Claudia Sheinbaum, the likely winner of the Mexican election

The Mexican Election

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This entry is part 3 of 4 in the The Problem of Mexico

It’s election season in the US and, obviously, those are the most important elections in the whole world, however, given the geographical proximity, it’s worth noting that just south of the border, the Mexican election day is less than a month away, and we’re gonna take a look at the political field today.

We’ve extensively covered the absolute septic canal Mexico is by itself, largely due to changes made in the current administration that has been active since the 2019 after a historical (in the bad sense) election, and now we have to mention that this 2024 election season brings three candidates, and all of them are clustered within the same ideological positions with minimal difference, the three are:

1. Claudia Sheinbaum, Ashkenazi who participated in leftist student activism back when she was young, rich like 100% of mexican Ashkenazi, holding Left Liberal political views, pro abortion, pro feminism, pro immigration, pro euthanasia, and supports the disastrous “hugs not shots” policy that current president AMLO instituted. She insists on addressing crime through gibs and giving tax breaks to companies that hire useless youths. Sheinbaum is more aligned to US foreign policy than AMLO, being pro Israel. However, she’s very discreet about this latter position.

2. Xochitl Galvez, a dark mestiza (meaning she has an indigenous father and mestizo mother), entrepreneur, private interest groups asset, middle class to riches case, She holds off-the-shelf liberal democratic views, practically same as Sheinbaum in everything but with more tax breaks, and is more openly aligned with the US instead of discreetly aligned with the US. It is possible that she’ll make things for China and Chinese companies a bit lengthier and a bit more expensive.

3. Jorge Alvarez Máynez: US alligned-lite Democratic Socialist, renewables shill, very moderate yet with an openly stated “tough on crime” stance. He has zero chances of winning, and has been put there not to undermine either of the contenders but to keep making way for the Movimiento Ciudadano party that has been making slow and steady advances (Nuevo León governor and Greg Abbott ally Samuel García is also from this party). On the culture war issues, his stances have zero difference with the other contenders.

As you can see, the three only candidates are consistent shitlibs with almost unnoticeable, minimal differences between each other,  This has of course implications for Western foreign policy, security and immigration, and in both matters the influence that Mexico will carry under any of these three options is a net negative albeit noticeably less aggressive than if the Mexican constitution allowed for re-election and AMLO served a 2nd term. However, there are some silver linings to this that we will briefly explain.

What to expect of this election and subsequent administration:

Claudia Sheinbaum will be the likely winner. Although there is a small chance Xochitl wins the election, it’s not something we can count on. This means full Jewish control over Mexican politics.

Cartel violence WILL get worse. Sheinbaum’s reign indeed guarantees more free range and a legal shield from consequences for Cartel leaders, sicarios, employees and collaborators, wider and wider sectors of the population exposed to direct contact with cartels, more blatant state corruption and more saturation of the economy with money laundering. All of this creates even greater risk of exposure to Cartel activities for American citizens, for which the soundest advice is the same as always: Arm up, Tribe up, Train, Involve yourselves in legal activity and if possible, influence local county politics. Pay special attention to sheriff elections – don’t let Latinx candidates be elected Sheriff.

Economic interdependence between Mexico and the USA will tighten. This was already going to happen with the USA-China divorce but all of the presidential candidates on the Mexican ballot intend to make things easier for nearshoring, not harder. Expect the USA to also favor US-friendly state governments in the Northern states. These states produce the absolute bulk of industrial goods exported to the USA and have the railways to send them across.

The Mexican opposition either continues on the Progressive Liberal approach that has left it completely toothless, or starts scratching the fringes of its own structure to try and build a real opposition and a more palpable Right wing bloc. Immigration and refugee waves will stay on their status quo, because either administration is entirely collaborative with said globalist initiatives and always seeks to let NGOs operate freely. Change on those matters can only come from north of the border. With AMLO going away, Trump no longer has a secure ally in Mexico for anything and everything will have to be talked through once again in case of a second Trump presidency.,

The Mexican military will become ever more tied up, ever more inefficient, ever less sufficiently funded in what matters and ever more used as a go-to slave workforce for government infrastructure projects.

There is a slight chance that Santiago Taboada, a White businessman who serves as the mayor Alcaldía Benito Juárez, a cluster of White population in the Mexico City metro area, wins the Mexico City Mayorship. He is not guaranteed to win, but if that happens, it will end more than 20 years of leftist rule over CDMX and will put Taboada in a position to be the presidential frontrunner in 2030.

The Silver Lining

The smaller silver lining from this political horror show is that it will pacify a lot of the Mexican left and the fact that corrupt business urbanites are running the show instead of Indigenista Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries has effectively delayed the arrival of a South Africa type of situation in Mexico. This, for the most immediate future, is a relief for those of us who have to live geographically close to populations of the national majority.

The bigger silver lining, however, is that none of the candidates will stop or slow down the accelerated deterioration of Mexican demographics, all of them will continue and even aggravate policies and conditions that will accelerate things like hyper-urbanization, collapse of fertility, widespread violence and murder, loss of life expectancy, ever growing range of access to abortion and contraceptives, feminism getting a hold of a ton of legal victories that rightfully criminalize a lot of behaviors heavily wired into the mentality and instincts of the average Mexican male, the astroturfing of careerism into the majority of Mexican women, the rise of personal life variations of feminism that are pushing Mexican(and broadly Latin American) women into what will turn into something similar to the South Korean 4B movement, but way harsher and even more militant, caused by the much worse life experiences these populations are used to compared to the East Asian country.

There will be no recovery from this, and you can rest assured that Mexican Criollos will be much less affected by all these worsening of the conditions for demographics, for the simple fact that we already experienced all of that, way before the general population did. The populations of Criollos who survive in the mid-term future from now will all be survivors, not sufferers, of such processes, unlike the general Mexican population, which will be the one feeling the crippling crunch of these socio political developments, and will not recover from them. Soon, you will see here at Radical Dose, an entire piece dedicated to these demographic processes, why they matter, and why they give us a much needed chance.

Who has a very valuable lesson to learn? the Mexican Conservatives. They completely lost the culture war, it’s completely over for them. It was over in 2019 when Abortion and Current wave feminism became state enforced policy. The Mexican right has to painfully come to terms with the fact that culture war concerns are truly something that only the White man cares about and that the only thing browns care about is gibs, to the point that they will adopt every destructive and even self destructive way of living if it means potential state gibs.

For this reason, the Right failed to mobilize their potential voting blocs. With the rejection of Eduardo Verástegui’s candidacy earlier this year, the fate was sealed. The right will need to start to ditch appeals to the brown majority and start to engage with the people that actually agree with Right Wing positions.

Thank you, dear readers, and Good Night.

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