Kirby is aryan

Kirby is Aryan

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People often ask me, why is your profile picture Kirby? The question seems simple, and the answer starts from the beginning. The TLDR is that Kirby is basically Aryan. When Kirby was first released in the United States in 1992, the first image of him that was commercially available to Americans shows Kirby being White. This has less to do with Japanese racism, and more to do with the Gameboy not being able to display color. He eventually became pink, and if you really think about it… White people are called pinky as an insult. You might think that’s quite the stretch but bear with me.

This is just the first of a few pieces of evidence, the rest of the evidence is that I personally think that a creature who is simultaneously the cutest and the most powerful being in the universe is an awesome dynamic. In the original 1992 Kirby’s Dream Land he lacked a powerful ability. As the franchise developed, the creator Masahiro Sakurai decided he needed to make Kirby into an even more unstoppable force of Nature. He added the ability to not only inhale and digest Kirby’s opponents, but to also copy their abilities. If Kirby were to inhale a black man in the ghetto, Kirby would subsume him into his being and wear a gold chain. His ability might be to throw bullets indiscriminately in multiple directions.

-Lil Kirb, Gangster Kirby

It’s a good thing that Kirby is a benevolent and loving creature that only exists in a fictional universe. If this benevolent cosmic horror existed in reality, the Earth might have already been destroyed by Kirby being thirsty and inhaling too much of the ocean.

When you really think about it, Kirby could destroy the entire planet effortlessly because the various world powers would launch a nuke at Kirby only to see that he inhaled the nuke and then became Nuclear Kirby. After destroying the Earth he would proceed to find something to eat. In fact one Kirby adventure starts because some mice stole a piece of cake from him.
(video source)

A very noble cause to try to retrieve some delicious food that some (((rats))) stole from you. Most of the games in the Kirby franchise involve Kirby fighting against the forces of Dark Matter and those possessed by it. Dark Matter is negative energy, and we learn that positive energy/emotions can destroy Dark Matter. Kirby is made up of entirely positive energy. He is a Nationalist destroying the Dark Matter that has come to destroy his homeland: Dream Land.

geographic evidence that kirby is aryan

Dream Land is a kingdom on planet Popstar. Kirby arrived here under mysterious circumstances and his true origin is unknown.

Stellar evidence Kirby is aryan

Some detestable people use Kirby’s unknown species, lack of visible genitalia, and unknown origin to make completely baseless claims that he is some kind of LGBTQIA+ creature. This disinformation should not be tolerated in any form, and the use of the great Kirby for political purposes like that is just despicable. Which reminds me of the next reason why Kirby is Aryan. All one has to do is gaze into his eyes and you see the undeniable A10 (at the very least A50) color indicating that Kirby is destined to be a king among men.

Need I say more? Yes? I’m glad that you asked. In preparation for this article I watched an entire video on Kirby lore, which started from the very first game all the way until now. It starts off very simple as I have explained above with the enemy being Dark Matter, but it quickly gets to be quite discombobulating with alternate dimensions and alternate timelines where differing characters hypothetically could have participated in a particular adventure. It is confusing, so I won’t go on about that any longer. Just trust me, Kirby is a quintessential example of many stories that we categorize as “The Hero’s Journey”.

-Hero’s Journey, some notable other people who have this same arc: Jesus, Harry Potter, Most of everything that is cool, etc.

Every Kirby adventure is a condensed version of this, except that he never refuses the call to adventure. Sometimes he may take a nap, but once he wakes up and has a slice of cake he gets right back to saving Dream Land or even the entire known universe. Another great thing about Kirby is the great music that is created around the franchise. The music in the Kirby game’s are always joyous, exciting, full of hope, and/or are great themes to pair with a given environment. The “Kirby Music” space also spans many different genres with lots of people putting their own creative twist on the iconic game music. Here are two great examples of some great Kirby music. (Nestalgica: Kirby: Triple Deluxe – Royal Road | Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra: Kirby Triple Deluxe Medley)

Hopefully now you have a better appreciation of this pink little gumball.

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