Two ugly old MAGA whores at Mar-a-lago

MAGA Whores

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Article originally written in October 2021, unpublished until now.

The GOP has a whore problem. Not just the mainstream GOP and Conservative Inc., that has always been full of whores, boors and finooks, but we’re talking about supposed BASED populist radical, Trump-supporting, MAGA-hat wearing, gun-toting, Bible-believing conservative whores. It appears that Kristi Noem, South Dakota’s allegedly populist and nationalist governor is a whore, cuckolding her husband with Donald Trump’s former campaign chief Corey Lewandowski. Further, Marjorie Taylor Greene was apparently the gym bicycle back when she was working in gyms around Alpharetta, Georgia. She was very open about her infidelity and her husband didn’t seem to mind. Of course, both whores deny being whores, but that’s what whores do. They’ll be caught in flagrante delicto, right as they’re plying their whore trade and they’ll deny that they’re whores because “my husband says it’s ok” or “I’m a strahng-independent God-fearing whaman that don’t need no man”.

As political entities, both whores are irrelevant to the dissident right. Both represent the kind of full gas in neutral, low IQ mainstream conservatism which the enemy would love for us to engage in. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a full on Qtard and has been elevated to national prominence in part due to her stupidity and vulgarity – she is exactly what the enemy would love us to identify with. Kristi Noem is exactly that, but donor friendly. She’s the pied piper which will redirect right-wing energies away from the dangerous thinking of the dissident right and into the well-travelled and easily controlled struggles against “soshulism”, and “libruls stealin’ our republic.” It used to be that controlled opposition whores were at least easy on the eyes, but Marjorie Taylor Greene’s flabby arms and butterface are evidence that the supply chain disruptions have severely damaged operations at the whore factory. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a load of hot air. She’s the minstrel show the left turns on to watch when they want to laugh at the ignorant rubes they rule over. Her pronouncements of Krakens and Storms amuse them, they are a powerless puppet’s delusions of might and justice. She even had a raffle where you can win her .50 cal (which she uses to shoot at a car labeled “socialism”). All she’ll need are your name, phone number and zip code. I’m sure l33t haxx0r MTG will secure your information against potential hostile hacks and stings to find out if you’re one of the white supreemist terrorists who are planning to storm the Capitol again and implement -gasp-, 90s era liberalism. Beyond that, this whore has no real power, so her relevance is mostly in serving as a way for delusional Trump-supporting fantasists to vicariously stick it to the “soshulist libs”. 

Kristi Noem on the other hand, as Governor of South Dakota, has actual power. Power which she mostly uses for petty corruption, such as leaning on state certification boards to have her daughter’s real estate license approved. When given an opportunity to halt transgender incursion into women’s sports, she caved under pressure from Amazon and vetoed the bill, justifying her decision on the basis of the time-tested conservative principle of not using government power to win (that’d be soshulism). Now, if you’re asking me, women’s sports are an epiphenomenon of small families and fathers without or with few sons pushing their daughters into sports, but if we’re gonna have them, they should be reserved for females. Mixing male and female athletes is how you give gym whores like Marjorie Taylor Greene opportunity to practice whoredom freely. 

The controlled opposition’s snivelling rats are out in full force, running damage control for the whores, lambasting the author of the American Greatness article for citing “anonymous sources”, because that’s exactly what a librul soshulist would do. Now, I wouldn’t know about that, but I do know a thing or two about physiognomy, and physiognomy doesn’t lie. Marjorie Taylor Greene has the same gormless facial expression and simian features of every gym whore I’ve known. In more technical terms, her pronounced facial bones, especially in the nose region indicate higher than average testosterone, which is linked to sociosexual behavior in both men and women. Women like her hang around gyms, wear provocative clothing and cause gym drama in order to score men. They’ll often fuck right in the gym, or in the changing rooms, the showers or an alley behind the gym. They’ll jump from man to man and break up friendships and partnerships among the men frequenting the gym, turning the gym into a drama of which their whoredom is a centerpiece. 

Kristi Noem is a little different. First of all, she has a name ending with an i. That alone indicates that she graduated summa cum laude from Whore University, but the cut of her jib tells me that she’s what Chateau Heartiste would call a lawyercunt – a strahng, independant professional whaman who don’t need no man, and indeed, her hysterics on twitter following the emergence of the facts about her whoredom bear out my assessment. Her features are more delicate, but still sharp and masculine-presenting, only in a less vulgar way than Marjorie Taylor Greene. MTG is the brainless bimbo classic, jumping from cock to cock without a single thought or care in the world, even finding religion once she hits the wall without skipping a beat. Kristi Noem, however is the calculating whore, who will sleep her way to the top or engage in promiscuous sex “to celebrate her independence”, to showcase her status (a very male view of sex). She is an urbane whore, a product of civilizational decadence which empowers women to act like men. She’ll use sex as a weapon, as a bargaining chip or even as Randian self-affirmation. 

Now that’d all be bad enough on its face, but these whores and many like them have husbands and purport to be Christian. We can expect a little hypocrisy from the GOP, but they also claim to be populist rebels against Conservative Inc. and allies of Donald Trump against the Swamp, the Deep State, the globalists, the satanic pedophile elites or whatever it is MAGA is opposed to these days. Then again, the 2024 MAGA agenda isn’t exactly anti-whore. If Q can be black, then why not a woman, a patriotic lawyercunt bureaucrat like Kristi Noem or 4 star bimbo whore general like Marjorie Taylor Greene at the Pentagon? What’s in the 2024 MAGA agenda which opposes whoredom? What about their Christianity? Is modern American Christianity opposed to whoredom, or are priests and pastors likelier to exhort young men to “man up” and marry whores, especially if their whoredom has produced bastard children which the unfortunate young men now have to raise as their own? In a sense, being a populist, American Christian MAGA whore isn’t an intellectually inconsistent position. 
Whores will whore and this is a fact of life, as predictable as the changing of the seasons and the tides of the sea. But here’s the one that’s driving me berserk. Where are the men? Where are their husbands and fathers? Why is the ostensibly conservative Republican electorate supporting these whores? Why are donors giving them money? Why are self-proclaimed rugged manly men signing up for the bimbo whore’s gun raffle? Where, in short, is the iron hand of patriarchy endowed by God almighty to discipline the whores and enforce Christian propriety in the world? I ask because the problems of whoredom are central to the problem of survival for white people. It is our tolerance as white men for white women acting as whores among other things which has led to our current demographic predicament. We are not breeding above replacement rates because white men have no dominion over white women. White men are prohibited from exercising dominion over their women by the hostile state, so what does the purported enemy of this hostile state do? Instantiate as leaders of the opposition women who behave in exactly the way that the enemy wants them to behave, i. e. as whores. 

If it were merely the hook-noses and geldings of Conservative Inc. tolerating and promoting whores, I wouldn’t care, but there are ostensible dissident rightists telling me that these two whores are “fighters”, “on our side”, “fighting the enemy” et cetera. That’d all very well and good, but these women are whores who make a mockery of marriage and the family, disobey their husbands and meddle in politics, further emasculating white men. But I suppose that after decades of wetting their knickers over girls with guns, conservative men cannot in good faith object to whores LARPing as populist leaders. There’s an absolute pandemic of men on the right simping for BASED populist women who shoot guns and cuckold their husbands.

Therefore, I call upon you to no longer tolerate these whores. Stop voting for them, stop donating to them. When someone brings them up, point out that they’re whores. When someone tries to defend their whoredom, point out his simpery. If a media outlet defends these whores and refuses to condemn their whoredom, stop paying attention to that outlet, as it is a producer of enemy propaganda. Demand that public persons condemn whoredom in general and individual whores in particular. Furthermore, let’s stop involving women in politics altogether. The dissident right is rightly disgusted by the idea of women in the military, and accepts that there’s barely a cunt’s hair worth of difference between warfare and politics. Why not put two and two together and declare a blanket prohibition of female presence in the political arena. If women are to be part of the dissident right, they’re best utilized as dreamweavers and storytellers, in the metapolitical realm where their predilection towards fantasy is a strength, rather than a weakness. And in the spirit of no longer tolerating whores, let me declare that we will bring back the ducking stool in the ethnostate, as a punishment for whores, adulteresses, witches and scolds. Our survival is no laughing matter and we can no longer allow whores to threaten white birthrates. Whores must be disciplined and placed under the iron arm of the patriarchy. 

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Good article. The so called conservative woman is always much more “liberal” under the surface than even the most liberal blue hairs.

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