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Dirty D’s Steak Au Poivre

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Friend of the site Dirty D has graciously allowed us to reprint his world-famous recipe for Steak Au Poivre. Here’s how to prepare this delicious dish.


1. Steak (obviously)
2. Beef Stock
3. Heavy whipping cream
4. Green pepper corns
5. Butter
6. Cognac
7. Garlic sauce
8. Black pepper
9. MSG (optional)
10. Minced garlic
11. Diced shallots
The amounts should be modified depending on how many people you’re cooking for and your taste. Also, Dirty D judges them on instinct, and so should you.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Pan sear a steak on both sides, 

Remove the steak from the pan (finish in oven as needed)

Deglaze the pan with cognac/brandy (flambé or simmer to cook the alcohol out)

Ddd diced shallots, minced or crushed garlic, green pepper corns and a sprig of thyme.

Sauté until golden brown

Add beef stock, heavy whipping cream and butter and mix well

Strain the shallots, garlic, pepper corn and thyme out of the sauce and return sauce to pan

Add more green peppercorns and reduce until you reach the desired consistency

Pour sauce over steak and enjoy.

Check out Dirty D preparing the steak on the Radio Ruin Odysee channel, where despite his cat’s best efforts to sabotage the process, he nevertheless manages to whip up a delicious steak au poivre.

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