memorabilia of the Katyn massacre

The Katyn Massacre

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After the Soviet occupation of Eastern Poland in 1939 they rounded up the leadership officers’ corps of the country. Besides the 10,000 officers, 6,000 doctors, lawyers, civic leaders, some university students, police officials and even a few women were carried off. The Red Army moved them to three camps. Thousands poured into the largest camp, known as Pavlishtchev-Bor. Other thousands went to Ostachov and Starobielsk in the same region. Conditions there were austere but hope for freedom was bright. As Spring approached the guards spread the word that the men were soon to be repatriated home. Joy and celebration spread through the camps. When the day for departure for the first to go arrived, celebrations, salutes and “see you in Warsaw”, or “look up my parents” were included in the farewell scenes.

For the first to leave, the smiles and laughter soon evaporated. The prison trains were moving East, not Westward toward Poland. The guard was heavy, strange for men about to be liberated! Then the train stopped at Gniesdovo, near the Katyn Woods. In groups of threes, the prisoners were placed in autos and driven to a woodcutter’s cottage. Inside this cottage, they were searched for such valuables as watches, rings and jewelry. This last bit of loot was to go into the Communist treasury.

They were then marched from the cottage forty yards or so. Ordered to place their hands behind their backs, their wrists were tied together with wire or cord. Those who protested were slammed into the ground and their mouths jammed full with sawdust. Some were bayoneted or their heads smashed in by rifle butts. Many died without any further struggle, while others had multiple bullet wounds indicating resistance.

Most were marched to the edge of a deep pit. One can but imagine the horror that filled their eyes as they looked down into the man made gorge. Along the walls of the deep pit Jews were busy stacking the bodies one on top of the other, 12 high. Each body faced the opposite way of the corpse lying underneath it. Thus the bodies resembled sardines packed in a can. In the center of the pit all was chaos. Here the bodies fell into huge pools of blood which splattered on the hard working Jews who had to walk upon other bodies to separate them and drag them to the wall for stacking. The reason for the careful body placement was that 5,000 men were destroyed in this one pit and it was vital that there be made room enough. The job was to be done as quickly as possible. It took the gory butchers 24 days. Then, they dug other pits.

As the days went on the stench became unbearable and the executioners had to wear masks. Some Poles struggled before Jewish officers, like Maj. Joshua Sorokin, were able to place the single shot into the backs of their heads. Some bodies later exhumed by German forces in 1943

had their coats thrown over their heads and tied in front of them. Thus the single spent shot went through their coat and into the brain. Exhibiting their rabid hatred for Christianity, the Jewish killers separated the priests from the others. The German forces, who later discovered the graves, called in the Red Cross and representatives of neutral nations to bear witness to the atrocity. They found that the priests had been tortured, beaten and had had their jaws or skulls smashed before receiving the final shot in the back of the neck.

After the carnage, the NKVD murderers busied themselves smoothing over the land and planting trees and shrubbery over the massive grave.


Recovered from the bodies by the advancing German troops were letters and diaries that give us the final horror that these brave men were to endure. The following was taken from a dead major whose body was removed from the pit at Katyn. It read:

Sunday Morning, April 7, 1940.
Yesterday another search at the Skit. Lunch at the club.
2:55 p.m. Finally leaving Kozielsk, going home.
4:55 p.m. Debarked trucks, now at depot. Boarding prison cars? Is that all they have on the Russian RR? 12 of us in a compartment for 6.

Monday Morning, April 8, 1940.
3:30 p.m. Finally pulling out, but moving East, why? 9:00 a.m. Jelnia Station – still moving East?
12:00 Still at station, what is the delay?

Tuesday Morning, April 9, 1940.
5:00 a.m. Guards moving everyone off. Into cars.
6:30 a.m. Must scribble, into woods, like a country house. Removed watch, knife and ring?

That was the last entry in that Polish officer’s diary. There they perished at the hands of their worst enemies. Spring had come to Katyn. May found the flowers and shrubs sprouting life. Every April let us all remember the coming of Spring to Katyn and the men who still lie there. In their name let the cause of freedom and liberty live on in the hearts of men and women everywhere. Let us all know that communism and zionism have not changed. They both seek the enslavement of the White Christian people of the world. Let the sacrifice of the Poles at Katyn guide us to be ever vigilant against those such as Jew Henry Kissinger whose every effort is to bring us together with the communists of Russia and China. Let us all beware!!

Originally published in The Thunderbolt, November 1972.

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I’m glad I read this post because I had forgotten about the Katyn Massacre. When I read about stuff like this and then see communism rising again across the West, rebranded as BLM or social justice or whatever, it just increases my paranoia and my desire to make sure all of our people are as prepared for SHTF as possible.

Great article. I hadn’t heard of the Katyn Massacre until about a year ago.

I looked up “The Thunderbolt” online. The editor of that newspaper was: Dr. Edward R. Fields

Also, I recognize that name from reading “Heritage and Destiny” magazine. They have an advertiser which sells rare books and memorabilia from that era. Mail order only:

The Truth at Last Books
PO Box 1211
Marietta, GA 30061, USA

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