Oswald before the Kennedy assassination

Psychopolitical Warfare and the Kennedy Assassination

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This entry is part 3 of 3 in the Psychopolitical Warfare series by Asa Carter

We’re continuing our series of talks concerning the propaganda and violence manipulations of the left wing in this nation as those actions are engineered and were engineered in the passage of the Communist-sponsored Civil Rights Laws.

When President John Kennedy fell at Dallas, Texas, victim of an assassin’s bullet, within minutes, minutes, radio Moscow was telling the world that, “right wing extremists and racists” had murdered the President. The liberal apparatus in America had already begun the same propaganda theme. Chief Justice Earl Warren of the Supreme Court issued a statement laying the blame for the President’s death on what he called “hate groups” in America. But Lee Harvey Oswald was caught. It was discovered that he was not a Southern so-called “hate-monger”, nor racist, nor Ku Kluxer. He was, in fact, a member of an apparatus associated with Communist Fronts, who had been in training in Russia, from this country, and was brought back over to the United States around the auspices of liberals in the State Department of the United States government. 

The liberal press refused to call him a Communist. They called him a Marxist instead. Whatever that means, as far as difference in the two categories are concerned. The liberals became greatly alarmed at the revelation to the public that Oswald had been to Russia, and had actively worked in Communist Front activities. Their alarm was well-founded. If the American public began to question why John Kennedy was killed by a left-winger, after all the terrific pressure that had been exerted to pass the Communist Party sponsored civil rights legislation, the answer would be very obvious. 

The Communist Party moved quickly to cover the facts in the case. Two days after the assassination, the Communist Party officially demanded the appointment of an extraordinary commission, and demanded that Chief Justice Earl Warren be appointed to head that commission. This demand appeared in the official Communist newspaper “The Worker” on November 26, 1963. Three days later, 72 hours later, President Johnson appointed such a commission, and he named Chief Justice Earl Warren to head it. Newspaper columnist John Henshaw in his syndicated newspaper column entitled “Washington Pipeline”, stated on March 3rd “the reason behind Chief Justice Earl Warren’s blunt statement that important parts of his special commission’s findings would not be revealed in our lifetime, is that evidence indicates that the assassination of President John Kennedy was engineered in Moscow and wittingly or unwittingly financed by United States government funds”.

The New York Daily News said, “in view of the Earl Warren Supreme Court’s long-standing tenderness toward Communists, any report this commission may give birth to, will be open to suspicion of pro-communist and anti-conservative bias”.

Lee Harvey Oswald, of course, was himself murdered. All information on the communist connections of the slaying of John Kennedy ceased to be available to the public. All reports by investigative bodies had to be turned over to this commission headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren, which itself is illegal. 

What the public failed to note is this: every man in the United States of America is guaranteed to a public… a public trial by an established court of law. Let’s say John Doe is accused of burglary. If John Doe dies before his trial, then the charges against him are dropped. If they are not dropped, then he still has the right to public trial. His family has that right. No commission of any kind, anywhere, has the right by law to meet in secret and issue a judgment that John Doe is guilty of burglary. 

That’s a violation of law, the law of Western civilization that is centuries old. Extraordinary commissions that meet in secret to adjudge innocence or guilt of persons living or dead are institutions only, and I said only, of communist nations.

It was such an extraordinary commission that was appointed, for example, in Soviet Russia after Stalin’s death, that issued guilty verdicts on Stalin for mass murders. This was done of course for political reasons. However, the Communist Party had its suggestions carried out. The secret commission was established whereupon Chief Justice Earl Warren announced that commission’s verdict as guilty and emphasized that Oswald acted alone, that there was no conspiracy. This was repeated over and over and tiresomely over and over again by the liberals, that Oswald acted alone, there was no conspiracy.

In the meantime, shortly after President Kennedy’s death, President Johnson made an appeal to Congress, and he appeared on national television to the American people for a very singular purpose. And that was an emotional appeal for the American people to support, and for Congress to pass, the civil rights bills. And what he called, “an act of memorial to John Kennedy”.

Now, such demagogic appeal melted all opposition to the civil rights bills. Representative Howard Smith of Virginia said, “we were immediately overwhelmed by emotional pressures from the public”. 

Mail poured in as the American people reversed their opposition to the communist sponsored civil rights legislation and gave emotional support to its passage. The bills quickly were enacted into law on a tremendous wave of emotion. Leading liberals helped in its passage by the fantastic gyration of twisting everything around to point the finger at good patriotic Americans instead of the Congress as responsible for John Kennedy’s death.

Dallas, Texas was skinned, scraped and hung up, curing in the blast of liberal propaganda that somehow managed to blame the citizens of Dallas, Texas for the death. Questions were raised about, what is wrong with Dallas? Well, there was, of course, nothing wrong with Dallas.

This was simply a device to take attention away from the communist and the liberals and the reason why the President was murdered. Dallas was no more responsible for communist operations than any other city set upon by those of the left wing. On December 3rd, a leading liberal political figure made a rabble rousing speech in which he said, “Dixie battle cries have been employed to incite sick souls to violence in the death of our President”. Well, Dixie, of course, had nothing to do with the left wing and communist maneuvers.

In an editorial, radio station WDIX of Orangeburg, South Carolina said, “What this politician said was also said by the three top officers of the Communist Party: Gus Hall, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and Benjamin J. Davis, joined it must be noted by Chief Justice Earl Warren, in the Communist Party on a similar view”.

Do you see how quickly the liberals picked up the communist line that flew in the face of all facts, of all truth presented?

That Southerners, or Dallas, or what they called the “sick violent background of America”, or “right wing extremists”, were somehow responsible for the President’s murder? All the facts, all the reasoning pointed in exactly the opposite direction toward the communist, but the liberal is never bothered with facts, only with emotion.

Television specials were put on hour after hour to prove that a bolt-action rifle could be fired as fast as was apparently necessary to carry out the murder. The how’s of the murder were all explained, but nowhere, at no time, did the liberal ever ask the question why was the President murdered

The answer was obvious. To do something that all the riots and the murders and the violence and the “marches on Washington” and the propaganda could not do, and that was to melt the resistance of the American people to the civil rights legislation and bring them around, to not only to support it, but to demand that it be passed, as a memorial to President John Kennedy, the death of whom, for which the American people were told over and over again, that they were somehow responsible.

Now the district attorney of New Orleans, Jim Garrison, may be a hard-headed Irishman, but he is certainly no dummy. When he determined to bring this conspiracy to light in public trial, he discovered something. He discovered that the United States government, kept up by your and my tax dollars, closed every file to him. He found that federal judges issued official orders that he could not see those files. He found that executive edict stopped him cold on examining what investigative agencies had compiled. 

The question naturally arises. Why? What do the liberals in charge of the federal government have to hide? Why do they wish to suppress evidence? Why do not they want the citizens of this nation, whom they are supposed to be servants of, to know the facts? Why?

This again is illegal. There is no national security question involved. Where in all of our history has a free government, of free men, set itself up as authority to keep secret from the people, facts they are supposed to rightfully have. Well, we know several things. Simply by the process of looking at events, reading the evidence of those events, and just plain using horse sense and reasoning powers instead of emotion.

We know the Communist Party has had in its platform, its political repertoire, that so-called “civil rights” legislation for at least 41 years. It calls them the “political restructuring” necessary to break the divided powers of states rights and centralize those powers in Washington, which it does and has.

We know that the Communist Party and left wingers engineered the violence and the street marches and the threats and intimidations on Congress and the American people in an attempt to pass that legislation.

We know from reading the Communist Party’s own program as far back as the mid-50s that the time schedule for passing the civil rights legislation was set then at 1963.

We know from the lips of the Communist Party’s official leadership that the civil rights laws are necessary for a Communist America. We have only to look at the results of what happened after the murder of John Kennedy. 

What did the liberals and the communist call for? They called for passage of the civil rights laws. The results? They got them. They are now law. Now, if you ever took the time to plow through these maze of laws, you would quickly see why they are so important to the Communist Party. We are only just now beginning to feel the effects of their implementation, but not one tenth has yet been implemented that can be and will be.

Ladies and gentlemen, we hear people all around us say it’s coming anyway. There’s nothing we can do about it.

Well, the reason that it is coming is because we have not smartened up in this war of propaganda and violence and pressure. We go along electing men to office who have simply no knowledge of this field of warfare. 

You say it isn’t warfare? Well, better pick up your evening paper, brother. The warfare is continuing. It will continue.

The colleges are presently the arena, but there’s a reason for that, too. 

No Communist promotes violence without a reason other than violence.

How much longer are we going to be handled by the liberal press and television to let them create our thinking for us, our emotions for us, to guide us down this road?

Not much longer, brother… one way or the other… not much longer. 

This is Asa Carter. May God bless you, and I thank you for listening.

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Earl Warren – was instrumental in getting the May 17, 1954 “Brown v. Board of Education” U.S. Supreme Court case decision to rule that U.S. state laws establishing racial segregation in public schools are unconstitutional. The 1954 “Brown” ruling abolished Segregation. Like Bobby and John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Nicholas Katzenbach, and their children, they never had to live in a Black majority area or go to a Black majority school. Also, when Barack Obama came to Washington D.C. as President, he enrolled his two children into an all White private school.

On October 28, 1954, Yale educated Mississippi Circuit Court Judge Thomas P. Brady delivered an address entitled ‘Black Monday’ which he later published as a book. That book gave an ideological and organizational foundation for resistance to Integration that came to be known as the “Citizen’s Council Movement”. Asa Carter and many other Segregationists utilized the ideas of Judge Thomas P. Brady.

Gus Hall was the General Secretary of the Communist Party USA and a perennial candidate for president of the United States. He was the Communist Party nominee in the 1972, 1976, 1980, and 1984 presidential elections.

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was an American labor leader, activist, and feminist who played a leading role in the Industrial Workers of the World. Flynn was a founding member of the American Civil Liberties Union and a visible proponent of women’s rights, birth control, and women’s suffrage.

Benjamin Jefferson Davis Jr., was a black guy

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