Severed Heads, Australia Day, Deporting Somalians, A Walgreens Closes Due to Racism, and More

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Deranged MAGA-tard Who Believes He is the Messiah Decapitates His Own Father

In Pennsylvania a man whose name is Justin Mohn put out a YouTube video where he rants about Joe Biden and then shows the severed head of his own father. He claimed that he killed his father because he was a federal government employee who was a traitor to his country. The video is over 10 minutes long of complaining about various US political issues, such as the cost of housing and communism. The full video of his rant has been taken down from YouTube, but it can be found here (viewer discretion advised). Along with the complaints he also calls for violent action to be taken against various people within the US government. He is clearly mentally deranged because he has reportedly claimed:

“But I was betrayed by the FBI, the federal courts, and my own family, because there are people who believe I am the messiah. This belief that I am the messiah is why you have never heard this story on the news, because it would spread that belief.”

-Quote from the Daily Mail

Maybe I am making a false assumption but I seriously doubt that anyone genuinely said that they believe he is the Messiah. It could be that he is a very charismatic fellow, but I’ll assume that he is just crazy. Once this story broke lots of people began using this incident for their own political purposes. The “left” is using this incident to imply that every Republican is a nutjob, and some on the “right” are positing that this is obviously a psychological operation created by the feds. My opinion on this is that if it was a fed-run psyop there would probably be an AR-15 involved in the story somewhere. For now I will assume that this was a delusional individual that had a psychotic break especially given his past statements. Whether it is a government psyop or just a nutjob the outcome remains the same and its impossible to know for sure.

“Based” DeSantis Calls to Deport Representative Ilhan Omar for Being Somalia First

At a recent event Ilhan Omar (a congresswoman for Minnesota’s 5th District) stated:

“For as long as I am in the U.S. Congress, Somalia will never be in danger, its waters will not be stolen by Ethiopia or others … Sleep in comfort, knowing I am here to protect the interests of Somalia from inside the U.S. system.” 

-Quote from Fox News

After the video of her saying this started making the rounds on social media, Ron DeSantis said this on X.

Expel from Congress, denaturalize and deport!

-Ron DeSantis’ X Post

This statement sparked a bunch of outrage from the “left” as they predictably said that this is racist. It also put some pressure on other Republican politicians and conservative commentators to either support or condemn this statement, for example Matt Walsh has posted in support of deportation of Ilhan Omar. What is interesting to me is that this surprises people, foreigners advocating for the interests of their home countries in Western countries is a highly predictable consequence of them being admitted into our countries. Another thing that I notice is that this is allowed and supported if the foreign country being advocated for is Israel. Here is Chuck Schumer saying that he is a “guardian of Israel“. Of course no Republican politician complains about this, and neither do mainstream conservative commentators. They are not taking a principled stance on putting “America First”, they are seizing an opportunity to earn favor with their base by stating what everyone is thinking about one of the most hated politicians in America. This is low hanging fruit and it shows their inconsistent application of their so called “America First” principles.

A Protest to Keep Australia White is Stopped By Police and Condemned by the Australian Prime Minister

On Australia Day in New South Wales police swarmed the subway to prevent protestors from the National Socialist Network from making it into the city where celebrations were taking place. They arrested the demonstrators and the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese condemned the protest stating:

“It has no place and it is rightly being condemned by all decent people.”

“we have a responsibility to look to what unites us, not what divides us”

“And I say to these people, quite frankly, have a good look at yourself,”

-Quote from 9News

Of course protests deriding Australia Day as “Invasion Day” did not receive the same treatment from news media, politicians, and the police. The protestors arrested have the belief that Australia is and should remain a White country. Preventing the freedom of expression of Australian citizens is a serious breach of their freedom of political communication, and it clearly shows that those in power do not actually value the democratic principles that they claim to. Instead they are perfectly willing to pursue their anti-White agenda with the threat of force. Hopefully this event makes it clear to other White Australians that the anti-White agenda is absolutely deliberate.

Farmers in Germany Continue to Protest Against Green Policies

Protests continue in various European countries over environmentalist policies and cheap imports which effect their way of life. Other EU member states also are having protests of their own in solidarity with European farmers.

Protests have spread across Europe. Spanish farmers said they would join the movement, while 1,000 Italian farmers were planning to take part in rallies in Brussels on Thursday, to press EU leaders meeting in the capital to act. German and Romanian farmers with similar grievances have also taken action.


Globalization and absurd climate change policies are increasingly putting strain on more localized food production. Threats of carbon taxes on farmers to reach a target for reduction of carbon emissions by various European politicians are of course supported by the media and other institutions. Thankfully farmers have quite a bit of leverage because they are an essential part of any functioning economy and nation. Seeing this event reminds me of something that happened in America where American pilots threatened to strike if they didn’t get a more favorable contract from their employers. Pilots are also an essential part of the economy and hold a ton of leverage, coincidentally farmers in Europe and pilots in America are mostly White men. The pressuring of competent White men that are involved in key areas of the economy and logistics will cause more instability if they refuse to participate. Replacing these White men is also not very easy and will result in a reduction of quality in these various industries that will ripple all throughout The West. Perhaps the politicians should take competent White men seriously instead of constantly attacking them.

Walgreens Closing Stores Because of Theft is Racist

Representative Ayanna Pressley is one of the many insufferable female black politicians that takes every opportunity she can to complain about something absurd. The latest complaint is of a retail chain closing a pharmacy in Roxbury which she claims is racially motivated.

“These closures are not arbitrary and they are not innocent,” Pressley said in her speech. “They are life-threatening acts of racial and economic discrimination.”

-Quote from

The unspoken but obvious truth about this closure is that Walgreens had lots of issues with theft in this area that has a large black community. The closure has absolutely nothing to do with “threatening the lives of low income blacks”, and everything to do with their own behavior causing businesses to struggle making profits in their communities. Apparently we are supposed to build businesses in their communities, allow the robberies to happen by not persecuting thief’s, we are supposed to never leave, and celebrate the “vibrant diversity” of this community. This is a regular occurrence and I remember first coming across the term “food deserts“. Notice this quote in the article:

I couldn’t make do with pizza, fried chicken or a dusty tin of mixed vegetables from the heavily fortified Madison Food & Meat Market opposite the old Aldi site.

-Financial Times

Why does a grocery store need to be “heavily fortified”? It is because it is being stolen from and the fortifications are to try to maintain profitability. The kinds of things black politicians get angry about and the way they deliberately frame an issue in the most dishonest way possible, makes it clear to me why the Founder’s of America never intended blacks to be able to vote or hold office. Our societies need to constantly bend over backwards and tolerate intolerable conditions from these dishonest people. It is not a sustainable arrangement for a business, and especially a country.

Zac Stacy: Another Black Millionaire That Torpedoed His Career

As is customary I have dug up another story of a wealthy black person engaging in violent/impulsive/criminal actions that caused them to lose their high paying career. Zac Stacy has been sentenced to 6 months in prison for the battery of his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child. Zac Stacy was a running back in the NFL, after this incident his contracts were terminated. Once again it is an interracial couple, and here are some of the comments under the video:

There isn’t much else to say on this story other than note that we are now 3/3 for being able to find another incident like this. Let’s see how long we can keep it up!

This concludes the news article, as always feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions or corrections.

According to Title 17, Chapter 1, Statute 107 of U.S. Code, allowance is given to use copyrighted materials for purposes such as criticism, reporting, education, research, or scholarship. Any copyrighted materials present in this article are not owned by Radical Dose and credit is given to it’s owner. The purpose of the use of these materials is for news reporting and criticism, therefore this work is transformative. The following is a link to the statute that was cited:

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