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How to Create a Right Wing Movement

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Activism can be defined as use of action to achieve a political or social result, or draw attention to the specific issue. 

As you can see, this definition is quite broad, so basically all political action from placing stickers/posters to political agitation etc can be called activism. Here I will write about legal political activism and organizing.

You are young and passionate right-winger, a firm devotee to The Cause. Being disappointed in all other right-wing parties and organizations in your country, you decided to start your own group because apparently you’re the only one who knows how to get political power and save your people. Some of your acquaintances even told you they would join. So, where do you start? How do you run an organization and how is it supposed to look like?

Define your goals and ideology

My personal goal

A few things discourage people more than absence of a more or less clear goal of their struggle. 

Do you have a detailed political program? What are the main issues that you are focusing on? What issues are the most important, and where can compromises be made (in theory)? If you’re in power and implementing X policy, how are you gonna do that, can you explain step by step? By the way, how will you get into power? What is theoretical base for your believes? You better have answers for all these questions, and more.

Tradition and Order

a good organization

Since right-wingers believe in inequality, it’s only natural that it is reflected in their political organizations. Every member of your group should understand that he is important and he can and should express his opinion but you, as a leader, make the final decision. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there has to be military-grade discipline, but there has to be some respect to higher authority. It is important to lead by example here: if you don’t live up to what you preach, if you fail to motivate everyone around you, your leadership will be questioned. It would be really nice to have your own inside set of rules, of how one should conduct himself.


a weird organization

Members of your organization should not be only your obedient followers, but you should see that they bond and form friendships with each other, which will result in more engagement in activism and just generally is a good thing. The ceremonial part is very important here. Many people, especially teenagers, join the movement not only because of their firm political beliefs, but also because they want to be a part of something greater than themselves. Create a challenge for a potential recruit, a physical test of some sort will suffice. Then an initiation ceremony. There might be different variations but usually it looks something like that: midnight in the middle of the forest, torches, bonfires, recruit swears an oath while other members stand in a circle around him and observe. After everything that needs to be said is said, everybody congratulate their new brother and embrace. It would be also a good idea to celebrate some memorable dates. But teambuilding is not limited to creepy esoteric ceremonies: literally every occasion to spend some time with your comrades will suffice. A movie night, a hike, a wedding, a football game, a training session, a lecture–all that will help. 

“B-but what if some of them are federal agents who were sent to spy on me, and now they gained my trust and know more about me?”. Well, that is a valid concern. You can take some countermeasures: long trial for new recruits, before joining; make sure that your subordinates have as much information about the group as they need to keep the operation running. For example: the section Leader in small town shouldn’t have access to members lists outside of his zone of responsibility. The press secretary shouldn’t concern himself with financial reports and so on. You should accept that cannot guarantee you a 100% safety, of course. Big organizations have internal security, usually run by an ex(?)-cop. Their purpose is to see where the information is going, find a leak, if there is one, do bug sweeps etc. Depending on their funding and experience, they could set up observation on the suspect, or interrogate him. In some organizations all members have to undergo frequent polygraph tests. Yes, it is costly, so if you’re just starting you probably won’t be able to afford all these services and all of that doesn’t give you 100% guarantee, but guess what? No possible security measure can give you 100%. Be cautious, sure, especially with new people, but keep in mind that it is absolutely impossible to work in an atmosphere where everyone suspects one another.

this guy had a great organization

The Mafia survived decades of Federal investigations through their famous code of Omertà. In 2015, 177 bikers were arrested in Waco, Texas after a massive shootout that left 9 dead. To this day, nobody has been convicted. If nobody talks, everybody walks. You are not smarter than the federal government. You are not going to outsmart them by “only releasing information they don’t already know”. These people have hundreds of years of interrogation experience to draw upon, they can find ways to extract seemingly harmless bits of information that could be the missing piece to a conspiracy case. Your organization must have zero tolerance for talking to the Feds or police.

Faster, higher, stronger!

Constantly educate yourself and your followers about political activity. Find books/manuals, reach out to known experts/thinkers/influencers, organize/attend to all sorts of lectures/events that can be useful for your activity. Lectures on matters not related to politics are also encouraged, right-wingers should evolve in life in any way they can. Oh, and don’t forget the physical training, as it is not only useful, but also fun.

Better call Saul

Get a lawyer. Better yet, arrange to have a few lawyers on retainer to help your comrades when they get in trouble and for various consultations on legal matters, such as for example, filing taxes, starting a business, or going on trial. Make sure everyone from your organization knows how to talk to cops, how to behave when detained, know their rights, know how to contact a lawyer etc. You’d be surprised if you only knew what kinds of stupid mistakes people make in stressful situation, like when they are arrested for the first time. From our experience, 90% of all legal trouble with activists happens only because they talk too much. It is not an official statistic, but I’m pretty sure that it is not an exaggeration either. Make sure your people know how to handle the authorities, seriously.  

Holly shit, go outside!

an organization that goes out

Propaganda is serious business. Many books and articles are written on this complicated topic by people who are much more competent than us, so we will just list some tips from personal experience. 

1.)Define your focus group. Who are you reaching out to? Is it youth, proletariat, middle class? Every group needs different approach: A 19y.o. conservative guy will likely listen to your rant about decline of the white race, while middle aged small business owner will probably be more interested in your social policies.

2.)Get everywhere you can. Be aggressive. Streets should be covered in your posters and stickers. You have to get on every protest you can, promote yourself. Invest in social networks. Even though your accounts likely get banned very fast, it’s still worth a try. Besides, there are platforms where moderation is less strict, allowing you to last longer. A good way to draw attention is to do something more or less radical: attend an antifa event/concert and try to shut it down (legally). It draws heat from law enforcement, sure, but also interest: someone from your local newspaper will likely contact you for comments afterwards. 

3.)Make sure you know how to talk to people. Yes, I mean that. Nowadays most people are really bad at argumentation and cannot defend their point of view, and you’ll run into those people for sure (perhaps, you’re also one of them?). To do good in arguments you should pre-structure what are you going to say and find key talking points. Then you should think about counterarguments to your position, think how will you respond. And don’t just do it in your head, you need frequent practice. Don’t get discouraged after failures. You’ll get more experienced the more you argue and even if you fail, you’ll do better next time.

4.)Make it fun. Due to shortening attention spans, most people don’t want to read long articles about specific issues. They would prefer to watch a short video, possibly animated, not too overcomplicated. Memes work fine too, they can draw attention at least on a subconscious level.

Mundane matters

So, you’ve come up with consistent model for your future movement, and now you suddenly realize that there might be one more tiny problem which is rarely discussed in public. Money. If there are only 5-10 people in your group, you’ll probably manage to run it only on members’ funds. Small amounts taken from your paycheck/pocket money should be enough to afford paint for graffiti, printing stickers, torches and smokers for upcoming protests. But as you grow bigger, your financial needs grow too. You will need much more paint, stickers, smokes, banners (good quality big banners are expensive), you’re gonna need to rent an office, maybe a few offices, buy computers for people that are going to do the paperwork. Trips to various protests across the country are also extremely expensive. Oh, did I mention uniforms, flags, patches? That’s also costly. And also you have to pay your activists, at least some of them. “Nooo, they’re supposed to spend their time here for free, they’re supposed to be selfless idealists, how can you even suggest I pay them, the West has fallen (millions must die)!!!”. If these are your thoughts–grow the fuck up. Dmytro Korchynskiy once wrote: “If you give a rifle to a hungry patriot, he will first sell it, and then he will sell you”. Passion is good, but it only takes you so far. Not being able to afford new phone/clothes/etc. because of one’s political activity certainly doesn’t boost morale. Sure, you don’t have to pay every teenager who attends your protests once in a while, but there are some people who literally live on political activity. People who attend every event, who are energetic, 24/7 with the group, who don’t have time for regular work/college, who maybe had legal troubles. Don’t you think you owe them some compensation? At least so they could pay their rent and not starve to death. Also there is a matter of specialists like lawyers, accountants, SMM specialists, security service etc., who should get paid as well. Now how does one get money for all that?

1) Outside of collecting donations from sympathizers and monthly payments from members (which you absolutely have to do), you could find yourself a sponsor, a businessman who supports your ideas. In case of a right-wing organization that might be difficult, because not many people are willing to associate with “scary” right wingers 

2) You can start your own business, which is the most common scenario. Coffeeshops, restaurants, security agencies, gyms, construction companies, small retail stores, barbershops, bookshops, publishing houses, tactical gear stores are the most common business ideas for right-wing groups in the authors’ experience. This way you can keep legal money flowing into your organization and also you can keep your comrades employed and earning an extra dollar or two.

3)There is also the shady path of not-so-legal activity (we don’t recommend and condemn this way).

Whichever way you make money, you will need to manage it, which is also not that easy. Get a good accountant and pay attention to planning.


Nowadays people need a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves. The right wing organization needs to closely resemble/emulate a patriarchal family structure with strict rules and system of rewards for participation and actions in the group. Big organizations should have centralized leadership and leadership should be based on meritocracy. We should test people psychologically and use them in organizations according to their skills. Smaller and more radical organizations should be highly decentralized, anonymous and ideologically based. Female divisions in organizations should be, of course, surveilled and controlled by male leaders. Organizations should hire/have as many clever IT people as it possible.  We should likewise focus our efforts to make as many young teenagers join our movements as it’s humanly possible. Teens are creative as well as highly energetic and passionate.

In Poland, right-wing teens are fighting the drug industry, LGBT and pedophiles both offline and online Online activism can be extremely beneficial if we weaponize gaming services like GTA online, where censorship literally cannot be implemented. Don’t organize over Twitter, Facebook and other open social networks that collects data and could theoretically predict your actions due to this. Regular people tend to strife for things they consider “normal” so we should be the kind of people that define the “norm” and pathologize the behavior of our political foes. We should shatter people’s trust in the government, democracy and institutions.

Always dress and look in a good non-marginal way. Dress and shave neat. Learn you biological upsides and understand how you can use clothes/hairstyles to make yourself look better Always put attractive people (especially women) in front of you columns.

a sexy organization

Males consider tall people with deep, manly voices and facial features as natural leaders. In propaganda, we should use humor and as many pop culture references as possible

We must also cultivate Christian virtues of asceticism and self-denial among our ranks because the less people distracted and pacified by their passions the more they are critical of the liberal order and status quo 

Police Judo

Due to their left-wing views, lefties tend to often use drugs and engage in other kind of illegal activities. We need to find people who do this and then use the police apparatus to send them to jail for non-political reasons.

We can also provoke them by sending them anonymous messages and trying to find out whether they indulge in illegal stuff like drugs. Use kids or pretend to be a kid to bait them into exposing their inner pedophile and when they inevitably ask them for something sexual, because lefties are extremely perverted, report this to the police.

We could theoretically use this to smear the workers of different Soros backed NGOs because approximately 50% of them use illegal drugs and indulge in illegal activities, like fucking underage kids. The police would be very interested in a lot of them. 

International Cooperation

Reach out to other far-right movements around the world to learn from their successes and mistakes, as well as build alliances for mutual support and growth.  Work with local communities to identify their needs and develop solutions that are tailored to their unique circumstances, rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all approach from above. You can also organize around something other than being right wing and you can try to  organize around things that aren’t political

ZOG and governments in general are really good at preventing organizing if you announce that you’re organizing against them. So you can start as a boxing club or some other sports organization. The politics in this case has to be tangential to the events you’re organizing. Be mindful of how your actions might be perceived by others, both inside and outside of your movement, so you can avoid alienating potential allies or creating unnecessary divisions within white race at large.

Using AI to Create Propaganda

AI organization

We would recommend Flan-t5-xxl chat bot instead of more mainstream bots. It’s fully censorship free, but the minimal requirements are RTX 3090. It’s better if you have 2 of them to host the neural network on your computer .

You might also benefit from these books on OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)

Truth detector AI can be used to uncover FEDs and infiltrators in your movements.


And finally, a NATO hand book on psyops & brainwashing 

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