Henry Ford founded businesses for the radical right

Businesses for the Radical Right

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The saying goes, “if it doesn’t make dollars; then it doesn’t make sense/cents.” It is also said, “Make money, money, make money, money, money” or whatever those jungle people say in their “musical expression” called rap. Money does have influnce on the world around us. So, in this piece, I will outline some of the reasons we need businesses for the radical right.

Now to clarify; I am not interested in the accumulation of wealth beyond the utility of it. I personally have no interest in a new car or a bigger house. I’d like more land but this is motivated by a desire to produce more food for my friends and family. The pursuit of wealth should be utilitarian as it gives us the power to improve the lives of our racial brethren.

We live in a global capitalist civilisation. None of us like it or want it, but we must accept it first before we can effect change. Given these circumstances, I have come to the conclusion that setting up businesses is the best avenue to power.

I will also volunteer information about myself; I was self employed for nearly a decade and sold that business two years ago. I started from a simple idea and invested all my savings into building my company. I had to work very hard but within 3 years; I had 9 employees, a solid business model, and hundreds of clients. The company I sold has continued to do very well for it’s new owner; so I am speaking from experience. I intend to start another one very soon.

The first reason we should set up businesses is that we all need money to live. Every single European must do something in order to eat; bananas don’t grow where we live and the sun doesn’t always shine. So work is required and we also need the purpose that work provides. I have, personally, found it extremely satisfying to earn money from my own efforts. 

The second reason is that we need to find ways and excuses to create exclusive opportunities for our own people. Getting together for the sake of spending time with our own kind is great. But it is even better if we are actively working together through businesses to improve our lives by producing goods and services. A company can be selective to who it provides employment to and this gives cover to nepotism. Further, as long as it isn’t a specifically stated public service, businesses can reject clientele. This is another area that I have had first hand experience in. On a few occasions I told customers that they were no longer welcome and provided a refund. The horrified look on the face of an asshole who has been rejected can be a reward in itself. But the benefit this does in creating a standard of conduct for customers pays off in the end with really happy employees. 

The third reason is that business entities provide a layer of legal protection from the state. I, myself, have used my small company to reduce the taxes I pay within a legal framework. The registered company I own can also provide protection from lawsuits. A corporation must only pay fines where as a person who is charged can go to jail. The fact that a business can be a legal entity and provide an umbrella from the storm of injustice is excuse enough to register a company.  It is a layer of insulation from the enemy.

The fourth reason ties into the first reason; money can equal power our current society. Money can help us buy back our time and free us to pursue other things like art, music, or simply enjoying family, friends and folk. Time also permits us to become more active in politics or produce more media and content. Those with lots of money can control the actions of nations. I have seen first hand; a large pharmaceutical company called Novartis redrew the borders between France and Switzerland. They paid off those French politicians in power to ensure certain tax benefits for their corporation. This is a kind of legal power and many people worship the god of money; specifically those tunnellers under New York. Let’s use that as a tool towards our goals. 

I hate the current structure of capitalism without borders. I despise greed and how it destroys our environment. The merchant class has far more sway than politicians in many ways.

Obviously, we should not enslave ourselves to get rich, or seek wealth through criminal means. But running away into the woods to live off the land, or staying poor, are not the answers. In the woods, we are simply delaying the inevitable confrontation with the anti-white system, and besides, we should want our lands back instead of ceding them. Being born poor is fine, but staying poor is often the product of bad choices or an inability to solve problems. We must use the genetic gifts we have been given to find creative ways of making a buck, employing our own, and creating more levers of power for ourselves.

There are risks to starting a business, and failure is always a possibility. But given the circumstances, I think it is time for us to take bigger risks. What are you going to do; stay in your cubicle as your soul slowly dies, or fight for yourself and your people by working your ass off. We cannot trust anyone to fix the shit in our nations except us. The burden has fallen on our shoulders. Previous generations were asleep at the wheel and let another group hijack the car. We are headed off a cliff anyways; might as well go down swinging with everything you’ve got. 

The risks can be mitigated by in-depth research on the product or services you want to provide. The model that I have seen is finding a niche and making sure that you have a large enough population that will be interested in that niche. Living away from cities would need to mean that your business is worth the effort to go and visit, or it is something very basic that everyone around you in the rural area needs; like food production. What I am getting at is don’t move out to the boonies and offer goat yoga with trash metal background music. Farmers have enough goats in their lives and do not see that animal as anything more than a pain in the ass. 

Living in a suburb with a lot of people trying to pretend to be LA yuppies, and providing them with a coffee shop that fits the motif is ideal. But beware; you must be authentic. Most people have good bullshit detectors when dealing with each other face to face. Unlike the online world; humans can often sense when someone is lying or blowing smoke up their ass. 

You don’t have to rush into this; I am currently employed by a company to learn the business from the inside. My goal is to provide a similar service; but do it better and employ the young men I know around me. So I may be working in this company for another two to five years. But I know that in the end, it will be worth it and I will be equipped to lead with experience. 

There are also two things that are in our favour. The first being the competence crisis. So many companies are gutting their talent by focusing on hiring diversity. Use this to your advantage; is there a landscaping service that only hires foreigners? Give a free service to one house in a wealthy neighbourhood and go above and beyond. Do this and tell them that if the service is good they must recommend your Landscaping company to everyone that lives around them. If you get three customers from their recommendation; you will provide the same service for free next year. Run that offer in a bunch of wealthy neighbourhoods and within 2 years you won’t have to do anymore freebies. You will have a name and reputation.

There is also lack of skilled labour on the job market; electricians, plumbers, mechanics, welders, and air conditioning tech (building industrial refrigeration). All these jobs pay well, and even better when you are the one who lands the contracts and owns the company. Many existing companies will pay for your education and certification if you commit to them for a few years after. This is perfect, you learn the business, inside and out while getting paid. As I stated earlier; I am doing this right now. 

Take this as a call to those who want to lead from the front; build yourself a corporation. Employ your friends and kin, giving them opportunities and making life a little better for white folks.

It is time for the rise of racist companies. It is the first step in a multilayered plan I will provide in coming articles. 

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