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Did you hear about that horrible old Lord Rotschild dying? What’s that, he had all of Whitehall in his pocket? No wonder this country’s going to the dogs. I’ll put the kettle on and we’ll watch his funeral on the beeb.

This girl of the week has been brought to you by Atlas AI Art.

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Brown hair is more common and Great Britain they just like dying their hair blonde
It’s not that blonde hair in British people is uncommon.
It’s just not the dominant hair color I prefer that the British would be depicted as brown haired women.
Horatio Nelson hero of the Napoleonic Wars and led the British to the majority of the naval victories throughout the 1800s with brown haired

I really can’t think of that many famous Brits with blonde hair most of them have dark brown hair black hair or red hair
Richard the lionhearted with a redhead
George one was dark brown
Elizabeth II God Rest her soul had brown hair
Long Shanks with a redhead
The only relevant blonde Brit I could think of is George III

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