Bob Matthews, leader of The Order.

What to Expect from the Movie About The Order

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DISCLAIMER: This article contains subject matter related to a group that performed acts of violence. Neither Radical Dose, nor the author encourage violence except in self-defense and the defense of innocent people from immediate and obvious malicious harm. You should always know and follow the laws of the area in which you live. 
For those not necessarily in the know, images have leaked online from a set, and it seems film director Justin Kuzel is shooting a new movie about the dangers of White supremacy. Every few years since Romper Stomper and American History X it seems that Hollywood puts out an occasional new movie with the same basic plot: a heroic cop or FBI agent infiltrates a Nazi/Klan group and proceeds to stop the evil White supremacists from targeting a nonWhite (almost always Black) organization. We can look at Spike Lee’s adaption of BlacKKKlansman (where a Black and Jew infiltrate the Klan onscreen) or we can look at the movie Imperium (starring Jew Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame), or 2017’s Jewfest Shot Caller where Omari Hardwick stops a weapons deal orchestrated by the Aryan Brotherhood, just to name three examples. Kuzel’s movie is set to be finished soon, and it will be starring Nicholas Hoult as White nationalist leader of The Order, Robert Jay Mathews. 

What’s different about this story, and only shares authenticity with BlacKKKlansman, is that the events surrounding The Order that will be the subject of the movie actually happened. How they’ll be portrayed on screen is only known currently to those working on this set, and knowing just who runs Hollywood, they certainly won’t try to present a flattering image. But who were The Order? What did they do that made them the subject of a movie? And why are they such a big name in modern White Nationalist circles? Read on to discover why. 


The Order was comprised of men from multiple organizations active in the 1980’s, including the Aryan Nations, the National Alliance, Christian Identity movement, the Ku Klux Klan, and more. It was headed by Robert Jay Mathews, a White Nationalist who had previously run a Mormon survivalist group and an anti-government militia before The Order. Other prominent members included David Lane, founder of the Wotanist flavor of Germanic/Norse paganism; Bruce Pierce, Louis Beam, Richard Scutari, Frazier Glenn Miller Jr., and Gary Yarbrough.  By no means is this the total list of members. Mathews was the founder and leader of The Order.


A prominent name in White Nationalist circles, Robert Jay Mathews, also known as Bob Mathews, was the leader of The Order. Born in Texas to Scottish-descended parents and later baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints (Mormons), he joined the conservative John Birch Society at 11. He also started a Mormon survivalist militia known as the Sons of Liberty, which he later left after relations between Mormon and non-Mormon members began to deteriorate. He became a supporter of the Aryan Nations, aiming to help White Americans move to the Pacific Northwest to establish a White American Bastion, an idea living on in the Northwest Front today. He gave a speech and call to arms at a National Alliance meeting in 1983 that ended in a standing ovation, a speech that has carried throughout time, found in tributes online to him to this day. He founded The Order on his farm located near Metaline, Washington. The farm doubled as training ground for members of The Order and other prominent orgs. When not engaged in activities related to The Order, Mathews raised Scottish Galloway cattle. To lead by example, Mathews undertook actions both with his comrades-in-arms and by his lonesome. Mathews met his end at the hands of the FBI during an intense shootout that lasted 36 hours. In a classic Jewish act, Kuzel’s upcoming film will star Nicholas Hoult, an English actor notable for his numerous charity actions in Africa, as Mathews. Obviously, Bob Mathews would have loved to be portrayed by a race traitor precisely of type that Mathews wished to see cleansed from the Earth. 


The story of The Order is best described by those who were actual members of The Order. One member, Frank DeSilva, even wrote an autobiographical book and account of his time within the group, titled Bruder Schweigen (an alias The Order used to refer to themselves as a collective group). As with any group, funding was their first issue. At first they tried physical labor, and while their earnings were honest, their wages weren’t enough to fuel a struggle against the Zionist-occupied US federal government. They turned to counterfeiting, which proved a bad venture ending in arrests, before figuring robbery was an easier way to gain funds. They first hit a pornographic store, netting them several hundred dollars. It wasn’t long before money became an issue again, and thus The Order began to rob banks and armored cars carrying millions of dollars, using the acquired funds to sustain the fight, and donating to groups such as the National Alliance and White Patriot Party. As their successes grew, so did their access to resources and recruits. Bombings of a synagogue and a firebombing of a pornographic theater took place. A suspected informant was killed. Alan Berg, a Jewish talk show host who will be played by Jewish comedian Marc Maron in the upcoming movie, was killed in his driveway by Bruce Pierce. The FBI’s attention being stirred in response to the bank and armored car robberies, the FBI decided to kill Mathews and to prosecute the other members of The Order. A first attempt was made in a hotel, resulting in a shootout that wounded both Mathews and an FBI agent and resulted in the arrest of Order member Gary Yarbrough. A declaration of war from The Order was sent out, and the FBI bought forth a military-style assault complete with gunship helicopters against Mathews on December 8th, 1984 at a house Mathews occupied on Whidbey Island in Washington state. Mathews made a last stand before the FBI decided to set the house on fire, leaving Mathews to burn alive before sorting through the ashes to find his body. 

After the death of Mathews, the FBI initiated Operation Clean Sweep to round up the rest of The Order. While many members of The Order were arrested without serious incident, one member stood out: David Tate, who killed two Missouri state troopers as they prepared to arrest him during a traffic stop for his connections to The Order. He was captured 3 days later.

Another affiliate of The Order, Frazier Glenn Miller Jr, would go on to do a mass shooting at the Overland Park Jewish Community Center in Kansas in April 2014. He died of old age in 2021.


The Order’s struggle was not limited just because of the death of Robert Jay Mathews and the arrests of the other members of the group. Whilst the US federal government handed out long sentences for members of The Order like candy, one reaching up to 272 years in prison, many continued to struggle even behind bars unto their dying breath. 

David Lane, who doesn’t seem to be portrayed in this upcoming movie as of yet, had the most impact in his struggle once behind bars. Lane had studied paganism since he was a teenager, and once behind bars decided a White-centered religion was what was needed for Aryan victory. Thus Lane helped begin Wotanism, a racialized form of the old Germanic/Norse faith that would be set up for the modern day and the future. He also coined the famous 14 Words, and wrote the 88 Precepts. With nothing but time for the rest of his life in prison, Lane also proceeded to write several books, including KD Rebel, Victory or Valhalla, and Deceived, Damned, and Defiant. David Lane passed away from a seizure in federal prison in 2007.


It the author’s personal opinion that The Order failed for several reasons. For starters, The Order was far too large an organization. A core organization of 12 members is difficult to control outside of a conventional military structure, and with several dozen recruits being trained to make their own cells, it wouldn’t be a matter of if, but when they would be infiltrated or someone would turn informant. This is exactly what happened and helped bring down Mathews and The Order. 

None of the members had a police record. While this was great for staying out of the System’s sights at first, it also meant they had almost no knowledge of the tactics that would be used against them. They became easy targets for the FBI, who traced license plates, hotels, receipts, and other materials left behind to find and identify members of The Order, who seemed to have little knowledge of law enforcement tactics and methods.

Another criticism is that The Order’s targets of choice were ultimately political in nature, not military. The killing of Alan Berg served no real tactical or strategic goal, as people like Berg are a dime a dozen (Howard Stern, anyone?). Bank robbery in America is a federal crime, and for a group to repeatedly do it is a political embarrassment to a national law enforcement agency such as the FBI, as the FBI were made to look incompetent to the community at large.

A far better solution for The Order would have been to buy as much connected land as possible, secure all resources on the land, proceed to wall said land off, and then establish an all-White community on the privately owned property.  While not as glamorous as Bob Mathews would have envisioned, it would have been a feasible plan that could have shut out the Jewish influence that Bob Mathews and The Order wanted to remove. 


Alongside Mathews and The Order being subjects of Kuzel’s new flick coming out, I fully expect this one to be the classic Hollywood Jewfest of Hate for White men. Jude Law will likely be playing FBI Agent Wayne Manis who was part of the FBI force tasked with destroying The Order. Of course, no anti-White hatefest is complete without adding half-Jew, half-negress Journee Smollett, sister of famous black/jew half-breed hate-crime-hoaxer Jussie Smollett, and putting her in a whole cast of Jews and British trying to play the role of Americans. 


I don’t expect this to be a movie showing The Order or anyone in it in a good light. I expect quite the opposite from Jewish Hollywood. If they don’t practically portray Bob Mathews as a rabid baby-eating Nazi who just wants to kill Jews for no apparent or explainable reason, I’ll be genuinely surprised. But will I go see it anyway anticipating it’ll be a total Jewish shitfest? Sure, just so you won’t have to.

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Frazier Glenn Miller was a snitch. He testified against Louis Beam, Bob Miles, and Richard Butler in the 1980s Fort Smith, Arkansas sedition trial. Louis Beam, Richard Butler, and Bob Miles were found Not Guilty, but they were financially wiped out during the trial.

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