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The Problem of the The Mexican Government

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This entry is part 2 of 3 in the The Problem of Mexico

Ever since my last piece on this subject, some things have happened that can serve as an example of the risks posed by Mexico to the White cause and White populations. In the last article we focused almost solely on the cartels, now we have to analyze the risks posed to us by the other gang of thieves south of the border: The Mexican government.

In the end, it is a government that exists to oversee a majority brown population, and the manpower for its security forces is mostly derived from said Brown majority. Thus if it’s entirely left in the hands of Left and Far Left administrations, it will inevitably start to behave in ways and take action that put it directly at odds with the interests and safety of its nearest White populations, namely the Criollo minority and White Americans.

Since January 2019, this has been the case, since AMLO was sworn in after the awful 2018 election, in which 30 million people out of a population of 126 million elected him president, his administration has been hell bent on positioning Mexico as one of the global bastions of Left Wing geopolitics, leveraging the unbreakable economic and geographical ties between Mexico and the USA to guarantee the latter will always pursue a less confrontational position. This has been absolutely disastrous for the USA’s geopolitical goals, from Immigration, where the AMLO administration freely and openly threatens “whole of government” responses that include Military and Navy forces against the Texas state government to having hostile powers such as Russia station state spies on Mexican territory, to having Chinese companies, some state owned, try to access US market and export to the USA through Mexico, not to mention the evidence that has been found that the current Mexican government not only does not fight the cartel menace (which would be a target too large and dependent upon logistics and ground control to defend itself against a total annihilation effort without the government’s assistance), but instead actively shields them from efforts from the USA and the factions or individuals inside Mexican forces that seek any improvement or even the directly affected populations that dare fight back. All of this may not have started with this regime, but it has certainly put every single one of these issues on steroids, and created even more. All of these acts have the goal to consolidate Mexico as an ally for the anti-western and anti-white forces of the world, so they can use its land, population, resources and state apparatus as assets in an eventual direct advance against the USA.

The Mexican government has access to a sizeable and active, even if not very powerful Army, composed of Infantry, Navy, Air Force and Marine infantry, also an Internal Militarized Law Enforcement that serves as the partisan force for the President and his party, called the Guardia Nacional (National Guard), which has a bad reputation for recruiting low level criminals and party militants for its ranks. All these state security forces are sufficiently manned to be an absolute threat if Mexico starts to feel itself secure in pursuing more and more direct aggression against the United States, which will inevitably happen if the latter keeps insisting upon global withdrawal and showing weakness in foreign policy. Mexico shall thus be instrumental not only as a military force in itself, but also as a logistics hub, an industrial hub, a safe airspace, and a safe hinterland to retreat deputized immigrant mercenaries to. A complete nightmare.

The recent diplomatic conflict with Ecuador, where the US aligned staunchly anti-cartel government of Daniel Noboa, preventing one of AMLO’s usual stunts of protecting South America Left wing politicians currently under trial in their country, outright trampled upon the Vienna Convention and raided the Mexican embassy, subjugating the Mexican staff by force and violently snatching Jorge Glas (ex Vice President of Ecuador) from the safety of the now desecrated Leftist shrine that was the Mexican Embassy.

So far, Daniel Noboa has only doubled down on these actions, and his people back him. In what has turned to be Mexico’s roughest humiliation of recent times, Ecuador has suffered little, if any actual negative consequences for its shameless act, and it’s something we as pro white can feel good about. Even if this incident involved two brown countries, the humiliation of what aimed to be a Leftist great power at the hands of a much smaller and weaker nation whose white upper middle class has sought to regain political control of, is something we can all cheer on. 

This brings us to evidence a small silver lining formed by many different factors, that exposes the Mexican state as a threat that, in case of hostilities, could be neutralized relatively quickly. The most important one of those factors is that it obviously almost entirely depends on the USA for its war capabilities, for example, it’s extremely insignificant air defense would be overwhelmed and never be able to be replenished, It simply does not manufacture enough of its own weapons in order to come out on top in a conflict against the US Military. Even the Texas National Guard supported by 2 other state NGs would be able to push away a Mexican offensive. Another factor is that an attack or provocation against the USA is something that would be extremely unpopular among the Mexican population, as the effects in their pockets and livelihoods would be felt in a matter of hours.

The third most important factor is that a not insignificant portion of the Mexican Military would seize the opportunity to try to push their own agenda by force on the government. Not only would they avoid being sent to the frontline against the USA, they would actively undermine AMLOs move by trying to break his government up and impose their own goals.

Their own goals are basically: Let us go home, let us defend ourselves from the Cartels. As I have mentioned in the past, the Mexican Army is in a constant fear of carrying out its combat duties against gangs and cartels because of the legal and penal anarcho-tyranny that the AMLO regime has imposed on them.

Below, a small piece written by a Mexican Army Sergeant about what it’s like to carry his duties under this regime:

“My Experience was during a raid on a gas station that the Cartel Known as La Familia Michoacana used constantly. We had orders to arrest all of them and bring them back for due process. Just as we were arriving, it was obvious they were waiting for us and had been warned in advance. They fired at us at will, to which we obviously have the guidelines and training to answer, but all of the boys know that if we were to kill any one of those gang members, we could go to prison or get discharged in no time. The situation, however, was simply too delicate because we are talking about a gas station here, so I decided to clear my men to shoot at discretion and I would bear the responsibility for it, and so they did. No cartel member died, but I managed to neutralize two of them and they ended up crippled for life. I was arrested and detained for a week and got suspended from duty for 4 months for this. I didn’t kill them and still I got severely punished for it, and cases like mine you can find by the truckload. If our boys kill a sicario, it’s certain they will go to prison for it.. We have to let ourselves be killed or else we will go to prison”.

Under this situation, it’s been no secret among the troops themselves that many mid and low-level command staff would band together and try to and end this situation by force, and it wouldn’t be unexpected that a confrontation with the USA would be the opportunity they seize for this goal.

With all of this, I do not wish to add to your already big mental load, I know how tough it can be to be on our side and look to the state of world affairs. I do not wish to scare you with yet another boogeyman of undesirable skin pigmentation. However, I think you need to be informed that our enemies will have flags and regimes of their own, and to never mistake them for allies.

On the other hand, this situation of having a hostile foreign government that literally sits just in your backyard attacking the North American white population is still preventable, by both Electoral and non-electoral means (this does not mean push browns to vote harder, it means closing deals with the right people). I´ll delve further into detail in a future piece regarding the 2024 Mexican Election. Currently, the only two presidential candidates have slightly yet noticeably better and more stable position on US and West relations than AMLO, and vow for less militarized anarcho tyranny on the streets in order to reduce the military monopoly on certain economic sectors.

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Great work! More needs to be done on the awareness of the American public to the real threat of the Mexican Narco-State.

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