The Marxist War on Nationalism

The Marxist War on Nationalism

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In the history of this nation, it has dealt with an endless number of enemies. Now, it’s normal for a nation of people to be confronted with enemies from foreign powers, from foreign armies but the one thing that is more fatal to a country than any foreign army is an enemy that lives within. Now, it might be convenient to believe that the enemy within I’m talking about is people who aren’t of our kin but that’s not really true, because the enemy within this nation is the cabal of parasites and criminals in the house of common thieves in Westminster.

Over the years people may have increasingly believed that the solution to these problems was to turn more and more to the capitalists on the right but this, this did not work and now, we have a situation where right now we have a government run by a man with tens of millions of pounds in his pocket whose only objective is to fill those pockets even deeper! But then on the other hand, on the left, it has turned no so much into an ideology, but into an amalgamation of society’s rejects and degenerates, whose only objective in the world is to pursue their ideology at the cost of every single person in this nation because The Marxist War on Nationalism is a war on this nation and every living thing in it!

The left would have you believe that they represent a normal person and this is the great con and the great illusion of today because what they actually represent is only themselves and like con artists, their great achievement is to make the people of this nation believe that they are needed and no question needs to be addressed when talking about this con more so than the question of the trade unions. When the trade unions were created the idea was that the working man could represent himself but now, what has happened over the past decades, is the unions have become an institution designed to make money from their activities and so what you have now is a whole class of, not workers, not bourgeoisie as they would call it, but a class of professional grifters whose only objective, like the objectives of the rest of the left, is to fill their pockets at the expense of every normal person.

On the left you have what is called international socialism, that is what they promote and the end result of international socialism is a world communized under the god of money but on the right you have the claws of international finance who once again promote a world under the god of money and so on the left and the right both these things lead to the same conclusion which is a world in which nations and groups of people are rendered totally powerless and left at the mercy of those who wish to pillage them for everything they own.

And the reason that I’ve come here today is not just to decry what is, but to talk about what can be, because there is another way. There is a way out of this trap, and that way is the National agenda, an agenda which does not look to the rest of the world to decide what needs to be done, which does not go cap in hand to other people to demand things from them, but an agenda which tells the people of this nation to find within themselves what they need to be great.

Our people possess everything that they require within their own blood. They did not need the help of any outside power. They did not need the help of any Marxist union. They did not need the help of any left-wing ideology in order to build the greatest empire in the world and they do not need that help now!

Britannia has a noose around her neck and that noose has been wrapped and tightened by the forces of the Marxists on the left and the insane capitalists on the right and that noose has been attached to an anchor and that anchor has been thrown into the sea to drag Britannia to drown and the people who threw that anchor into the ocean are the very people that right now stand, the other side of this square. The reason they’re here is not because they object to any ideology, it is not because they think we are bigots, it is not about ideology, what they are here for is because their greatest fear is that the working man of Britannia will stop needing them to be their arbiter and will instead discover that they can speak for themselves because if the people of this nation can speak for themselves, they will have no need of the parasites anymore and that is why they come here with such fanatical dedication to silence what we have to say. That is why, not the fear of ideals but the fear of the grift being over.

Our people have everything that they need in order to build the nation that they want. We do not need to turn to anybody else. We have the things that we require. Our people are not just pieces of trash to be found in the gutter. Our people are not just rubbish. If this history of this nation was one of failure and misery then I can truly understand why people would say there is no hope but it is anything but. The history of this nation is one of endless success and endless power. Our people are not rubbish and the greatest fear of our enemies is that our people will awaken to that reality.

The solution to our problems is not going to be found by voting for another party or by attaching ourselves to another ideology because when I talk about the National agenda what I’m actually talking about is an ideal which is rooted in the people as opposed to an ideal that people must be bent to. Our ideal, if we even have one, is the people themselves, the people who by an ancient history of blood are tied to this land. Our people will never become refugees because our people do not run, our people do not face hardship and leg it to the far corners of the world cap in hand begging for a handout and begging for help. Our people make their own destiny as they have always done and as they always will!

The children of Britannia are at a great turning point. I was in the Army when I came to this turning point in my life. I realized that I had been shown a way of making myself what I wanted to be and I was shown that everything that I needed to succeed I could find within myself and I saw people, totally normal people, who were able to find those things within themselves just as easily as me. The people of this nation are not finished. Our people, our people are designing a future for themselves and they’re doing it off their own back. Everyone who has come here today has come here, not because they reacted to an issue, not because something happened that they needed to fix, they’ve come here today and you’ve all come here today because you have decided that you do have a voice and you can speak without the need of someone else who you’ve never wanted and never liked to speak for you.

Soon… soon the chains of Marxism that have wrapped around this nation will shatter and our people will once again be on the march to the future that they deserve. There will be no more Tories, there will be no more Labour, instead there will simply be a unified British people.

And if there’s one thing that I implore you to remember when you walk away from here, it’s not to remember anything I said about Marxism or capitalism or any ideology. Remember how great you are and remember that you are not pieces of rubbish, remember that you have a voice and you can use it, as and when you want, and remember who it is that is your terrible enemy, remember who tried to shut you down, remember who spoke against you just for daring to have a voice.

Our people have a future!

When the forces of Britannia are once again arranged, and this time will come soon, when this happens, then we shall see in this war between us and the enemies and the parasites that have brought this nation to rack and ruin, then we shall see who is truly stronger!

This article is a transcript of a speech delivered by Alek Yerbury at the Rally For Our Nation on March 18th 2023 in Hull, Yorkshire, UK. You can listen to the speech here. Transcribed by John Smith.

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Just like Searchlight magazine says, he reminds me of Oswald Mosley. I was about ready for Alek Yerbury to speak on “England lives and marches on!”

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