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We here at Radical Dose always try to bring you the important information that other portals simply ignore. From the very start, we’ve had a keen interest in the phenomenon of wiggerism – of white people acting black. For this purpose, we’ve conducted an interview with M., an Australian former wigger who managed to recover from his affliction. His responses were simultaneously groundbreaking and exactly what we expected.

When you were a wigger, was it only an act or did you truly believe you were black?

Looking back on it now, I can say it was partially an act and putting on a front because I didn’t know my true self and I thought my true self was being a wannabe negro rapper.  But at the time I genuinely believed “I can be a great rapper like these guys!” and “If I use an American accent I can integrate with these fucking negroes!” but then I realised oh wait, I’m white and I’m thinking like this because I’m heavily traumatised so that’s not gonna work, and it makes me look fucking stupid, and it’s not who I really am.  Once I found myself processing my childhood trauma and becoming a white person that doesn’t hate himself, then I realised that this rap music is actually gross and degrading as fuck, and these guys just hate white people – they hate people like me.

When did you first realise you’re not black?

I guess when I started sorting out my fucking head, started confronting my past childhood traumas and yknow, recognizing I’ve got mad dad issues and started projecting that into thinking I was a black rapper and looking up to black artists because my dad was a piece of shit.1 I realised I wasn’t black when I understood I had significant daddy issues and that I was projecting that into listening to negro rap music right?  And because I had no father figure I looked up to these negroes like they were a father figure in a way.

So why did you look up to them as father figures?

It sounds retarded but thinking about it now, they made me feel more empowered and stronger than what I was because I had really low self-esteem and I thought I was different because I was listening to negro rap music while everyone else was listening to generic bullshit. I didn’t realise that it just made me look like a fucking retard the whole time.  I was dressing in baggy clothes and wearing baseball jerseys and y’know, speaking like I’m from fucking New York and it was just retarded.

What music did you listen to when you were a wigger and how have your tastes changed since?

It started with Eminem.  That’s the OG wigger. The boss level wigger.  That’s what every white kid that had no dad aspires to be. So, it was that but I also listened to Jay Z for some reason, I was a big fan of Kanye and I got into Odd Future but when you think about it, they were always trying to be like white kids.

After that it just devolved into dumb trap music, ABC 123 negro music where the lyrics are like what a two year old could write.

Nowadays I’m just looking for white artists, I like Drum and Bass, I like bassline and hardstyle, and I like a bit of punk, even though it’s pozzed as fuck.  So I don’t like to listen to it too much but it can be really good music for what it was at the time.  I also listen to a lot of rock.

It’s funny you mentioned Odd Future because they don’t really have black fans, their whole target market is white kids, but what’s interesing is Jay Z. Only wiggers and fake-deep dumb negroes like Jay Z, he’s not even good.

Yeah Jay Z, now that I think back to when I’d listen to his music, he never said anything that was relatable to me.  I’d just be listening to it as background noise and if anything I was more into what his producers were making.  His producers really carried his career.

Has your experience in pretending to be black made you more or less likely to spot racial differences?

It’s taught me that negroes aren’t civilized like us and they have a very degenerate culture.

How has your experience in wiggerism affected your political views?

It affected me to the point I became very left wing and I had sympathy for the BLM stuff.  I remember when I was really deep into wiggerism I was posting about, yknow, black people are oppressed and… not directly but just shit that was on that wavelength, posting a lot about “hip hop culture” which as you know, is very left-wing.

Do you retain any black behavioural traits (infidelity, drug use, criminality, child abandonement)?  Did you ever have them?

I had substance abuse problems and was promiscuous. That’s big with today’s music and when you think of the rap music, that’s most of what they talk about. I’m free of that now though.

Has wiggerdom negatively affected your life?

Yeah, it did.  It really did.  Like, it doesn’t now because I’m not a wigger anymore but in the past it really made me look like a fucking idiot and it pushed me to the lowest point in my life. It was a symptom of really bad, clinical depression.  I just had no self-awareness what-so-ever.  And I didn’t want to be self aware because I wanted to escape reality.

Did you at least manage to score a she-negro?

No, I never did that.  The closest thing I got to it was an Islander, and that wasn’t my proudest moment.

You are obviously a former wigger. What advice would you give to people who try to leave wiggerdom or de-program their wigger loved ones?

Just get away from it. First of all you need to surround yourself with good fucking people. White people.  If you’re White, surround yourself with White people that don’t hate themselves and want to see you do better, that want to see you improve and will give you the cold hard reality. I was originally around a lot of White people but they all hated themselves too, so it’s important to find self-aware and pro-white people to be around.  Once you do that it’ll be a snowball effect.  You’ll start listening to White music, you’ll start being influenced by White culture and it’ll just build up.  Eventually you’ll get to a point where, the best way I can describe it is that it’s like getting off a drug.  You have your withdrawals at first but eventually when you haven’t done it for a long time you look at it and you go “ugh, I feel gross thinking about it”

Did wiggerdom feel empowering?  In retrospect, were you truly empowered?

I felt so at the time, but looking back now?  No, I wasn’t empowered.  It was a symptom the root cause of which was that I hated myself, and I hated my environment.  I used it to cope.

If you woke up tomorrow and you were black, how would you feel?

I’d burn myself alive like that fucking cunt outside the Israeli embassy.

I think that’s advice black people should take on!  If you wake up one morning and find out you are black, you should probably kill yourself.

Yeah if I wake up black, I’d be hating white people, because I’d be jealous and envious.

That’s the terrible thing about being a wigger right?  You’re trying to be something that fails to do what White people do and hates them for it.

Yeah, and everyone can see that, even if they’re not a part of the pro-white movement. Any normal white person can instinctively see that.

Even when I still had the wiggerism in me, I would see other wiggers and they would make me cringe. I’d think “you’re fucking gay”. All the wiggers I used to know, I’d think “you’re corny and I’m uncomfortable around you because you’re not true to yourself”. Everyone’s living a fake facade and at the same time you’re living a fake facade too so there’s just no genuine connection there.

How would you feel when you were with a bunch of these wiggers?

I felt anxious and I felt… well half the time I was on drugs, so I was in la-la land but I think that says a lot. The best way I can describe it is that being around these wiggers is like we’re all pretending to be a part of a fucking biopic or something. Like it’s gonna be the next Straight Outta Compton, and we’re trying to make fucking hits and it’s like we’re just constantly posing for fucking Instagram or some sort of weird documentary. It’s all performative and you know it deep down inside, so you can’t be yourself. You gotta watch what you say because you’re in a room with people who don’t have a true inner self.

Now when I’m around these wiggers, they remind me of what I was like when I was a wigger and it just makes me cringe. I just think about the number of people I met in the past when I acted that way, and what they were thinking. It makes me feel embarrassed for my past self and you know what?  I don’t blame them for looking at me like a fucking retard.

What were your interactions with negroes like back when you were a wigger compared to how they are today?

I didn’t interact with many negroes back when I was a wigger, and when I did I could tell they were just gonna finesse me into buying something for them, and I couldn’t say anything back because I was just like “Oh, black man!  Hello!”. They just gave me very little to no respect, but nowadays the last black person I interacted with, I didn’t try to be friends with him or anything. I was just trying to be my normal self, yet we weirdly got along.

Now that I’m full Aussie, fully love being white, love being Aussie, when I talk to them I just talk to them like a genuine Aussie bloke, like I do with everyone else and they seem to like that a lot more.

If you could talk to your wigger self in the past, what would you say to him right now?

I would tell him to wake the fuck up, face the hard truth that you’ve had a fucked up childhood and you should confront your evil-doers as soon as you can because you’ll save yourself so much fucking time, instead of figuring this shit out in your late 20s.

Sort yourself out, be a man and grow some fucking balls.

  1. Ekaterina Orlova likewise speculates that white Russians imitate Chechens and other Muslims because of a lack of father figures. ↩︎

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It’s taught me that negroes aren’t civilized like us and they have a very degenerate culture

100% accurate. You have said the actual truth

“Yeah if I wake up black, I’d be hating white people, because I’d be jealous and envious.”

That’s why they hate Whites.

Great article!

I’m surprised wiggers are a big deal in Australia of all places. Here in America, wiggers died out in the 00s.

I listened to rap music before I was redpilled. But it never turned me into a wigger. Even before I was redpilled officially, I knew some these things already, that black oppression was bullshit for example, and the double standard that whites are often subjected too. Might sound bad, but I only liked rap music because I just like aggressive music, just for the energy. My dad also liked aggressive style music, but his was more black metal, death metal, and some punk. Which is why I also liked metal at the same time, still do. But I’ve definitely moved away from rap music. I even still kinda view listening to things like black metal and death metal as guilty pleasures to a degree.

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