William Shockley, in response to whose lectures Negroes demand IQ tests be banned

Negroes Demand IQ Tests Be Banned

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Originally published in The Thunderbolt, November 1972, Issue 155. Page 12.
Educational psychologists have long recognized that negro children test 15 I.Q. points lower in intelligence tests than do Whites. A number of scientists, notably Arthur R. Jensen and William B. Shockley have found that the reasons lie in heredity and has nothing to do with environmental background, as has been held so long by liberals. Many schools across the land place school children in grades according to their I.Q. – Militant black leaders claim that this discriminates against them. Often negro children are either held back in lower grades or are placed in special classes for backward children. This actually helps them, but the blacks ignore this; they demand that they be placed in the top classes even if this results in the progress of the class being held back. Now Negroes demand IQ tests be banned.

Two negro instructors in the Bay Area of San Francisco have been able to obtain a federal court order from U.S. District Judge Robert F. Peckham barring any further use of I.Q. tests on children. They have now announced a nationwide drive to have school I.Q. tests outlawed by the Supreme Court in every state in the land. Jack Greenberg, head of the NAACP Legal Fund, has agreed to help. This can only retard the development of education in America.

The negroes are going a step further, they claim they shall also ask the federal courts to ban I.Q. tests as a requirement for jobs because the results usually “discriminate” against blacks!

In the meantime Dr. Jensen and Dr. Shockley (Nobel prize winning inventor of the transistor) continue to try and present their evidence to the American leaders in education. Dr. Shockley is requesting for the third time the right to teach a class in his findings on “Heredity and Intelligence.” His last request lost by a 2 to 1 vote at Stanford University where he teaches other courses.

Dr. Shockley has been supported by Stanford President Richard Lyman who believes that the nation can only benefit if we get to the bottom of the controversy.

When the board refused Dr. Shockley the authority to use the university facilities to further his investigations in mental differences between the races they reported:

“The subject is too controversial, the class might be disrupted, Shockley’s statistical methods are too sophisticated for undergraduates and Shockley’s competence to teach the course is questionable.”

It has also been charged that we should not delve into such questions because it infuriates the blacks and can lead to trouble. They argue that it is better to never know the full reasons why blacks have lower I.Q.

Prof. Shockley has charged that there is a great danger in America in “downbreeding” because of disproportionate childbearing among slum blacks. He fears that the most intelligent of our population are practicing birth control and holding back the development of society. Those who we find as second and third generation welfare families are producing the largest families of all.

Prof. Shockley has been threatened by leftist radicals and Stanford must now furnish this brilliant scientist with a bodyguard.

Those who would turn back civilization are afraid for the full truth about the vast differences that exist between the races to be made known. This could have the effect of awakening the people so that they would demand a reversal of the Supreme Court’s ruling for integration. This could lead to a return to legalized separation of the races as exists in South Africa and Rhodesia. The protection of the race that is responsible for civilization is vital if future generations, those yet unborn, are going to have a decent society in which to live.

The problem is pollution of the race that has developed America to the level we have achieved today. If civilization is to stand then the high I.Q. race must maintain its separate identity from the low I.Q. race. Since the negro gene is dominant at a 4 to 1 ratio over the White gene, it is not possible for us to assimilate their race and breed them up into White people! They have the genetic power to breed us down into a mulatto race with a much lower I.Q.

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