disintegrated by the system

Disintegrated by the System

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Translated from Italian by G. M. Wild.

From the Yellow Vests to the protesting farmers; from the pensioners to the women who have been victims of rape; from the domination of gangs to the daily terror; from the moral collapse to the existential cynicism; from the demographic death to the cultural disaster. Everything seems to be at the point of collapse, but it is just an illusion.

It is not the system that’s collapsing, it is society. And it is not true that the system needs a healthy society, given that the most vulgar forms of imperialism and capitalism, from its original English form to the American, Chinese and Russian forms, have always been founded on brutal societies, with masses of brutalised slaves.

Today for example, American power returned to its highest levels with a counter-offensive that in two years has led it to dominate politics and finance. The United States, in little more than twenty years, has increased its own population by 60 million and it has now redesigned a large part of its economic policy. But the social costs are very high and there are entire segments of the population turned to zombies at the mercy of drugs or alcoholism. Just like in Russia, which unlike the US has not succeeded in its counter-offensive and this has ended up costing it dearly in credibility and international influence. In China, the state of mass-slavery is well known.

The Uniqueness of European Problems

Compared with societies that have never reached our level of civilization, Europeans, in their individual nations and in their union of such, are also devolving albeit at a slower pace, towards the brutality of their competitors.

There are many reasons for this decadence, from the decline in birth rates to the transformation of the welfare state into a parasite support program. From the cultural and spiritual AIDS that has infected the education of the ruling classes over the last fifty years to the managerial incompetence due to the decline in intelligence caused by the managerial philosophy that claims to solve problems through the logic of Excel spreadsheets.

And that is not all. We who remain at the top in terms of excellence and potential find ourselves prisoners of the free market. No one else except Europeans –the former absolute economic centre of the world and still a major centre – has based their wealth, their diplomacy and their politics on the free market.

The effect has obviously been the entry of products from the third and fourth world which triumph over the competition in terms of prices, but also for the same reason, the increased delocalisation of productive capacities.

The formula for maintaining local production has not yet been found because the cost of labour at home is immensely greater than elsewhere and because we cannot compete without eliminating the welfare state, or rather our own conditions of privilege and justice.

Sailing by Sight

We are sailing without a compass1. The ruling classes do their best to postpone problems. The heads of the oligarchies design strategies with managerial logic, without giving importance to side effects and timing. Hence the logic of the green economy which, in itself, is not the folly it appears to be, but immediately becomes such due to its speculative but abstract approach.

Then there are the miraculous solutions of the “Yesterday is another day” philosophy, which populisms that pursue abstruse formulas are based on, such as protectionism which is, yes, fine, in a phase of expansion, but certainly not under current conditions. Just as Trump found out the hard way – rather than on the target of the measures (China), the costs fall on local businesses that depend on the highly taxed material, and of course, if you tax the t-shirts that come from China they will perhaps start to cost 30 euros each, but the Italian ones will still cost more and those who are short on money – and there is a lot of those – will no longer be able to find them for 5 euros.

Glimmers of Sanity

Obviously, the seriousness of matters and a minimum of common sense still remain. Which is why we see a tendency towards decoupling and the creation of alternative international networks which, moreover, connect to each other and compare themselves in the new logic of “interdependence” + “multi-alignment”. This brings with it needs that we must capitalize on. That of the affirmation of an integrated European reality, complete with Eurafrican geopolitics and with connections with Asia and Latin America in competition with China and Russia, as well as, obviously, the United States. Above all, however, the already present search for a new logic suited to the times for what the current and inadequate oligarchies already understand as Fortress Europe, and which not only can but must go in the right direction.

The Way Forward

In order to go in that direction – which will probably find good tools in artificial Intelligence and robotics – we must not only take our indisputable, mythical and even sacred EUROPEAN positioning as a priority (without deceiving ourselves by undoing today and redoing tomorrow), but we must be able to take three indispensable steps:

  1. Develop an organic, realistic, concrete, non-masturbatory political program that is a qualitative and spiritual alternative to unbridled capitalism and its ideological premises.
  2. Be in the position to bring the protests of the various classes in line with a complete and common sense ideology. Otherwise, if left to themselves, they will produce only nothingness and disorientation.
  3. Reconstruct the social body by creating community and autonomy, also organising it financially, economically even in the self-produced welfare field, not limiting ourselves to animating separate groups that watch the ship sink from inside its hold.

And now, instead of asking me how, perhaps hoping that there is no answer and that we can wallow in presumptuous starvation, ask yourself and start giving yourself an answer. Many of the ones we will try to give will be wrong but, by sheer force of searching, we will find and above all we will embody the right answer.

If we do not succeed, we may fail. But someone else will think of it because this is how things must go. And that is good anyways.

In this sunset we see the dawn!

Originally published in Italian at as Disintegrati dal sistema
Translated and republished with permission.

  1. The author here uses the Italian idiom “sailing by sight”, which implies a ship being navigated without navigational equipment or skill – literally by sight. ↩︎

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“parasite support program “ I like that phrase. It’s very apt.

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