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The Ideal Woman Trad Fantasy

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Scrolling through social media, I saw a very interesting image. It was titled Ideal Woman. On it, there was a little woman, looking a little middle aged, drawn perhaps by the author him or herself, to represent their ideal woman. On either side of the woman, there are around ten brief sentences describing this sort of ideal woman.

ideal woman fantasy

My first question upon seeing the picture was “ideal for whom?” Does the author imply that only one type of ideal woman? When I look at the picture and the descriptions, with some exceptions, this was completely opposite to what I’d consider ideal. However, I don’t really believe that an ideal woman exists, or an ideal man for that matter. 

Something that I consider ideal, wouldn’t be ideal for someone else. We’ve all heard that tastes can’t be debated. But nevertheless, let’s have a look at this so-called ideal woman. 

“She should wear modest and feminine clothing.” 

As this middle-aged looking woman is portrayed, she’s wearing a cotton shirt which sticks very closely to her body, revealing everything, not merely the breasts but also her belly. Some people consider this feminine. Her skirt is also very form-revealing and appears to be some cotton-elastane mix, which doesn’t look very feminine. The author seems to believe that young girls should look and dress like 40- or 50-year old women. Everything to avoid the dreaded “modern” look. Whoever the author is, he or she probably opposes modernity. I also think that they dislike structured clothings. If a woman wore trousers, blazers or shirts, he’d no doubt consider that mannish. He’s probably unaware that different women have different body types and most women’s bodies don’t fit this mode of dress (which we call romantic). But this is “ideal”, and so everyone should wear this, regardless of whether they look good in it or not or whether they feel comfortable wearing it. 

“She wants to marry and have kids.”

I believe most women want to marry and have children, but not at any cost. Part of providing a healthy environment for children to develop in includes unity and agreement between the parents. Looking for a man at any cost, having kids and then spending the rest of your life in domestic conflict will just force your children to grow up in a sick family and likely grow up into sick adults. I think back to Wagner’s Ring Cycle, when Wotan punishes Brünnhilde the Valkyrie by putting her in a magical sleep and cursing her to marry whomever wakes her up, which Brünnhilde consider the greatest and most humiliating punishment. 

That’s what I think of when I see women looking for just any man to marry and breed with, this horrible punishment that Wotan prepares for his daughter. Fortunately, Brünnhilde prevails upon her father to surround her with a magical fire that’ll make sure that only the bravest of heroes who does not fear the fire can wake her and marry her, rather than just anyone who happens by. And indeed, in the next opera of the Ring Cycle, it is the great hero Siegfried who crosses the flames to claim Brünnhilde. 

“She wants to be a housewife”

I know the text says “stay at home mom”, but what they mean is housewife. This is a post which is supposed to thumb its nose at the modern world, but cannot bring itself to speak plainly, instead hiding behind euphemism. To the point, maybe being a housewife was possible back in the day, for some people. I remember that both my parents worked. I think it’s good for parents to take care of children themselves. With the rise of working from home, this is becoming available for more and more people, for both parents. Some women love housework and I don’t judge them, but not everybody can live like that. There are many quality women who have careers or their own businesses and cannot live simply as housewives. I don’t believe women should be limited to housework if they have the potential and interest to do something else. 

“She reads the Bible”

To what end? I love reading books and I’ve been doing it since I was very young. When my parents had to take me to the dentist, they usually bribed me with books. However, I haven’t read the Bible. I won’t claim that you shouldn’t read the Bible, but what is meant here? Should she read the Bible every day? Should she only read the Bible? I don’t really know what to say about this one. 

“She wants to have 5 kids” 

Now, where did this number come from? It sounds a little bit like the author wants to have a basketball team, can’t find people to play with so he’s decided he’ll make his own. I don’t really get this one. What if the woman wants 7 children? Is she not ideal? It’s getting a bit ridiculous. 

“She has no social media” 

So… she shouldn’t have social connections. We all know that social connections in the modern day are made through social media. I communicate with most people through social media because it’s simply cheaper. How would you communicate with people from other countries without social media, with letters? Using the telephone would simply be too expensive. I don’t get the idea of this one at all. Yes, I agree that social networks can very easily drain you of all energy and can be a waste of time, but that’s how people connect these days and they also offer all sorts of new opportunities. 

“She wants to homeschool her kids”

I am all for homeschooling. Even if modern schools didn’t have ideological issues, it’s far better for some children, especially gifted children, to be homeschooled. However, if all you read is the Bible, how are you going to teach kids? 

Trad wife fantasies

I agree with some of the things listed. Women should have natural beauty, love children and enjoy cooking. Looking at the avi of the poster, it seems like the author of the image is a woman, though I can’t be certain. But if so, what’s the point of all this? 

Sometimes, on social media (where else?), I see this movement of traditional wives. It looks to me like this image’s a part of it. To be perfectly honest, it looks like fantasy to me. We’ll buy a house in the country, we’ll raise livestock, my wife will be an ideal woman who wears traditional dresses, our children will learn digging and ploughing, far from the big, degenerate cities. We’ll hide under rocks so that we don’t become degenerates, we’ll have zero influence, we’ll change nothing and accomplish nothing except hide. We object to modernity, fashion, art and technology because we’re traditionalists.

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Tldr for this article: nag nag nag

When the negro cannibals from Hati rampage your village you’ll drop your nagging and desperately flee into your kitchen. The meme mentions 5 kids. It sure would be a lot safer around a warrior husband with 5 warrior sons during the next race war. The values the meme celebrates, give that man an incentive to be there. The Bible says the wife shall cleave unto her husband for protection and submit unto his headship. Amen.

There is certainly alot of legitimate criticism to be had towards the trad waifu meme but I don’t think this article does a good job providing said criticism.

For example when the meme talks about the bible what it essentially is trying to say is that the woman has to be religious not that she particularly has to read the bible or the Eddas all day long.

And as for the social media it’s natural for a man to be against the idea of his wife having social media because her having an account gives the opportunity to other men to hit on her privately.

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