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The Coming Global Demographic Apocalypse | Part 1

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Discussions surrounding an impending societal collapse, a general civilizational decline and the need for prepping are no longer seen as unusual in 2024. Most people in the West now acknowledge, or at least sense, that something extremely foreboding is on the horizon; it need not be some immediate cataclysmic event, because a gradual decline into severe third-world conditions is menacing enough. The real debate is not if, but when, where, and how the world will look after this demographic apocalypse takes place. A demographic tidal wave of diarrhea is already casting a dark shadow over every civilization in the entire developed world, ready to fill all the inevitable population voids, and no continent will be spared.

When making predictions, we cannot claim to have a crystal ball. However, by analyzing data, considering all relevant factors, and contextualizing it with historical insights, we can create the most accurate forecast possible. Many people fail in making predictions because they focus on individual factors in isolation, like examining each tree without seeing the entire forest. However, by contextualizing information and considering as many factors as possible, including potential X factors, we can form better predictions. While this post won’t cover every potential factor contributing to civilizational-demographic collapse, it will be among the most comprehensive for a blog post of this size.

The main factors contributing to what I foresee as an inevitable global collapse all revolve around what I call The Bipocalypse. Some of you may already be familiar with the term BIPOC, which stands for Black, Indigenous, and “People Of Color” — basically, it means all non-White populations. In this post, the acronym BIPOC will be used as shorthand to refer to the world’s non-White populations, which are all typically much lower in IQ, lower in a psychology for cooperation and all other mental traits necessary for a healthy and functional Western society. BIPOC + Apocalypse = Bipocalypse!

Let’s have a look at each factor.

The reproductive rate of every developed (i.e., Western) country is critically below the replacement level.

I used ChatGPT to make the graphs, and it kept listing South Korea and Japan as Western countries.

When looking at fertility rates, it’s important to remember that anything below 2.1 is below replacement level. To make matters worse, the Western countries that have higher reproductive rates also tend to be the ones that have more non-White immigrants — presumably, the non-White immigrants are the ones bumping up fertility rates within Western countries. What this all means is that in the future, there will be fewer White people across the entire planet. So the numbers are in, and according to the math here, planet Earth is going to have fewer White people in the future just by looking at reproductive rates alone. This is a mathematical inevitability in every Western country.

What makes this even more alarming is that, as we’ll see in just a minute, Whites are already a very small percentage of the world population.
Now let’s look at the countries with the highest reproductive rates.

Out of the top 50 countries by fertility rate, not a single one is a White, Western country.

While one part of the world (the White Western World) faces a severe population decline, another distinct region of the world, the Sub Saharan region in particular, is experiencing exponential population growth at the same time. This alone is a major factor in current and future migration trends, especially when you factor in that more living space and infrastructure within the developed Western world, space and resources designed to sustain a previously larger White population, will go unused, thus beckoning the global BIPOC migrating hordes to fill the growing vacancies in the West. Within our own countries, the traitors among us will have far greater financial and political incentives to welcome in the BIPOC hordes to fill vacancies as the lower fertility of White populations continues to compound.

Here is the pie chart showing the distribution of the world population by race in 2022. The data indicates that approximately 9.2% of the world population is of European descent (White). Other races include Asian (59.1%), African (18.2%), Latin American and Caribbean (8.3%), North American (4.7%), and Oceanian (0.6%).
Sources: World Population Review, United Nations Population Division, Our World in Data, Wikipedia.

Average age as an additional factor in reproductive-capacity shifts

On top of the fertility crisis already facing the West, an additional factor influencing this dynamic between growing populations and shrinking populations is average age.

Comparing these two graphs above, the populations of Western countries are on average twice as old as those in high fertility, non-White countries in Africa and the Middle East — Western countries collectively have an average age above 37 years old, whereas BIPOC countries have an average age below 25. This means that of the global worldwide White population — 9.2% of the world population — even fewer women are as healthy and of reproductive age in comparison to African and the Middle Eastern populations.

According to ChatGPT’s calculations,

…To account for the proportion of women beyond childbearing age and to achieve the target population proportion of 10%, the fertility rate for Western families (of European descent) would need to be approximately 3.5 to 4.0 children per woman. This estimation ensures that the population not only replaces itself but also grows sufficiently to increase its proportion in a growing global population.

– ChatGPT 4o

Could you imagine the average breeding-age White woman today having a minimum of 3.5 White children? Yeah, I don’t think so.

Industrialization of Western society as the third major factor for the Bipocalypse.

What we can also gather from the graphs above is that low fertility strongly correlates with highly developed countries. This observation suggests that low fertility is primarily a phenomenon observed in developed nations, and specifically, it can be viewed as a problem of industrial society, as Ted Kaczynski might have put it.

In his critique of industrial society, Kaczynski argued that technological and industrial advancements, while bringing about material prosperity, also lead to significant social and psychological changes. These changes impact family structures and reproductive behaviors in several ways:

  1. Economic Factors: In highly developed, industrial societies, the economic pressures often lead individuals and couples to delay or forgo having children. The high cost of living, expensive childcare, and the pursuit of career goals can discourage large families.
  2. Cultural Shifts: Industrial societies often experience cultural shifts that prioritize individualism and personal freedom. This can result in a decreased emphasis on traditional family values and a lower birth rate.
  3. Women’s Education and Employment: As societies industrialize, there is typically an increase in educational and employment opportunities for women. While these advancements are positive, they often correlate with a decline in fertility rates, as women may choose to have fewer children or delay childbirth to pursue careers.
  4. Urbanization: Industrial societies tend to have higher levels of urbanization. In urban environments, space is limited and the cost of raising children is higher, which can contribute to lower fertility rates.
  5. Technological Lifestyle Changes: The technological lifestyle changes in industrial societies, such as increased screen time and a more sedentary lifestyle, can also have indirect effects on fertility by impacting health and social interactions.
  6. Psychological Stress: The fast pace and high demands of industrial society can lead to increased stress and mental health issues, which may affect family planning decisions and fertility rates.

Kaczynski’s critique highlights how the very structure and values of industrial societies can lead to demographic trends like low fertility. While these societies achieve high levels of development and technological prowess, they also face challenges related to maintaining population levels and addressing the socio-economic consequences of declining birth rates. As populations in developed Western countries decline as a result of being industrialized societies, these nations must grapple with the implications of an aging population, potential labor shortages, and the sustainability of social welfare systems. Regardless of who is in power, strong incentives for BIPOC immigration will become an increasing problem, and likely a necessity for those wanting to maintain a certain standard of living. Not everyone wants to pick their own tomatoes.


I wish we were dealing with a zombie apocalypse instead. It would be easier to deal with.

The Bipocalypse is coming: we are quickly heading toward a world where Whites will make up less than 3% of the world population. The coming racial dark age is inevitable and it will be global. Maybe you can run away from it for a little while, maybe if you’re willing to move to the most remote areas of Europe or North America and become self sufficient, but by itself that won’t be a viable long term solution. But don’t despair, don’t drown in the black pills. There are potential solutions, they just require you to think ahead, become a prepper, and prepare to become a man of extreme action.

In part 2, I will talk about how The Bipocalypse will gradually bring all of our industrialized civilizations down, and how we can plan ahead to survive and thrive.

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You cannot outbreed vermin without becoming vermin.

There is nothing wrong with smaller families in a wealthy, peaceful, industrial society. The problem is the very deliberate invasion of our lands, facilitated primarily by jewish interests. (And that interest, as they have written about multiple times, is the genocide of Europeans and their replacement with a low-IQ brown slave race.)

When there are too many rats in your grain you don’t cry out to grow more grain; you start killing a lot of rats.

Korea, Singapore, and Japan all have industrial societies and many parts of China. But they are not replacing their populations. There is something deeper here (fewer births is indeed a developed nation thing). But soon, with a BIPOC majority, I don’t know if there is a single BIPOC they won’t let enter the country, so it will soon be that of BIPOC rule by default.

lower in a psychology for cooperation = they chimp out. you can take the negro out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the negro

the traitors among us = scalawags and negro lovers

Skullduggery and afrophilia!

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