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My First Visit to a Concentration Camp

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Most readers here will have argued over the events of the Second World War. I know I sure have. Many of these debates have ended with my opponent asking, “But have you ever been to a concentration camp? Have you seen them?” My answer was always, “no, but my points are valid regardless of that.” Even though this is a logical way of viewing these events, we are not dealing with logic anymore. This is the religious ideology of our time. I believe it is this cancerous idea that shapes the majority of western minds, even more so than Christian morality. For things to function as they are in this moral paradigm, all must believe that concentration camps were the worst evil that mankind had ever perpetrated. 

It is fascinating that the majority of people in western countries believe that Germans were perfectly normal people, very rule oriented and just; one day all of them became bloodthirsty demons for absolutely no reason at all. I do not believe this to be true, as the evidence I have found supports a very different story. But I’m always willing to have my mind changed if I find more evidence that went against my conclusions. So I drove down from Hamburg to Bergen-Belsen to see the “horrors of the second world war”.

It was around 13:00 when I arrived, so I took my packed lunch and picnicked inside the former concentration camp. The sandwich I had purchased at a local bakery was delicious and it went well with a protein shake from Müllermilch. I observed all the young students being led around the site to be convinced of the alleged atrocities. The difference between propaganda and history is nonexistent. The narrative that a people tell of the world or themselves is one of the most important foundations for maintaining a power structure.

I went inside the museum which was a brutalist concrete building designed to instil a feeling of smallness and depression in the visitor. Large, cold halls and limited light are an excellent gimmick in creating the illusion of soulless cruelty. The building was intended to make visitors feel as if they should be quiet and respectful. My jovial disposition didn’t fit very well into this environment.

The actual camp buildings were all burned to the ground after the “liberation” so there really wasn’t much for actual evidence there on the site. The evidence was all stored in the industrial tomb which had display cases of glasses, bowls, and many other things which would have been required to live in a camp. There were many write ups from “first hand accounts” which seemed to tell a very different story than the claims of planned extermination. 

There were plenty of photos and with a proper inspection, one could clearly see prisoners who had typhoid standing right next to prisoners who were very plump. Most of the photos on display were taken by a British soldier who was part of the armoured division that came upon the camp in April of 1945.

When viewed critically, it is very evident that the deaths were due to nutritional deficiencies and a lack of cleanliness despite the best efforts of the SS guards. Delousing was provided often and there was food provided to the prisoners. The photos of the housing show military style barracks that were better than many I stayed in during my military career. 

If I was just going off of the information I was provided, it seemed that the Soviet POW’s in the camp were very bad at cleaning themselves. This caused rapid spread of all sorts of diseases and illnesses. They had a large display of photos from the records of the Soviet POWs and if physiognomy is a thing; they were the bottom of the barrel. Some were smiling in their profile photo that was attached to their paperwork. Many of them were from the Asiatic corners of the Soviet Union like Uzbekistan. 

The lies got worse and worse including plenty of “Anne Frank” nonsense as the camp was a transit location for many jews. There was also a lot of difficulty getting the exact number of dead there. The museum declared around 35,000 died while there but online claims are as high as 70,000. Yet there is a monument here that claims 30,000 jews died in the camp which I provide a photo of here. It is all very confusing to get a grip on the accusations made towards Nazi-Germany with regards to the POWs and the Jews. 

The biggest lie is stating that these individuals housed at the camp were killed. They were not killed intentionally, they died from disease, poor nutrition, and poor hygiene. The SS guards were not murdering anyone. But during war, food can be limited, so if you prioritise feeding your own soldiers and citizens, then prisoners are going to get less food. This could put them at risk of illness especially if they don’t keep themselves clean. Much was done to try and keep these prisoners alive despite the ongoing two front war.

And further on this idea; it is so silly to think that instead of killing the captured Soviets right there on the spot (which the allies did to the Germans on a number of occasions), the vile and demonic Germans decided to transport their enemies to a camp, feed them and house them. Why wouldn’t they just kill them there? If I was at war, that would be exactly the action I would take. I wouldn’t waste any time or effort on people who tired to kill me, by putting them in any sort of prison. Germans, on the other hand, have a very deep-seated desire for justice and wouldn’t feel it just to kill their captured enemies. I guess they were better men than I would have been in their circumstances.

The camp Bergen-Belsen is the location of this famous photo of a British soldier driving a tractor and pushing bodies into a mass grave. Yes, lots of people died and that is unfortunate. But war is dirty work, and death is a large part of it. I, myself, witnessed a few accidental deaths while deployed to Afghanistan, and many of these could have been avoided if the Afghan National Army wasn’t full of low IQ idiots who didn’t listen. When looking at Bergen-Belsen and the illnesses running rampant with more people dying than you can mange; these things can happen. The management of mass deaths is a logistical nightmare. The bubonic plague was another example of this.

The museum displays end with trying to convince the visitor that the many deaths by hanging of SS-guards were not enough. One display case showed that the guards were tried for “war-crimes” multiple times, and each time the “courts” found more men that needed to be executed or imprisoned. It stunk like the witch trials of the past. We mock how stupid people were for burning women accused of making deals with the devil. This was the same thing and much more recent. 

To claim that the Allies had the moral high ground is rich; one needs to look no further than the Rhineland camps and intentional starvation of German POWs after the war. Millions of German POWs were treated worse than those in concentration camps, and we have the evidence that supports this. So are the Allies any better if they turn around and treat people worse than the most “evil men in the world”.

Now that I have the experience of visiting a concentration camp, I can say that the evidence I found was in alignment with what I suspected. Will this help me win arguments? Probably not. Most people want to believe lies, because the truth is uncomfortable and it requires action. If you find out that planned extermination wasn’t the goal of Germany in the second world war, you will be forced to ask a million other questions. But to fix a problem, you must first understand what went wrong.

I would dance like a Jew on 9/11 if these “museums” were all burned to the ground. They are facilities of pure propaganda. What is worse is that they are all funded by German taxes. The Germans must continue to pay for their own brainwashing. Meanwhile, every major city in Germany is flooded with hordes of Arabs and blacks. The German economy is being systematically deindustrialised. The average German is giving almost half of their earnings over to the government. At the end of my visit to Bergen-Belsen I was white hot with rage. The whole thing was so demoralising. I was extremely frustrated with both the blatant and subtle lies.

Many I spoke with are giving up work entirely. They just want to collect social support from the government like the beggars that have invaded their nation. The truly horrifying thing about all this is; the rest of the west is next. This is the plan for every western nation that is predominately European. They want a hopeless and broken generation of young men. They want you to bend the knee to their propaganda.  

We must be defiant. It is a game of attrition. They want us to starve, to give up hope, and to die. I will give them no such satisfaction! 

I will be joyful instead of afraid. I will be strong instead of weak. I will take action instead of sinking into depression. I will find more like me and build community. 

I spoke in my last two articles about how military selection is mostly used to find men who have that dog in them; the men who are too stubborn to give up. That is the kind of men we need to be. Our will must be made of steel that cannot be broken. We cannot have any impurities or cracks in our desire to exist as a people.  I would go so far as to say that the treatment of the Germans to those in concentration camps was far kinder than the treatment that European men are receiving now. Each and everyone of us must take life as if we are going through an unplanned military selection.

It isn’t over until you take yourself out of the game.  At the worst depression I ever faced in my life I kept myself moving by this simple mantra; “I’m not dead yet; I can change my story.” This must be our mantra going forward. Are you dead yet? No?!? Then keep fighting! Fight the lies, live a good life. Don’t just function, be the pinnacle of health. Be productive no matter how much they try to tax you; find ways to build wealth for yourself. 

The western world is a prisoner of war camp and we are the prisoners. We all know who the guards are. Let’s find ways to break out of their paradigm, out of their game. We must be creative. We must be cunning. We must find ways to motivate ourselves forward. What a gift we have been given to change the story of our people! How fantastic is it that we might be the ones who turned the tide and outlive the lies! 

No matter what setbacks we face, it doesn’t matter as long as we are still here. We cannot let that cause us to throw up our hands, quit and get on the trucks. So we might lose some battles, and continue to feel like we are always losing; but if we are still breathing then we are winning. If we are starting families then we are still winning. The war never ends, it just changes. Which side are you fighting on? 

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A great story. It would make for a good speech at a revisionist conference.

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