Officer Diller, a victim or race and crime in New York City

Race and Crime in New York City

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The recent tragic killing of NYPD officer Jonathan Diller by a career criminal is a stark reminder of the realities of crime and black impunity that continue to plague New York City and much of the United States. To provide some context Officer Diller, a 31-year-old White police officer, was savagely murdered by Guy Rivera , a 34-year-old black criminal with a long history of arrests, while responding to an illegally parked car in Far Rockaway. Rivera’s accomplice Lindy Jones, who was his driver, (who is also black) was implicated in the crime as well with his own set of charges when Rivera shot and killed Diller. The death of Officer Diller has him tragically leaving behind a wife and a one-year-old son. It is disheartening to learn that both Rivera and Jones were known criminals with multiple arrests, and were still roaming the streets, posing a threat to public safety.

This begs the question: why were they not behind bars? The two biggest reasons would be one, the George Floyd revolution, but an even greater reason is the massive demographic change in the United States. This has allowed the radicalism that has always been there with the black identitarian left, which was visible during the race riots in the 60s, or Black Panther bombings in the 70s, or the Rodney King riots in the 90s, to be platformed nationally and embraced by mainstream political parties like the Democratic Party. Of course, many browns that have come in the states since 1965 see kinship with the blacks, for several reasons.

Here are some of these reasons: Historical ethnic resentment, resulting from losing the Mexican-American war. Biological resentment, which due to lower average IQ, tends to leave browns lower than Whites on economic and socio economic measurements. On a similar note, they rely on a lot of government assistance, just like blacks do. More than half of both blacks and Hispanics are on Medicaid, which is free healthcare in the United States (qualifying if you’re poor enough). Comparing this to Asians and Whites, of whom less than 1/3 are on Medicaid. Considering that close to half of the United States population pays nothing in income tax, and more than half of both blacks and Hispanics are on Medicaid, blacks and browns therefore are not paying into taxes and the public infrastructures and institutions Whites created and for the most part fund. They are however receiving the majority of benefits from them. Needless to say, blacks and Hispanics have very strong similarities as a tax base. Whites are not only paying for so much of what blacks have, but they also pay for many things that Hispanics have too.

Last but not least, just looking at their history, both races when left to their own devices never invented the wheel, running around half-naked for thousands of years with their technological level well behind European societies. Perhaps some of this racial kinship, which at times has been known as the black and brown alliance, is kind of similar to how blacks and browns in the United States have more racial kinship with the Palestinians than they do with the Jews in Israel, despite what powerful Zionists want. This is very observable on an ethnic basis. Concluding on these points, this is why many big cities in the United States have ended up with district attorneys like Alvin Braggs, who refrain from putting any of the ‘brothas’ in prison. Rivera and Jones the two black super predators who killed officer Diller, had 35 previous arrests between them.

I feel for Officer Diller and his family, I really do, and I think that right wingers that are critiquing the police, and police unions as an institution in excess are misinformed, as they are one of the few institutions in the United States, that are actually somewhat sympathetic to our ideas. But I will say, as a White person, how could you want to be in law enforcement today? Especially in a place like New York City. We know that law-enforcement agencies are not there just to protect and serve, but they also employ people. As a White person, why would you do that in a place like New York City where you know you’re going to be getting the bad guys off the streets just for a pro-crime DA to turn them loose once again and the reason why is because they’re black? And the people like Alvin Braggs that are letting these black super predators roam free and terrorize you are doing it with racial grievances towards you.

However, I will that there is a silver lining to this story, in it that this issue has brought about a lot of anger among New Yorkers, and the coverage throughout local New York media has been extensive. In every deli I’ve walked into where the TV is on, they are talking about this story nonstop. White Americans do seem pretty outraged. But if these liberal whites ever had a change of heart on how to control crime, it may be too little too late. It’s crazy to think about how before Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Mayors like Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg were running New York, and they managed to keep the city safe. In fact a scandal that Mike Bloomberg had to deal with in the 2020 Democratic primary was a comment about criminal justice policy where he said how you curb crime is to “stop and frisk blacks and Hispanics.”

Assuming the demographic situation doesn’t get better, what will the New York City district attorney look like the next time there’s a race riot, and more importantly, what sort of creature will be elected out of the radicalism that comes in the riot’s wake? And there’s even more blacks and browns that have poured in from Venezuela and Haiti. Being this is my first article for Radical Dose, my goal is not to blackpill you to death. In some ways, it’s not always as bad as it could be. So, let’s think about both positives and future solutions.

There is still a lot of segregation that goes on within major cities in the United States, and New York City is no exception. Whites and Jews on the Upper East Side, blacks in the Bronx, Asians in Chinatown, Asian enclaves in Queens, and black and brown enclaves in Queens. I think a good way to increase this segregation would be to cut a whole lot of public assistance and government programs, which would benefit Whites and allow them to segregate themselves further away from this barbaric multiculturalism. There are a lot of economic disparities between the races, due to the correlation of race and IQ, meaning the way the system is built right now, classism is one of the best forms of racial sovereignty. Ironically, in some ways, the new capitalist dream in the United States is to accumulate enough wealth to be able to get away from the results of the American Civil Rights Movement. White liberals engage in this, without even knowing it. If it is true that demographic change is baked in the cake, we might as well make it easier for more Whites to accomplish that dream, rather than Whites paying for black welfare, healthcare, education, public housing, and more. It’s very hard for White people to be living for their posterity, when economically they are linked to paying for black and brown posterity.

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This is right in line with Jared Taylor’s book “White Identity”. Great article!

I would add, that the blacks and the browns act that way not just because of their low IQ. They are beasts of the field and like any beast they have an animalistic nature to kill. A beast sees a prey animal and kills to survive. We are superior as God or Providence or Nature has created us. The parasite fooled Eve then Adam and continue to fool us today.

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