For a new barbarian fashion

For a New Barbarian Fashion

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When I was a young child of about seven or eight my parents bought me a book called The Barbarians by Tim Newark. I was fascinated by this book, even obsessed with it. I grew up in a time before the internet and I remember spending hours looking at the large colour pictures of Attila the Hun and his fearsome mounted warriors, Roman soldiers battling German tribesmen in the Teutoburg Forest and axe-wielding Vikings wading ashore from their dragon headed longboats. I’ve always liked the barbarian aesthetic. I’m still fascinated by ancient history, specifically the fall of the Roman Empire, the subsequent Dark Ages and the cultures of ancient barbarians in general. I have a private collection of genuine artefacts from the late Roman period including coins, bronze pagan statuettes, fourth century brooches and late Roman oil lamps. I even have a replica late Roman sword and a Germanic barbarian warrior’s helmet along with other paraphernalia from my favorite period in history. I think this childhood fascination with barbarian Europe led partly to my political views as an adult. I’ve always preferred the ancient to the modern, the natural to the unnatural, the rural to the urban, the racially homogeneous to the racially diverse. This is why I call for a new barbarian fashion for racially conscious white men.

The men of barbarian Europe were real men. They were fiercely tribal and ferociously ethnocentric. They were untainted by the modern moral sicknesses of globalisation and feminisation. In an ideal world I would ride around on horseback dressed as a barbarian warrior with my sword dangling from my side, but alas, we live in the modern era and it would be impractical and probably illegal on the streets of modern Britain; I would probably get arrested for carrying an illegal weapon. 

If our ancient warrior ancestors found themselves transported through time to the present day, how would they react? Firstly, they would be horrified and disgusted by how soft, decadent, feminised and degenerate their descendants have become. Our European racial homelands are currently occupied by countless millions of African and Asian invaders, so why are we not fighting back? Democracy is now clearly dead in Britain, the current Prime Minister is an Indian. This unelected brown bureaucrat was not voted into office by the British people, he never ran for election. This dark-skinned invader was brazenly selected and blatantly installed by the globalist cabal to intentionally insult and humiliate Britain’s native population. Here in Western Europe we are not living through normal times, we are living under a foreign occupation. Our countries have been literally invaded, non-White colonists are now so numerous in Britain they actually outnumber us in some of our towns and cities. As native Europeans we are collectively facing global genocide; a deliberate and premeditated act of race murder on a planetary scale; a worldwide policy of White dispossession and population replacement; a demographic holocaust. We need to start thinking and acting like a population living under the indignities of a foreign military occupation. White nationalists are a proto-resistance movement justifiably looking for opportunities to sow discontent among our fellow natives. We have a moral duty to sabotage the globalist system and defy our oppressors at every opportunity.

Unfortunately, most White youngsters today have fallen subject to the deliberate and concerted efforts to negrify mainstream culture and Western society in general. They listen to negro rap music, they wear urban negro fashions, they try to talk like negros; simulating negro accents, tonality and vernacular. This is, of course, exactly what the globalist regime wants: to subvert and degrade native European cultures, local accents, regional dialects, indigenous mannerisms and national customs. They want to subjugate and replace our native Europeanness with fabricated globalist culture dominated by the ugliest and lowest of all hominids; the state endorsed culture of the subhuman negro. 

If we, as White nationalists, are to offer White youth an alternative to the repulsive urban negro culture that’s constantly promoted by the mainstream media then we need to make that alternative attractive. Globohomo offers negrification, the political left offers purple haired wokism and transgender feminisation, conservatives offer the dull, boring, grey suit and tie of conformity and docile compliance. We must offer the exact opposite. White nationalists are all unique, we don’t have a specific uniform, but our aesthetic should be one of rugged masculinity, individualism and rebellious defiance against the system that seeks our extinction, a style of martial vigor, ethnic pride and racial awareness that stands in direct contrast and absolute opposition to negrification and globalisation, an aesthetic of wild and untamed masculine defiance against domestication and conformity. The paramilitary style of the survivalist or prepper: army surplus tactical type clothing, hiking shoes, American army ripstop shirts, green camo combat jackets and combat trousers with large cargo pockets, etc. 

As much as I despise Islam and consider it alien to my European heritage, I openly admit that Islamic insurgents like the Afghan Mujaheddin look extremely rugged and masculine. Such groups could be seen as modern day barbarians. They have an authentically masculine look, an image I much prefer to the manufactured globohomo style of the urban negro in brand name sportswear, baggy sweatpants, hoodies and white trainers. Muslim rebels have the aesthetic of wild and rebellious mountain men ready for action. Our barbarian ancestors dressed as the warriors of their age, the modern equivalent is to dress as a paramilitary rebel. 

In the Western world today White Nationalists are revolutionaries; at least in an ideological sense. There is no other group of people more anti-establishment than us; no other movement more at odds with the current system and none more hated by the globalist ruling class. Nationalism is the diametrical opposite of globalism. We are rebels, not conservatives. The suit and tie is the costume of conformity and compliance, it represents obedience to the ruling establishment, but the establishment hates White people and especially White men. Warriors have never charged into battle wearing suits and ties. The suit and tie is not a masculine style, it’s the costume of corporate conformity, the passive neutered look of docile compliance. The necktie symbolically represents the collar worn by dogs and slaves. It is not up to the government, the mainstream media or women to define masculinity, it is up to men, and more specifically it is up to White men to define White masculinity. Some nationalists wear suits and ties because they want to be “taken seriously” or seen as “socially respectable” but the globalist ruling class hates White nationalism, and wearing a suit and tie won’t change that. 

If Western society were to descend into armed chaos and racial warfare tomorrow we should be prepared, and we should dress accordingly. In the modern world we cannot dress like Dark Age warriors, but we can dress as their modern equivalents, we can weight train, build muscle, eat healthy, exercise and dress in a rugged masculine paramilitary style. Every empire and every regime in history eventually collapsed. The collapse of multiracial globalism is inevitable, and if race war breaks out tomorrow, I will at least be dressed for the occasion. One day modern society will fracture, perhaps leading to a worldwide post apocalyptic scenario. White nationalists should prepare now, we may well become the barbarian warlords of the future.

This article was submitted to Radical Dose by a reader. If you’d like to contribute to the site, please use our contact form to send us your content.

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You’re on the money Cezar! You put it very tersely: “[We face] a deliberate and premeditated act of race murder on a planetary scale… We need an aesthetic of wild and untamed masculine defiance against domestication and conformity.” We will develop the paramilitary style you suggest much further, and in our own direction. Specifically: What hairstyle is traditional for English warriors? Nix’ hair is a hohol, for example. Does one wear furs? The Tim Newark books seem like a great resource.

Not dressing like the wolf brigade from jinro
it’s completely utterly impractical but I want leftist who can’t hit the broadside of a barn to see me coming the last thing they’ll see is a guy in full titanium armor with the modernized steel helm
and unnecessary gas

We are rebels, not conservatives.

I have a strong urge to buy a Rebel Flag now. I wish was in the land of cotton, old times there are not forgotten

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