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Saucy Simone’s Spicy Liver

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Liver is one of the best meats to eat. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also full of all sorts of important nutrients which do your body good regardless of age, sex and levels of physical activity. However, not all people enjoy the taste of liver. This is why we at Radical Dose have come up with a spicy liver recipe for everyone’s palate. Here’s what you’ll need for half a kilo of liver, which’d make a good meal for two:

500g of liver. It doesn’t matter whether it’s pork, beef or lamb
2 teaspoons of black pepper
2 teaspoons of MSG or similar spice
2 teaspoons of crushed dry red peppers
3-4 cloves of garlic – diced
A handful of parsley – chopped
Chopped chilli peppers.
2-3 tablespoons of vinegar

Optionally, soak the liver overnight in milk. This can draw out most of the offensive smell and taste. Slice it very thin, as thin as possible. Mix the black pepper, MSG and crushed red peppers together and rub them into both sides of the liver slices. Fry the liver in a pan on a low flame for 5 minutes on each side. Strain the excess grease and add salt to taste.

Now it’s time to prepare the liver’s dressing. Mix the diced garlic, chopped parsley and chopped chilli peppers together in a bowl and add the vinegar. Pour the resulting dressing out over the fried liver. And that’s that. Saucy Simone’s Spicy Liver, for the picky eaters who nevertheless wish to enjoy the benefits of eating liver.

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MSG is a neurotoxin.

I’ve had some good burgers in my time I like a good burger with Swiss roasted mushrooms and caramelize onions that’s hot stuff you can get it a number of different places

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