioned by Nietzsche.

Perhaps this is what it is about and not just the impunity of the powerful, not only the logic of imperialism, which was never thus in the past. Power and arrogance do not need victimhood and distortion of reality, invoked and packaged to avoid publicly paying the price. But the present empires feel the need for it, indeed they cannot do without it because they are the champions of the chaotic magma, of the chthonic darkness that spawned them, and therefore they literally cannot assume an aristocratic dignity.

There is a Spanish saying that affirms: “There is no worse tyrant than a slave with a whip in his hand”. This is probably what is going on today. Beyond the nuances due to varying levels of crudeness, whether it’s Moscow, Washington, or Tel Aviv, we are facing the shameful, shameless, deceitful, hypocritical, ruthless tyranny of slaves acting like despots.

Originally published in Italian as Il veleno dei servi on Translated and republished with permission.

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Very interesting article. Looking forward to more from Gabriele Adinolfi.

If one more person quotes Friedrich Nietzsche I’m going to kill every single nationalist I see from this point on he was a schizophrenic subhuman mixed race ********* who was the epitome of not living up to one’s ideals.

The better philosophers than him and the right needs to drop nicci let the left have him he’s a queer anyways

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