The Mad World

The Mad World

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What is wrong with people today? Why is everyone so damaged? The rise in unnatural behaviour is extremely alarming. It’s a mad world out there.

I want to preface this article by saying that I believe nature is perfect. I honestly believe in intelligent design with regards to our world, and so the pressures that nature provides were put in place to keep things in check. But mankind has the ability to creatively solve problems and that, paired with our obsession with comfort and ease has created the prerequisite environment for us to destroy ourselves.

Thanks to our technological advancements, we have reduced infant mortality, extended life for everyone and produced plenty of food for the whole world, which has caused populations to explode in places that usually had much higher natural pressures like Africa. If you just look to the amount of aid that has been donated from the west and given to the rest of the world; you can clearly see that the money and food has been literally aiding in the population boom of India and sub-Saharan Africa.   

I firmly believe that if the European diaspora was to decrease in a drastic number, there would be knock on effects on the populations in Africa as well as Asia. European demand for goods would drastically impact wealth in Asia which would affect birthrates. I also believe that a lack of European farmers would equate to a massive decrease in food and aid to Africa which would reduce the number of births there.

As it currently stands; wealth and quality of life are still extremely high. Yes there are more challenges for the western economies than our parents or grandparents faced. But if we zoom out and look at time as a whole; things are still very good when it comes to life expectancy and comfort most are afforded.

Which brings us to the point of this article; if all the metrics for quality of life are relatively good, why are people going crazy? What is causing the abnormal behaviour?

One model that makes a good case for the madness we see is presented in the mice utopia experiments. The first time I learned about it in 2021 I felt overwhelmed by the concept and it causes me to assume that some form of societal collapse is inevitable within, at minimum, the lifetimes of my children. 

The Mouse Utopia experiment was a question that a researcher, John B. Calhoun, had as to what would happen to a colony of mice if they were given optimal conditions, enough food, water, free from disease and predators; what would happen to the population? The mice were given a very comfortable cage that was cleaned often and well stocked with all they needed. Over many iterations of the experiment and a few years running one large version; the results were consistent. 

Initially the population grew quickly and it doubled every 55 days, as you would expect with optimal conditions.  The mouse population plateaued around 314 Days and at that time the mouse population was around 2,000 even though the cage was designed to hold close to 6,000 mice. That is only a third of the cage was designed to support. 

At this time, the mouse society began to collapse as many strange behaviours began to exhibit themselves in the mice. Calhoun called this “behavioural Sink”. Despite the space the mice had; most chose to live in confined portions of the cage, leaving other parts to be very sparsely inhabited. They would gather in the main squares waiting to be fed, and occasionally attacking each other. 

Among the males there was sexual deviation in the form of homosexuality and cannibalism. Another behaviour among the males was withdrawal; where they would only eat, drink and move about when the rest of the community was asleep.  The females struggled to carry pregnancies to term and the ones that did seemed to simply forget about their babies. They’d move half their litter away from danger and then forget the rest. Sometimes they would abandon a baby and just leave it in the open. 

In a few of the secluded spaces in the cage there would be a population called which was female, guarded by one alpha-type male. That male was too busy fending off other male mice that he himself never got to mate with the harem he kept. Some male mice were spared from violence and death but they had lost the social behaviour required for sex, they became incels.  By the 600th day, the population was on its way to extinction. 

Now I must state that, I don’t believe we have evolved from mice or have any common ancestor with them. In general; I don’t believe in the theory of evolution. But I do believe that pressures provided by nature are there for a reason with every species. What is true on a small scale with mice, could also be true on a larger scale with humans.

The fascinating thing is that this is brought upon us by our own actions. We are building our own cages and we call them cities. We are both the prisoners and the prison guards while believing that we are gods. We see all sorts of sexual degeneracy on the rise. We seen a decrease in birth rates as most women in the west only give birth to 1.75 children which is well below replacement level, despite the fact that things have never been better. People want to complain about lack of wealth but quality of living is still much better than what it has been historically. 

With the lack of natural pressures, we see that women are behaving more masculine and men are behaving more feminine which was also observed in the mice utopia experiments. 

With advancement in technology we see that the requirement of true masculine strength is obsolete. Women see the positions of power men have as CEOs sitting at desks and conclude that they could be men too. They also see men in sterilised environments with lots of weights and machines building muscle and assume that they can do that too. Now I am not against lifting weights; I owned a strength and conditioning facility for nearly a decade. But I am observing the phenomenon that all things once considered “masculine” are now very accessible to women.

The one thing that a man can never do is get pregnant, carry a child in their bodies for 9 months and give birth. That task is only for women. And it is a glorious expression of feminine strength. Watching a woman care for and raise your child is the most beautiful act I have ever witnessed.

On the other hand; men are built for war. They are built to defend, hunt and provide for their family. The civilisation we have built does not require that and in fact punishes men who have that urge. Farming in the west is not economical anymore, which is the role of provider. Manual labour isn’t valued anymore as those difficult physical jobs are shipped overseas to other countries or replaced entirely by machines. The only wars we are allowed to participate in are bankers wars which have no ethical reason to occur. The only just war is the war of defending the borders of our homelands. That is currently illegal while hordes of people flood our countries. 

The foreign aid that the west has provided has caused populations to balloon in places they wouldn’t normally. The wars we have fought abroad have destabilised regions once under strict totalitarian rule, and now as if the wars themselves and the loss wasn’t enough of a front hand slap, we are being told we deserve the back hand slap of unchecked immigration.

Gender is a social construct; but at the same time children should be encouraged to remove their genitals while the suicide rate of Trans individuals remains constant. Affirm their gender identity and the Trans person will still kill themselves. Remove their genitals and they will also still kill themselves. 

The level of medical malpractice, coercive vaccinations, lawyers defending pedophiles, lobbies from special interest groups manipulating politics, and central banking enslaving mankind. None of it makes sense. 

I’m not saying that this Mouse Utopia experiment is the only reason why there is excessive insanity in this world; but I am saying that the experiment is a model for what could be occurring. The scenario we find ourselves in, along with the subsequent madness we are witnessing could be a built-in mechanism for nature to correct itself. We might simply have to go through this as it is the final chapter in a long list of poor decisions due to comfort, convenience and technology. Population collapse may be too far gone.

There have been men who were prophetic and saw the madness of our day as the natural progression of our actions; one being Theodore Kaczinsky and his essay Industrial Society and its Future. However, I must add that on the whole, I find Kaczinky’s actions terrible and his ideology, of running to rural regions and waiting for better days, cowardly.

This very situation mankind is in, could be the natural course of things and we may not be able to change it on a grand scale. 

If that is the case; those of us who wish to continue to live and want our bloodlines to continue must begin taking action now, while preparing our children for a world that will have less people, and thus less collective support than we have.

The primary solution is to have a family and teach your children the skills of self sufficiency. All the information is at your fingertips thanks to the internet. You can learn and then teach your children how to sew, make soap, butcher animals, grow food and build.  Speaking from experience; it is a lot of fun to raise animals, learn skills and demonstrate what is possible to your kids. Most importantly; having children is exciting and enjoyable. Of course it is a lot of work too but anything good, anything of value, will cost you.

With the crisis of competence, I am sure that we are at peak technology or coming close to it. AI isn’t going to pick up the slack for the dysgenic breeding we have perpetuated. We won’t have enough intelligence to maintain the complex systems required for high end technology. Our current power grids are maxed out to dangerous levels with electric vehicles and a lack of nuclear power. The infrastructure is so fragile that a natural disaster like a solar flare could turn out all the lights. I don’t see us getting to the stars this time around with the civilisational cycle we are in. If World War 3 does kick off then we will be returning to a much lower level of tech due to a lack of human power. That would only hasten population collapse.  

Looking at the world from this perspective, I have found peace. It is my job to do what I can amidst madness and not succumb to it. I have hope for the future. The Europeans that exist one hundred years from now will be the best to ever walk the earth. They will be the ones that survived this massive filter that mankind is going through. They will have resisted eating chemically produced food despite its wonderful taste. They will have found solutions to exist and earn money despite technology stealing jobs. They will have maintained their health and vitality despite Big Pharma’s attack on the human immune system.  And most importantly, they will have maintained human connection, found a mate and had children despite a world telling them that it is wrong.

The humans of the future could very well be the Übermensch we all wish to see. It is our job to work towards that as well. The burden to carry the torch for our kind is on us. For me this is a whitepill; let the madness continue because I am stronger than it. 

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The general thesis here is what I’ve been trying to say for a while, but a lot of people within the “Dissident Right” attacked me for it.

I believe that, as you put it, men are built for war. I believe that having real martial skillsets and tools (actually being able to defend your nation) are all a core part of traditional male identity (especially for Indo Europeans) that has been misrepresented, vilified, hijacked, suppressed and stripped away by modern civilization. And this why the modern man has become a numale: useless, harmless, disarmed, weak and addicted to video games. Video game addiction is a symptom of a problem — it’s not itself The Problem — because most men cannot live the way they’re built for. I’m not suggesting that men should be more violent (like African people) but modern man has become harmless in a way that coincidentally benefits the globalist ruling classes that HATE us.

I was attacked for saying that White people, especially modern Europeans, are losing their Indo European spirit, because they live a comfortable and safe urban existence relative to other Whites — but this phenomenon is true for almost males alive today, regardless of race.

One interest of mine is the culture of proto-Europeans, and what we see with the Indo-Europeans was a strong martial identity, one that made the difference between being just a male and being a real man. This was a way of life that started with their migration out of the Pontic Steppe, into Europe, and it left cultural and genetic-psychological imprints that we see today — why are most all of the dedicated combat occupations in the military (MOS as its called in the US military) predominantly filled with White men? Indo DNA is why…


“The females struggled to carry pregnancies to term and the ones that did seemed to simply forget about their babies.”

I know women just like that. Also, I bet those mice which reverted to cannibalism and homosexuality were Black.

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