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How to Create an Active Club

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In the last few years Active Clubs have been sprouting all over the globe. The slogan “Athleticism, Activism, Identity” has called upon many men in the West who feel instinctively the importance of healthy living, fitness and the strong bonds of Mannerbund – a community of men. In this manual we will help guide you through the process of creating and running a local Active Club, whether you’re starting from scratch or reviving an existing group. Current Active Clubs, their members and their dedicated leaders will surely find something of benefit in these pages too. This manual will lay out the fundamentals to help you create a vibrant community that embodies the ideals of camaraderie, active lifestyle, mental and physical toughness, and steadfast folk identity.

PCTB Method

PCTB method, for this specific manual, stands for Purpose, Comrades, Training and Brand. An easy mnemonic (memory technique) to remember the PCTB method is Personal-Computer Tera-Byte.


Start with a purpose. It may sound simple but in order to build an effective organization the leader needs to not just approximately intuit the purpose, but have it clearly defined in written form. This is not for publication, but for having the inner frame for oneself. Any successful business or organization leader knows that having a clear purpose, with clearly defined goals, vision and mission statement is the difference between a mediocre and a successful enterprise. You should adopt the same mindset for forming an Active Club.

By having it written down you accomplish 2 things:

  • You internalize the information in the process of writing.
  • You always have a frame of reference for decision making.

The Purpose PCTB element is tied closely together with the last paragrap – brand section, and they create a loop of feedback. In a sense, the Brand and Purpose section is one and the same. We have noticed that existing AC leaders run into the following problem:

They have Comrade and Training elements of the PCTB model nailed down, but they have no clearly defined Purpose and the Inner Brand. In other words, they have a community and a training schedule, but over time they become directionless. So even though they have a logo and a name, some great propaganda videos, nevertheless they face inner organizational and management issues.

This is because the Brand is approached only visually and Internal Brand and Brand Strategy has not been defined and developed. By overlooking this you risk running into trouble holding a steady course for developing the club further in a meaningful way. A club without this framework functions in an inefficient way and gives room for its members to misinterpret and misuse being a part of this inner circle.

Having the goals, vision and mission statement figured out and written down allows the AC leadership, and possibly even its core members, to identify and address any issues. It also makes it a lot easier to find ways for coming up with direct approaches when it comes to public outreach (propaganda and online posts). This framework functions as a backbone and a reference point for planning and maintaining a healthy internal structure.

The Brand element of the PCTB model feeds back into the first – Purpose element. Always begin with the end in mind. We will return to this at the last section.


In order to form a community you must find like minded comrades. If you already have a friend group or just a close friend you can start there. It doesn’t have to be a crowd of people. Quite the contrary. Prioritize quality over quantity. Many Active Clubs have started with just two friends coming together and starting to train and organize together.

Members of your organization should not be only your obedient followers, but you should see that they bond and form friendships with each other, which will result in more engagement in activism and just generally is a good thing. The ceremonial aspect is very important here. Many people, especially teenagers, join the movement not only because of their firm political beliefs, but also because they want to be a part of something greater than themselves. Create a challenge for a potential recruit, a physical test of some sort will suffice. Then a joining ceremony. There might be different variations but usually it looks something like this: midnight in the middle of the forest, torches, bonfires, recruit swears an oath while other members stay in circle around him and observe. After everything that needs to be said is said, everybody congratulate their new brother and embrace. It would be also a good idea to celebrate some memorable dates in that fashion. But teambuilding is not limited to just creepy esoteric ceremonies: literally every occasion to spend some time with your comrades will suffice. A movie night, a hike, a wedding, a football game, a training session, a lecture–all that will help. 

“B-but what if some of them are federal agents who were sent to spy on me, and now they gained my trust and know more about me?”. Well, that is a valid concern. You can take some countermeasures: a long trial for new recruits, before joining; make sure that your subordinates have as much information about the group as they need to keep the operation running. For example: the Section Leader in a small town shouldn’t have access to members lists outside of his zone of responsibility; the Press Secretary shouldn’t concern himself with financial reports and so on. This cannot guarantee 100% safety, of course. Big organizations have internal security, usually run by an ex(?)-cop . Their purpose is to see where the information is going, find a leak, if there is one, do bug sweeps etc.

A very simple solution to these kinds of problems is to follow the law to the letter. Cops can surveil you all they want, but unless their investigation uncovers crimes, all it does is drain resources and will likely get cancelled given enough time.

Use tik-tok & Instagram edits to recruit the new members. It is an extremely effective method, as people are more easily impressed by photo and video propaganda than complex arguments.

Strength through unity, unity through strength. The benefits of strong communities is obvious. One example of the benefits of these communities maintaining ties is that if trouble strikes one person, and he is suddenly facing financial difficulties, everyone across the country sending him a mere 25$, or whatever they can afford high and low, quickly adds up.

Beyond fitness and martial arts training we encourage Active Club participants to share knowledge on becoming more self-reliant such as growing your own food, trading goods locally, opening your own business, finding more ethical sources for day to day living expenses whether it’s clothing or buying real dairy products from a local farmer’s market rather than fake dairy products from a grocery chain. Keeping money within our community and people rather than sending it to corporations who hate us and fund initiatives aimed against Europeans and our values is critical.

We encourage our participants to pursue a straight edge ideal and increase their skillsets whether it be martial arts, fitness, tradesmanship, outdoor survival skills, first-aid and more in order to become stronger, healthier, wealthier, a positive addition to their local community, and broadly a more effective and useful representative of our people and our cause Try to provide something beneficial for you club members, improve their lives and their ability to contribute. Remember that you are creating something more than just another hobbyist club. You are creating a community. Part of a large international de-centralized network. Think big!


When forming an Active Club you must take into account what leadership style best suits your personality and the mentality of those around you. Some Active Clubs prefer stict hierarchies with almost military-like chain of command. Others are more laissez-faire or diplomatic, where decisions and organizing is rather negotiated instead of commanded. There are no right or wrong leadership styles – it all depends on your own mentality and those that you wish to lead. We advise you to research leadership styles as anyone can learn more and benefit from that.

Since right-wingers believe in inequality, it’s only natural that it is reflected in their political organizations. Every member of your group should understand that he is important and he can and should express his opinion but you, as a leader, make the final decision. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there has to be military-grade discipline, but there has to be some respect to higher authority. It is important to lead by example here: if you don’t live up to what you preach, if you fail to motivate everyone around you, your leadership will be questioned. It would be beneficial to have your own inside code of conduct for your club members.

Leaders naturally emerge in any organizational structure. Nature takes care of that and you should never fight it because of your ego. A sign of a good leader is that he aims to raise up other leaders. If someone is better at certain things then it is beneficial for the whole group to let them lead on those particular things and in time, maybe the whole group.


The vetting process should be appropriate to your location and circumstances. Again, things vary with vetting strictness – some Active Clubs are very strict, while others are more laid back. But it is safe to say that everyone has at least some vetting process for new members. It depends on the geography and political situation in your country. If antifa and doxxing is an issue where you live, then you will want to implement stricter vetting. For reasons of this manual being public we will not disclose the existing vetting processes in Active Clubs around the world. We suggest you do some creative thinking and research depending on your own particular circumstances.

You can use this AI to sniff antifa or federal informants. But even without AI, the Mafia survived decades of Federal investigations through their famous code of Omertà. In 2015, 177 bikers were arrested in Waco, Texas after a massive shootout that left 9 dead. To this day, nobody has been convicted. If nobody talks, everybody walks. Zero tolerance for talking to the feds or police.


Start training together. Is it necessary for you to be experienced in martial arts or other sports to form an Active Club? It helps, but no – it’s not essential. What is essential is your willingness to grow. You can start organizing yourself and other people for physical activities without experience. You can learn on the way and train each other. In time, you may come across a new friend who has some more experience in some activities.

The general training layout should look something like this:

  1. Warm up and stretching. You should thoroughly warm up and stretch all the muscle groups. If outdoors, start by going for a 10-15 minute jog. Include different warm up exercises during jogging. Warming up is important to reduce trauma and wear-and-tear type damage to the body.
  2. Group physical activities. Drills for basic moves and punches, activities in pairs.
  3. Sparring.

Sparring should always be left as the last activity during a training session. The main reason is that after a serious training, everyone should be sufficiently exhausted to not operate on fresh energy levels – therefore reducing the chance of trauma. Consult training literature to develop your own training blueprint and fill it with activities. A good place to start would be textbooks or manuals for high school PE classes.


Famous brand strategist Marty Neumeier defined brand as “a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or organization.” Why is brand strategy important? Brand strategy is often overlooked by by both businesses and political organizations. It’s taken for granted that a name, logo and a catchy slogan is enough. However, this is not the case. Brand strategists claim that brand goes much deeper than the just the visuals. In fact, visuals should come way after the rest of the brand strategy has been developed, and emerge naturally in process of development and deep thinking about brand strategy.

In other words, don’t start with a name and a logo. Start with a purpose. Brand strategy is a whole field in the business world and it answers important questions, like:

  • Why are we here?
  • Who are we here for?
  • Where are we going?
  • What are we commited to?
  • How are we different?
  • Why should they care?

As a leader, you should think deeply about and be able to answer these questions. However, brand strategy doesn’t stop there. To create an effective organization you will have to go further. We will take the general brand strategy framework for businesses and apply it to forming an Active Club, because all the essential elements apply.

Overlooking these “taken for granted” details and not thinking deeply and writing them out for oneself will result in a misaligned brand. Building a brand is much like building a house – it requires a strong foundation and certain building blocks in a certain order to ensure strong foundational security. Here’s a simple 14-step framework for developing a brand strategy:

  1. Develop your internal brand. Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values. This comes from the leadership of the brand.
  2. Define your Target audience. Demographics, psychographics, their emotions, pains, dreams, desires, fears etc.
  3. Map your marketplace landscape
  4. Uncover your market position
  5. Shape your Brand personality. What you say and how you say it.
  6. Identify your brand’s tone of voice.
  7. Develop your messaging strategy
  8. Craft your brand story
  9. Develop your Name and Tag line
  10. Design you Brand Identity
  11. Craft your brand collateral
  12. Devise your brand awareness strategy
  13. Launch your brand
  14. Analyse. Optimize. Evolve.

Don’t use symbols associated with nazism or other generally condemned political ideology.

To build an effective brand, a brand strategy should include:

  • Detailed audience personas
  • Competitive analysis
  • Differentiation & positioning strategy
  • Human brand persona & personality
  • Brand voice
  • Communication framework
  • Brand message
  • Brand storytelling framework
  • Marketing strategy

We have included these frameworks to show you how deep brand strategy actually goes beyond just the visuals. You are advised to follow the links to valuable resources where proper brand strategists explain things in more detail.

Other advice

Get a lawyer. Better arrange a few lawyers, to help your comrades when they get in trouble and for various consultations on legal matters (for example, when you’re filing taxes, or starting a business, or going for trial). Make sure EVERYONE from your organization knows how to talk to cops, how to behave when detained, know their rights, knows how to contact a lawyer etc. You’d be surprised if you only knew what kinds of stupid mistakes people make in stressful situation, like when they are arrested for the first time. From experience, 90% of all legal trouble with activists happens only because they talk too much. It is not an official statistic, but I’m pretty sure that it is not an exaggeration either. Make sure your people learn how to speak to the law

Use online platforms. Online activism can be extremely beneficial if we weaponize gaming services like GTA online, where censorship literally cannot be implemented. Don’t organize over Twitter, Facebook and other open social networks that collect data and could theoretically predict your actions due to this You need to produce maximum resonance with minimum resources. The Pareto principle states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes (the “vital few”).Other names for this principle are the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few or the principle of factor sparsity

Adopt a mockingly ironic attitude to the surrounding reality. You need to use the framework of the struggle for morality and ethics Finally, don’t forget money. Any action within the framework of the movement should preferably bring money to movement.

Suggested reading and Youtube videos.

Recommended Reading List:

White lives matter manual

  • Mastery by Robert Greene

  • 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene

  • 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

  • Extreme Ownership by Jacko Willink 

  • Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima

  • Rules for Radicals by Saul Alisnky 

  • Book of Five Rings by Myamoto Musashi 

  • Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

  • When Violence Is the Answer: Learning How to Do What It Takes When Your Life Is at Stake by Tim Larkin

Recommended Youtube Channels:

  • Huberman Lab

    ◦ Videos about physical fitness protocols, fitness optimization, cold exposure, heat exposure, endurance training, etc. etc. etc. There’s lots of great information here. Probably one of the most informative channels out there.

NATO book on psyops & brainwashing

Brand building:

Learn Brand Strategy In 17 Minutes (2023 Crash Course)

How To Create A Brand Strategy [Proven 14-Step Framework]

How to Control What People Do | Propaganda – EDWARD BERNAYS | Animated Book Summary

The Possibility of AI Being Used in Propaganda

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Excellent article. I didn’t know that choosing your branding was so prone to errors!

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