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For the past week or so, the biggest news among British nationalists has been the guilty verdict of Sam Melia, a member of Patriotic Alternative and husband of deputy leader Laura Towler, for the crime of… putting up stickers. The stickers were deemed to contain material inciting racial violence. Sam Melia’s been released on bail pending his sentencing hearing. The reaction from nationalists in the UK and all around the globe was predictably, outrage. Once again, the British government acts to suppress political speech in service of securing the existence of the British people and egregiously violates one of the oldest and strongest Rights of Englishmen, the right to free expression. 

In the moral and legal aspect, I can do nothing but express full support for Sam Melia and his struggle to bring the truth about racial replacement to the people of Britain through his own chosen medium of stickers. For what it’s worth, I strongly condemn the guilty verdict against him and hope that he can appeal this decision and thus retain his liberty. However, in the aspect of tactics for nationalists, I can’t help but think that Mr. Melia may have made several errors which have now led to his current fate. I tend to share the opinion of Mr. Alek Yerbury that: 

“The lesson to learn from this that others can benefit from is to NOT engage in activity like flyposting or stickering, and not to encourage people to (sic). The reason being that whilst the risks are high (criminal damage charges and potentially worse ones), there is no quantifiable result from doing it. Stickering is a high-risk, zero-reward activity, and thus people should avoid doing it.

Take all the man hours you plan to spend stickering and spend them proselytising in the pub, or to people you know. It will have more effect and your willingness to do it in a fully transparent way will make you HARDER to persecute, NOT easier.”

In my experience, I will say that I was personally won over to nationalism by a combination of consuming internet content (ironically made by the libertarian Stefan Molyneux) and friends proselytising to me. As for stickering and flyposting, I’ve noticed that most people simply do not notice stickers or flyers they find on the street and the few who do, only pay them attention if they’re already politically convinced. A nationalist will notice a nationalist sticker and chuckle to himself to agree with it, whereas a communist or Antifa will notice a nationalist sticker and attempt to peel it off. The same goes for Antifa stickers and flyers as well – nobody really pays them much attention except nationalists who attempt to peel them off. In fact, such Sticker Wars rage on in every major Western city and result in little more than defaced public surfaces, litter and people feeling accomplished for not having done much. 

In a past life, I spoke out against organising frivolous protest marches. Protest marching is always a popular option for nationalist organisations to engage in for a very simple reason: It feels good. Protest marching is in a sense ersatz military service, and young men in particular feel great when they’re marching as part of a large crowd. At the primitive level of analysis, it tells the man that he is part of a large tribe which shares a unity of purpose and confidence in the cause — i.e., that he is part of an army that is about to claim victory. Also, because the act itself floods the participants’ bloodstreams with feel-good hormones, it’s very easy to claim it as successful even if it achieves nothing whatsoever, least of all in the desired direction.

Above all, because the protest organizer has granted the participants this tiny slice of ersatz military glory, he has in a sense earned their loyalty in the same way that a victorious general earns the loyalty of his troops. But protests rest on the assumption that the powers-that-be can be influenced or intimidated by men marching on the streets. This is a false assumption in the former case, and a dangerous act in the latter. Elites intimidated by protest marching react like they did after January 6, 2021: by arresting people and throwing them in deep, dark dungeons.

However, because protest marching solidifies loyalty to the organizer, it’s not likely to go away. Organizations, whether White Nationalist or otherwise, will seek to organize marches to increase their own power within the movement, even if it weakens the broader movement and the cause it fights for. Any opposition to marching will be met by calls for unity, which are in fact calls for submission to the event organizer, accusations of infighting, and disloyalty to the cause.

What does this have to do with stickering and flyposting? Stickering, like protesting, feels good at a primal level. When we post a sticker on a lamp post, we are literally marking territory, just as our four-legged friends do when they lift up their legs and pee. If we put up enough stickers in an area where we know our enemies are (as Sam Melia planned to do ahead of a BLM march), we may demoralise them by making them believe they’re entering enemy territory. Indeed, some major political party activists I’ve spoken to in the past have told me that they would often massively post flyers around neighbourhoods where their opponents are known to have a large presence precisely to “show dominance”. Now, that may make sense for a major party (or not, they haven’t won an election since 2015), but an embattled guerrilla movement cannot afford to waste energy marking territory it cannot hold. In fact, were this a shooting war, the last thing the guerrilla would want is for the enemy to have a clear sign of where the guerilla’s territory is. 

Posting stickers speaks to the primal, territorial and aggressive spirit present in every male mammal and it feels great. When groups of young nationalist men go stickering, it’s no different from groups of young gangsters going out “tagging”, i. e. spray-painting gang signs all over the place. The problem is that it does nothing to actually advance the cause. However, just as protest marching, it will go on, no matter what I counsel here, because it makes the participants feel good and increases their loyalty to the leadership. Because they feel they’ve accomplished a great victory with the stickers given to them by the leadership, they will be more loyal and thus increase the leadership’s power over the movement at the expense of the movement’s overall power.
The emphasised part is the chief reason of why organisations persist in activities which seemingly undermine their own stated goals. It is an example of the agency problem, or the principal-agent problem. Just as sometimes the interests of the company aren’t aligned with the interests of the CEO, so it happens in political organisations as well. In fact, we can expect the agency problem to be worse in political organisations of nationalists because of the high degree of dilletantism in nationalist politics as well as the dearth of legal constraints on the agents and the vague nature of the principal. When the principal, the thing possibly being defrauded by the agents is the vaguely defined “cause” or “victory”, which is poorly understood and the path to which is not well mapped out, it is a lot easier for agents to defraud the principal. 

The only protection which an organisation would have in this respect is the virtue of its leadership, something that can not be 100% counted on in the case of nationalist politics. British nationalist in particular have to contend with the world’s most advanced counterintelligence apparatus, complete with nudge departments, dedicated teams of behavioural psychologists tasked with controlling and subverting it, and close to 1000 years of experience in governing the infamously unruly and refractory Saxons. 

For this reason, it is unlikely that we will see a move away from stickering, flyposting, protesting or other unproductive activities precisely because they increase the movement leadership’s power over the movement, even as they do not work to increase overall movement power, or even decrease it. I believe this is due to a degree of cynicism and corruption among movement leaders who seem to no longer believe in victory and have painted themselves into a corner where the only option for earning a living is to string eager nationalists along and extract money and free labour from them. Naturally, highly moralised people who believe they’re winning (even if they’re not) are far easier to exploit than people who’ve tasted defeat and are asking questions about the direction of the movement.
The solution would be to find more virtuous leaders for the movement, move away from the cynics and corrupt and enthrone new men, people who will have the necessary conviction and virtue to not succumb to the temptation of the principal-agent problem built into every organisation and especially into nationalist organisations. However, that is much easier said than done. Now that I’ve done the infinitesimally easier task of saying it, we must move forward to doing it. Never accept anything less than a virtuous man for your leader, for his responsibility is the advancement of the most important cause in the history of the white race. 

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What an excellent article. We waste time and effort on feel-good activities, when tackling the rampant dilettantism would be much more productive. In fact, I believe the solution to the leadership problem is the same as the solution to the dilettantism! If we get more nationalist anons studying & thinking & debating, they’ll flourish into leaders soon enough. Gentlemen’s salons like Radical Dose are a part of that, and so are book clubs, active clubs, and other fraternities where one’s individual interests can excite the others. In my view, it is a problem with the mechanics of nationalist politics. We want to act, because we are discontented; instead, we should find contentedness and make a truce with our declining global standing as a people, and in that peace, we should let ourselves enjoy the public forum. Enjoyment is key. We need to embrace the intellectual guidance of our tradition’s writers, especially when it strikes at those ideas precious to oneself – ideas we all have – which, should they be gently left behind, will free us to be better leaders. I believe we should all detach ourselves emotionally from the extinction which faces us; from that detachment, our passions can come under the control of our higher minds, and be sublimated into debate within our ongoing nationalist forum.

Last edited 3 months ago by William

A reasoned and thoughtful perspective. One that does not seem aimed at demonizing or othewise defaming other Nationalists or Movement Leaders, but just in examining the pros and cons of certain activities in light of real world effectiveness and/or consequences.
That you make the conclusion that the activities in question, stickering and protests, neither “work to increase overall movement power, or even decrease it,” I find particulaly interesting. Perhaps a separate topic for another day.

I’m from the UK and regard Melia to be a flawed hero.

Hero: The Handers account was a moralizing antidote to demoralization during the 2020 lockdowns and the terror campaign of Burn, Loot and Murder. While I generally agree with the article about stickering and the perverse incentives cited, I recall what was happening at the time. This was a malicious prosecution by the authorities that enabled that antiwhite rampage and labeling those stickers as incitement is convicting the victim for reacting…

Flawed: …but I’ve heard familar coy-nazi gaslighting from PA that is liable to get british nativists in trouble. English legal doctrine does not exclude evidence gained through entrapment, but courts are supposed to take account of issues with such evidence. Several UK natsocs have been entrapped into downloading documents and then police photographs of their bedroom/bookshelf has been used as supporting evidence that the intent behind downloading those documents was to commit a terror offence. Similarly, paraphernalia was cited as supporting evidence that the communicative intent behind the Handers stickers was incitement.

Melia took care to avoid incitement and I hope the conviction will be quashed on appeal. There is creeping enforcement of thought crime in the UK, but nativists are not yet being convicted of having a few books, nor is it being claimed that having a book means you subscribe to its ideology. This trendy talking-point is misleading and is being leveraged to encourage dissidents to villainy-signal and thereby be cast as obsessive cultists.

You would do 100 times better by being a pillar of your community and building up a local network of men at your church or if you’re a neopagan whatever you guys do for church
Another thing is I think the right really needs to reclaim Cafe culture it used to actually be a large place where people in the American Revolution would meet and discuss ideas
And as much as people are going to laugh at this comic shops as well nerds on integral part of the Resurgence of the right

Really any place that straight white men congregate become a paragon of that Institution.

It is better to have a platoon of Brothers that you can rely on then an army of costumed fools

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