britain's fist existential crisis

Britain’s First Existential Crisis

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In the history of the British people, more than once we have faced down foreign adversaries, and more than once have we dealt with great internal strife. But the crisis facing our people today is one which until now has been alien to our island – a crisis of existence itself. It is one thing to be under threat of control by a foreign power, it is a different thing entirely for a nation to be faced with the threat of being wiped from existence by political and demographic change. Such events have occurred elsewhere in Europe, countless times, but not here.

To stare into the precipice of oblivion for the first time, where the stakes are absolute and loss is total, is the reason why the crisis facing us today has, so far, been seemingly devoid of a solution. Until now, every crisis that we faced as a race of people was able to be addressed using the ideals that we already held. The institutions that seemed to be the foundations of our country provided some kind of answer. But now that the danger is one to our very existence, those ideals and institutions have no answer.

It is difficult for a people facing such a crisis for the first time, to even conceive of a solution that comes from outside of what they know. For our people to come back from the precipice, it must be done.

The Nationalist Agenda cannot be a Conservative or Traditionalist one, because the ideals and principles of the past have led us to where we are today. It must be a visionary one, that is prepared to discard all those things which are corrupted beyond redemption, and to lay a foundation for the future. Britannia will be saved not by standing on the shoulders of those who came before, but by standing firmly on the ground and preparing for a great new beginning.

We must not be the people of yesterday’s parade, we must be the people of tomorrow’s.

Not a National reversal, but a national revival. A new birth. A new beginning, and a new future for our people and their sacred soil.

Originally published on the National Rebirth Party site. Reprinted with permission.

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They hate us. They want what we have and they take it. Our people are the hated Super Majority. Perhaps, when we become the hated Super Minority our instincts will awaken. Perhaps it will be too late, is already too late… “And dark as this hour is, it’s no darker, it’s not as dark as some of the hours you’ve known in European history.”

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