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Psychopolitical Warfare and the Summer of 1963

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This entry is part 2 of 3 in the Psychopolitical Warfare series by Asa Carter

The opposition of the American people had mounted to an almost insurmountable obstacle to passage of that legislation, and Congress had refused to pass it. Since President John Kennedy and brother Bobby Kennedy were in the forefront of trying to get the civil rights bills through Congress, they therefore bore the brunt of the American people’s opposition.

Now, the liberals became desperate. Do you recall the liberal newspapers and columnists as they began to complain of Congress as a horse and buggy apparatus that needed streamlining in order to pass what they called progressive legislation? If you do not recall that, you can easily visit your public library, and study the back files of your liberal press. 

In late summer of 1963, the liberal television networks put on TV specials that undertook to do what they called study Congress as they put it and devised ways to destroy the seniority system. Congress would not pass the civil rights legislation. That was the great problem of the moment of the liberals. The Communist Party’s publications, its official publications, were daily screaming wild invectives against the American people and Congress for their opposition to the civil rights bills. The liberal puppets of press and television mounted an avalanche of propaganda, and Southern streets and cities became practically battlegrounds. Congress and the people still refused to pass the civil rights laws. Now at this point the massive Washington March was carried out. Do you recall the 200,000 who assembled in Washington that day? The March leaders issued warnings of threats of violence. They talked of invading Congress because it would not pass the civil rights bills. The assorted leaders of liberals, pinks, perverts, communists, communist fronters and beatniks, wildly shouted speeches with Communist Party slogans and accusations and charges against the American people and Congress. The liberal television networks went all out, spending millions of dollars to stage this assault on the American people and the Constitution. The television and newspapers fed this publicity of propaganda all over the world, feeding them propaganda meals of international communism. The President of the United States endorsed this communist warfare and appeared on television with members of communist fronters. The liberal television newscasters and columnists called this attack a call for an enlightened America.

But, Congress was getting a flood of mail from a row of patriotic citizens that opposed the civil rights legislation and Congress still refused to pass the bills. Then, vicious violence was stepped up in the South, an NAACP leader was murdered in the state of Mississippi, and this was laid at the door of the so-called rednecks. A Birmingham church was blown up, killing four negro children. Mysterious explosions and burnings began to take place all over the South, and each time with the liberal press using each act of violence as a podium, from which to abuse the Southerner, the American people, to preach shame and apology, and remind the readers that the only way to cleanse themselves of this guilt and these sins and to show that we were an enlightened citizen rather than savages was to support passage of the civil rights laws.

Known Southern segregationists were hauled to the jails by the score, questions, and pictures of them run in the liberal press as being suspected of these crimes of violence. All manner of pressure was brought to bear, but the American people still staunchly opposed the civil rights legislation.

And then the carrot was offered, the stick didn’t work.

So, the carrot was offered to the American people, do you recall the leadership of the street marchers saying, if we could just get the civil rights legislation passed, that would solve all the problems. We would ask for nothing else, nothing more, that would be it. Do you remember that?

However, that tactic did not work either, and I can take down the communist handbook on propaganda tactics and read that one to you, practically word for word.

Now, this is where the situation stood as October came, with the liberal press, the communists, and the liberals on television conducting a vicious hate campaign against Congress, against the Southerners, and in general the American people.

Now, I’m sure you recall the endless pleadings of those people to look to your conscience over and over and over again

The communist apparatus was at a point of desperation, almost every propaganda tactic that had worked before had now been performed, and still the American people presented an almost immovable force against passage of the civil rights bills.

Now let’s diverge for just a moment.

As you know during that time, Southerners were speaking against the civil rights bills, Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, George Wallace of Alabama and others, as they were speaking in the North, these men were subjected to pickets and the booing and spitting and being bopped with picket signs, and the liberal press presented this as a rather funny matter, something to be laughed at.

But as October came and wore on with Congress refusing to act, with all the propaganda pleas failing to have effect, with all the murders and violence and street warfare and marches, all to no avail, a single incident took place.

Adlai Stevenson spoke in Dallas, Texas. At this speech there were people who opposed his support of the United Nations. As he emerged from the building after his talk, a small line of peaceful pickets greeted him, and in the pressing crowd around him a woman carrying a sign bumped Mr. Stephenson.

Although the lady apologized, claiming her arm had been shoved, the liberal press would have none of it. With screaming headlines and pictures, the liberal press proclaimed Dallas a hotbed of right-wing extremist groups. Liberal television commentators day after day after day launched vicious hate campaigns against Dallas, Texas as a capital of vicious right-wingers. Editors wrote moving editorials on the so-called hate that had infested not just Dallas, but all of us, as they called it, because the American people did not want the civil rights bills.

The liberal columnist in the newspapers drummed it into the public’s mind that Dallas, Texas was the center of right-wing hate groups. Dallas was told to look to her conscience until the liberal press had firmly established in the public mind that Dallas, Texas was a hotbed of violent and vicious right-wing hate mongers. Now you may easily check back and verify this propaganda barrage by visiting your library, reading the back issues of the daily liberal press of October, and you’ll find it there. This hate campaign against Dallas was a nationwide, concerted and organized campaign.

If one is reasonably intelligent and even tacitly admits that we’re subjected to a warfare propaganda, that the communist apparatus does not ignore the value of influencing and indoctrinating and indeed controlling the human mind, then we might ask why was Dallas, Texas being set up nationwide, prepared as a stage, one might say, as a headquarters of so-called right-wing extremists?

Why was Dallas, Texas suddenly smeared, as individuals have been smeared in the past… to establish Dallas’s reputation, so to speak, as a symbol of right-wing hatred and bigotry and violent emotions by those of so-called “white racist feelings”.


It had never been so before, nothing had ever come out of Dallas. Birmingham had been smeared, yes, Jackson, Mississippi, yes, but not Dallas, Texas. And to be so indicted nationwide by all the important liberals of television, newspaper, and speakers, almost as if they were a choral group directed in their singing by a choir master, and to indict an entire city on the flimsy evidence of a single woman, who bumped Adlai Stevenson with a single picket sign, not forcefully struck him, you understand? No swinging violent action, just a single solitary instance, and all the history of Dallas, Texas, and on that single incident alone, multi-million dollar newspapers, wire services, multi-million dollar television networks, television newscasters in high-income brackets, suddenly concentrate on that single incident, after all the left-wing street marches, bombings, burnings, lootings, and murders, after all that, to concentrate on a single woman carrying a single picket sign. This was a fantastic situation in October 1963.

President John Kennedy’s use to the left wing was at an end. There was nothing else he could do for them. He was in trouble with the voters over his pushing of that very left-wing program of civil rights legislation. He had become the object, the symbol, of that left-wing push. In fact, his entire legislative package was in trouble in Congress. The American people had reached an end to their patience with a left-wing revolution, but the American people concentrated their opposition on the man, the personality, without understanding the real issue involved.

The Communists had reached the end of the trail too. Out of their machinations to riot, march, violence, and murder, laid at the door of their opposition, their propaganda barrage, the liberal pleadings, the preachings, it had all come to zero, as far as their objective of passing the civil rights laws.

The answer for the Communists was obvious. Set Dallas, Texas up as the center of, the headquarters of, their opposition, the so-called “right-wing hate mongers”, on any evidence possible, no matter how flimsy, build it up, and set the stage.

President John Kennedy was then to come up on that stage, so carefully arranged. He did, and he was murdered.

Within that hour of his murder, I didn’t say hours, I said, within the hour of his murder, pamphlets were out on the streets already printed, saying that his murder was engineered and carried out by right-wing racists, and calling for a roundup of all known right-wingers in a massive drive to rid the country of them. Passage of the civil rights laws was called for in those pamphlets. Within the hour, prominent liberals on radio and television were laying the murder at the door of what they called, “right-wing Southern hate mongers”.

But something else was happening within that hour too, a man had been caught who was not a right-wing Southern so-called “racist”, an alarm began to spread through the liberals throughout the nation.

On our next program, we shall see how the liberal propaganda apparatus gyrated to recover from being caught flat-footed… almost almost… in this deadly war that is with us now, for our nation, our freedoms, our children.

This is Asa Carter. May God bless you, and I thank you for listening.
Radio transcript of Essays on Liberty by Asa Carter. Originally aired in 1969.

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