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A Glossary of Race from Spanish America

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As proficient and well-versed the usual and potential readers of this publication already are in the field of slurs and racially aggravating language, there is always room for learning new terminologies that enrich our knowledge of racial classification, in order to more accurately understand and predict things like culture, behavior, violences, social dynamics, capabilities and spiritualities of the racially undesirable. For this reason, I have compiled this glossary of race from Spanish America, in order to improve your ability to detect and classify nonwhites.

One very old yet extremely useful diagram for racial classification is the Caste system of the Viceroyalty of New Spain, which the Spanish Empire created in order to better separate and understand the racial groups that came with the accelerated miscegenation known as mestizaje that happened throughout their New World domains. If you want to know about it in pure and strict terms, you can do it here.

Here we will offer a simplified, clearer, more direct and slightly enriched version of it, in order for you to better apply it to real life when asking yourself: “What the fuck is THAT thing?”. Most of you in the North American, Spanish, Southern Cone and maybe even Australian environments have most likely had the displeasure of having dealt with peoples of brown Latin American descent which is not something I as a Criollo would wish upon anyone.


White, simply put. No more than 5% nonwhite ancestry and usually not even that. A lot of people consider only those of Iberian and Southern European descent as specific “Criollos”, but this is super flawed and outdated. Here, instead, we use it to refer to everyone of White European descent who has grown up and lived in a Latin American country or culture and speaks Spanish as a native language.


This is the modernized descendant of the “native” Amerindians. They come in a very wide array of ethnicities to choose from, all of them in more or less the same situation socially, economically and spiritually. A racial creature living beyond its expiration date due to the unfinished work of the Spanish and White American expansions.

White + Indio: Mestizo

Will vary but never exceed 70% of either white or indio. This is the average Latinx and is absolutely cancerous, as he has been endowed with certain white traits like preference for infrastructure, preference of plumbing and the capacity to eat with a fork and knife, but his Indio half will always prevail in mentally imposing anti white racial grievances through blood memory and high estradiol.

Mestizo with more than 75% White ancestry: Castizo

These are premium Mestizoids, fit for working in industry. Those of more than 80% ancestry look almost completely white and their kids will be white if they marry white. However, they can never be fully trusted as they still have a very moderate yet never invisible biological and blood memory attachments to nonwhite identities, grievances and can still feel a brotherly bond towards browns. The Castizo is the one responsible for the artificial civic identities of Latin America and will in the future infuse himself into the artificial civic identities of the USA (unless stopped).

White+Negroid: Mulatto

In plain language, any Negroid who for some awful reason is between 30% and 80% White. Could never be white-passing like a Castizo would.

White + Middle-Eastern: Morisco

Initially coined to refer to Muslims who would convert to Christianity and then used as a variant of Mulatto in New Spain. Its most appropriate use would be for those of mixed middle eastern and white descent, as they will never be White but they are nearly always White-passing. A lot of Arab Christians ,Levantines, white Turks and others such as this fit into this category.

Black + Indio: Zambo

One of those things that are a direct insult to humanity and hygiene. The Zambo is the mix of black African and Amerindian, with everything that implies in terms of behavior, hygiene and criminality. They can be found in every large Latin American country, specially Brazil.

I have omitted most other categories from the New Spain Caste System because they were plain variations of Mulato and Zambo. In the next article, we will review the question of beliefs and religion and why Trads will always deceive themselves about these populations.

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